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March 18, 2013
Paparazzi is an awful action revenge thriller that lacks anything truly interesting. The film has a poor cast, a poorly written script, wooden performances and direction from a director that can't seem to craft something good with his ideas. I really expected something good with this one, but I was really let down. The film had a promising start, but it started to come apart in the middle and by the end, it was laughably bad. The performances are horrible, and the film is filled with clichés. This is the perfect example of a film that could have been much better if the script would have been rewritten and revised a few times. This is a letdown, and if you're expecting something good, fun and original, you'll be sadly disappointed. Watch something else, as this one is definitely not worth your time. The film tries too hard at being revolutionary and trying something new, but it fails to deliver anything of note and it just ends up being a big waste of time. Paparazzi is simply put, a poorly crafted film that lacked in every sense of the word. Watch something else as this one doesn't provide you with anything worthwhile to watch. In the revenge genre, there have been far better movies than this one. Paparazzi just doesn't cut it, due to its stupid, poorly constructed script, and painful performances. As a whole, this is a very forgettable revenge film that you definitely should avoid if you love the genre. Watch Law Abiding Citizen, the original Straw Dogs or any other genre film, and avoid this painful trash that just relies on previous ideas from other better films to create its lackluster thrills.
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½ March 12, 2012
Innovative, ground breaking cinema? No. But it's still a pretty decent ride, and this movie is filled with cameos. I wouldn't own the movie, but it is what it is. An hour of action, and drama that unfolds with the hollywood ending that you knew was coming all along. Obviously written as revenge against the real Paparazzi out there.
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½ January 19, 2008
Could of been a decent revenge-action flick with a performance from a promisiung new star but only feels like dull, dark and recklass thriller where the good guy gets away with murder.
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February 3, 2007
A violent, stupid and completely pointless revenge film.
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½ May 30, 2006
No, this is the rating you give to awful movies.
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April 2, 2009
This film made me sympathize more with public figures and celebrities. Regardless of your fame or profession, everyone's entitled to their privacy.
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January 1, 2009
I enjoyed this alot, however unless you already do? it makes you hate the press. A nod to tom sizemore who always plays good charectors. Interesting storyline to boot
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February 8, 2008
I think if that TMZ show is on the air for more than 5 more years this movie will be hailed as a masterpiece. Granted, at the moment I do love how it portrays the paparazzis as pure scum, worse than anyone Bronson ever had to kill, and Baldwin and Sizemore are amazing. But I remember when this came out I laughed at a Hollywood star making a film about something that irritated the elite, and not us norms. What next, someone taking his revenge on a lousy on set craft services? However, the more I see TMZ the more I would love to see all those folks brutally murdered. If there were a Traces of Death video with these folks who are trying to make celebrity watching, gossip and harrassment hip and cool being murdered in various gory ways, if there was any justice it would be more profitable than Titanic. They are really forcing the whole celebrity culture down norms throats, where even real news programs have their paparazzi minute, so I think soon it will be common for us non-celebs to want them dead too. But just for the record, this film is great, pulpy fun that I'm surprised hasn't gained a larger exploitation lovin' audience.
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½ January 22, 2008
Good revenge film.
½ August 2, 2009
Was worried this movie would make me very angry, but once the vigilante justice started all was well.
½ March 30, 2009
eh it was okay...definitly not worth buying, or probably even renting...i checked it out of the library and im happy i did
November 9, 2008
I loved this movie. If this made even one paparazzi member squirm it was worth it. Those snakes should be held accountable for the evil things they do. It was one thing to snap pictures at events but stalking celebrities and creating a nuisance/endangering others is out of line.
May 2, 2008
Cole Hauser is an under utilized leading man. This was an average movie, but he takes it up a notch with his performance.
Also look for a Vince Vaughn cameo
January 14, 2008
Even though I found this film kind of cheesy, I still loved the thought of someone getting back at Paparazzi for all the shit that they lie about and do, to humiliate some of Hollywood's "Innocent" Actors and Actresses. A great rollercoaster ride.
February 13, 2007
Oh, HELL no.. I'd have done it too.. I'm sorry, I don't care if someone is a celebrity or not there are limits on what they should be expected to put up with. After the circumstances pushed him to his limit, which is VERY reasonable... and the law did NOTHING.. he reacted. I think the character that I least liked in this was the girl that witnessed the accident and did nothing.. because of threats of a sex tape getting out?.. come on..

It's not all the paparazzi's fault though.. it's the blind idiots BUYING the damn shit that is paying them..
July 10, 2007
You know what? This is the kind of unpretentious, let's-have-some-revenge-fun kind of movie that's a blast to watch. I also must say, Cole Hauser carries the film with class, serious class. And the Death Wish-esque ending is great! :D
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June 17, 2007
Sometimes a simple short story is the best way to go. Nothing complicated, this movie was kept as simple as possible. It was basically just a story of revenge. The acting was quite well and all the cameos in this movie were pretty cool as well, especially Chris Rock.
½ June 8, 2007
Came out just after the Princess Di fiasco. Makes the celebrity photogs seem like serial killers. Nice!
June 1, 2007
Yummy! Cole Hauser is a total hottie! And te story line is even good! I love a man that will do anything necessary to protect his family. Good movie :-)
May 2, 2007
During the movie, I felt pretty pissed off at the stupid people bugging this guy, but that doesn't make it a great movie.
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