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December 2, 2008
Our Dancing Daughters, from MGM in 1928 is a delightful silent screen gem starring the great Joan Crawford. Joan Crawford plays Diana whom is the life of the party and the it of the young flappers. Diana meets a wealthy young man named Ben whom instantly gets her attention. The only problem is that one of her friends named Ann (Anita Page) also likes him and wants to land a wealthy man which Ben flips the bill. Both ladies battle for the love and attention from Ben....watch the classic which has many great dance numbers with Joan Crawford and to find out if either lady wins him over.
January 27, 2014
Our Dancing Daughers (1928)

This is the first of Joan Crawford's three "Flapper" movies. She plays coquettish Diana Medford who is trying to marry a young millionaire. Ben Black (Johnny Mack Brown) walks into her life and the sparks fly. But Diana's kind of wild jazz-age antics kind of scares Ben away. Diana isn't really all that wild, folks. She's a good girl.

Ann (Anita Page), although in reality a lot more wild than Diana, tries to steal Ben away with her down-to-earth act. Ben falls for it and marries Ann, to his later regret. Ben now looks towards Diana, who still loves the guy, but doesn't mess with married men.

One of Diana's girlfriends, Beatrice (Dorothy Sebastian) was the same kind of party girl once, and despite her handsome beau, Norman (Nils Asther) saying he loves her, he is very jealous of the attentions of those old party boys wanting to hang around.
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