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January 7, 2007
Sexy movie. Paul Guilfoyle is a pimp in dis movie. He has 2 women on the side of him and he's makin out with them one by one.
January 9, 2012
I hve not seen it yet but i should think it is a really good film
September 12, 2011
Having seen Bo in action on Imus, I had to watch this - you can get it on Netflix streaming. Baldwin does a pretty good Bo impression - he brings the right 'amplitude' to the role, as Bo might say - and it was fun to watch Chris Penn in action, too, may he rest in peace. Worth watching when you feel like watching a New York cop movie that presses all the usual buttons.
April 29, 2008
No review, this movie just kind of all over sucks. Although, if you want a funny/bad movie, this really fits the bill and earns two stars from me.
½ October 20, 2006
Here's another film rating.
½ January 10, 2004
Ave, all dragonlovers!:cool: How's it going?
You don't love dragons???Oh, please? They are beautiful! Large and scaly, and have you seen all those posters featuring dragons? Wonderful colours! I usually buy those posters just because of the colours. But don't get me wrong; I really like dragons. Got one for Christmas. Or three, actually. Haven't named them yet, but I will.

Since there seems to be no favourite music ratings here, I'll make one. Here it is:

[size=4]Jenna's Favourite Music - top 5[/size]
[size=3]1. Children of Bodom. [/size][size=2](So gooood! Makes me bounce around.)[/size]
[size=3]2. Nightwish.[/size][size=2] (Beautiful goth metal from Finland. Mixes opera with metal![/size]
[size=2] Great music, great singing. Tarja's voice is so pure!)[/size]
[size=3]3. The Ark. [size=2](Swedish pop. Melodic, with interesting lyrics. Ola Salo's cool,[/size][/size]
[size=3][size=2] too.)[/size][/size]
[size=3]4. Throes of Dawn.[/size]
[size=3]5. Marilyn Manson.[/size]
Er...that is a temporary list. Might change my mind later.

I saw "The return of the king" the other day, by the way. (Hey! Day-way! Heh heh...Yes, I know. I'm easily amused!) Anyway...where was I? Oh, yes. Return of the king. Did I like it? Yup. Did I love it? Naah. Too long. I'm sure Jackson couldn't make it any shorter without losing important bits, but... Hey, Mr jackson! Some of us need to pee once in a while, you know!:D Maybe longer movies should have a "pee-pause" in the middle, hm? Heh heh... At least at the cinemas. I mean, you don't want to run off just when Gollum's having a little fight with his other self, or when Frankenstein's monster is about to kiss a gorilla, or when Kevin Costner is kidnapped by aliens with pink tentacles. (Yeah, that's right! Why should they always be green, duh?:p If I were an alien, I'd be purple. Or maybe red. Or orange...)

Got to run now. See you!

PS. Did anybody see my dragon? I'm sure I put it here somewhere...
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