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June 13, 2011
What a strange, strange movie. It's made by people who obviously love horror and they have fun playing with it. As a result, I really liked watching them do it. I found the story utterly unpredictable, and it veered in odd directions for a horror movie. The comedy in this movie was very dark, but not so much so that it wasn't there. One of the strange things about this film is the lack of clear distinctions between the heroes and villains: Otis has real innocence to him, and Riley's parents have a real mean streak (that manifests in very funny ways). I also love the cocky detective who thinks he's the main character in his own cop drama, instead of an inept agent of the forces of Chaos. The more I tell you about this movie, the more I'd run the risk of giving too much away. I really liked this, and I really regret not buying it when I had the chance. Grrr!
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½ July 18, 2010
C'mon... not funny enough, not gorey enough, not exciting enough... Otis is a big fat waste of what could've been a classic, but is now probably forgotten or never heard about. I don't remember it being on Pay-Per-View, and now it's getting a double-feature Blu-ray release with Doctor Giggles, another misunderstood and weak horror flick. I really wanted to like Otis, from its trailer and cover artwork, but it bored me. I liked the retro music they used; Devo's "Gut Feeling" fit the girl-escape-attempt scene perfectly. The turnaround of the plot I didn't see coming, but the painful revenge scenes had violence only implied. It can't compete with others like Saw, Hostel, Mother's Day, Bad Ronald, Juno, etc. -- which it wanted so badly to be. Otis was a cruel and stupid kidnapper - the scenes of him trying to recreate his high school football dreams went on too long.
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January 13, 2009
A dark comedy with the emphasis on "dark". This is a film that starts out violent and brutal and then tries to make you laugh. The underlying premise is "the lighter side of abduction, rape and murder" and, not surprisingly, it just doesn't work.
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October 29, 2008
It's a good attempt and helluva lot better than your average horror fare, but it can't compete with other horror satires.
Something about this movie just didn't work for me, and I think it's Otis. Not so much the actor, but the lack of effective characterization. Otis' obsession is not believable nor is it a direct commentary of another movie; it's just flat and lifeless. I didn't think the funny parts were funny, just a poor attempt at twisted humor. The screenwriter should have watched a few more films in the horror satire genre, and the director and actors should have instantly passed on this one.
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½ September 6, 2008
A great Horror / Comedy Film. Had many laughs, not a halloween Movie just a good ole friday night horror flix, add it to the collection.
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½ September 1, 2008
It may have worked for 'From Dusk Till Dawn' but changing genres midway (from thriller to black comedy in this case) does not work at all here.
It's still hard to believe that Ashley Johnson was the little girl in Growing Pains.
Sheesh I'm old.
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August 23, 2008
A horror/black comedy which does get slightly silly at the end, but still worth watching as it was quite original for it's genre and the cast are all great in this.
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December 4, 2008
Hilariously fun, campy, horror-thriller. This dark comedy had a terrific music score, a great cast, a creepy anti-hero, sadistic revenge, and mistaken identity. A psychotic sociopath and pizza delivery man, Otis (Bostin Christopher), kidnaps girls that must physically resemble his sister-in-law (he calls them all Kim, his brother's wife's name) and attempts to play act an affair with them. His fantasy must be played his way, or he discards and starts over. This time he just may have met his match. Ashley Johnson, as Riley, is lovely and just feisty enough to play the compliant victim without sellout. Illeana Douglas, as the mom, is a formidable tigress. And Jere Burns is the extremely annoying FBI agent from hell, whose smarmy expertise is "needed" to figure out the 3-dimensional puzzle, but really is just plain clueless. There are several laugh out loud moments and a heaping helping of gore. Not usually a fan of this genre, this one kept the viewer engaged right up to the closing credits. Prom Night will never again resonate with the same innocence.
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½ July 7, 2008
Tonally violent thriller veers from supposed dark satire to half-assed exploitation.
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March 25, 2009
"Otis" is a weird, funny and dark horror comedy with satirical language and situations and some torture porn.
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July 11, 2011
Otis. It's one of the more strange movies I've seen. It's good, but I can't put my finger on why I don't think it's great. The actors are good. I'd never seen Daniel Stern in a movie before, but he did a good job as the main character, Otis.

It's very creative. A lot of movies like Otis fail. Tony Krantz deserves a lot of credit for putting this story on tape so successfully. He's primarily a producer, but directs a winning film here.

If you like B-horror movies, you should be all over Otis. If you like horror films, you will still enjoy it.
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½ July 27, 2008
Otis would be considered a black comedy/horror film about a guy named otis of course that is out kidnapping girls and making them act out his sick roleplaying games till one of his prisoners escapes and her parents try and take the law into there own hands only to have it end in very funny results this movie is very fun to watch you find yourself laughing alittle at the sickest scenes just the way they are carried out
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July 14, 2008
Bloody brilliant horror comedy. Starts off creepy before going in a different direction than I imagined. Just a plain offbeat black comedy about a serial killer hunting for his own "Kim" to take to the prom. I laughed and loved the gore too.
½ August 11, 2013
Sick, twisted dysfunctional brothers meet enraged, twisted dysfunctional family. This movie gets better over time. The comedy comes from all directions and keeps getting thicker, along with the gore, as the movie progresses. I expected a "B" movie but the acting is strong - "comedy-competent", the script is tight, the editing is good, the continuity flows, the plot builds, the music is great and it's funny. Even the horror is tongue-in-cheek. Watch it with someone who likes to laugh and you'll be left wondering, "Is Otis a comedy or a horror film?"
November 17, 2008
Otis was strangely entertaining in a dark and twisted way. It definitely isn't for everybody and I probably would have skipped it entirely if I would have had something better to watch. The family in this story is just so weird that you want to know what madness is coming next. The ending was brilliant and supports my choice of Reed as the best character in this movie.
½ January 15, 2012
Oh man, what to say about this movie. Well at first I was a little creeped out because Otis looks at lot like one of my ex-boyfriends, which is very creepy. The middle was okay, but by the last fourty minutes or so the movie just became so ridiculous that it was also kind of awsome. For this one, it is better to just let the plot carry you along then try to figure out what's going to happen next.
January 15, 2012
Funny, in that dark way. Definitely worth looking into if in the mood for something different. Be ready to laugh and wince at the same time.
½ December 29, 2011
I actually really enjoyed this movie. The acting was good and it was nice to see Daniel Stern around again. The guy who places Otis was awesome. Well done!
½ January 4, 2009
started pretty slow and nothing too interesting but found the second half hilarious...especially loved Reed's way of dealing with it all in the end.
½ September 13, 2011
This movie was annoying in that i think they wanted parts of it to be funny but that just did not happen, at least for me - I think the only part i laughed a bit on was when Otis danced because it reminded me of how i dance...Bostin Christopher was good as Otis, he pulled off the creepy part of the film, but was never really scary. It was cool to see Illeana Douglas, Kevin Pollak & Daniel Stern as i have enjoyed them in other(much better)films. The kids in the film played by Ashley Johnson & Jared Kusnitz were just not good at all nor was the FBI agent played by Jere Burns. The horror and comedy parts of the film were just out of place and the movie never really picked up much for me as i failed to see where it was trying to go - i tell the writers of this film leave the horror/comedy mix to people who can actually pull it off.
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