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½ September 1, 2008
An interesting movie. Darkly is nursed to health by the hot Callie (Ashley Judd). When her boyfriend returns, Darkly is conflicted - he was raised by deeply religious parents vs his obsession for Callie. You get more and more uncomfortable as the movie advances to its inevitable conclusion. Mind you, I hate obscure stuff like the big shiny boot floating on a lake.
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½ December 25, 2006
One of my all time least favorite movies.
½ February 23, 2013
A truly bizarre film featuring a lot of future stars (Brendan Fraser, Viggo Mortensen, and Ashley Judd), The Passion of Darkly Noon follows a young man who escapes from a cult and attempts to fit in with a modern couple living in a rural location. Unfortunately, Darkly''s (yes, that's his name) love for the beautiful young woman begins to drive him insane once her mute boyfriend returns. Intensely strange and definitely original, The Passion of Darkly Noon delivers a few moments of twistedness but ultimately fails to entirely make up for its somewhat idiotic aesthetic.
½ August 20, 2008
You'll never watch another Brendan Frazer movie again after seeing this movie. Now I can't watch any of the Mummy movies without thinking of him wrapped in barbed wire, masturbating in the tool shed.
½ July 8, 2007
this movie makes little to no sense, it's fucking dumb, brenden fraser is a terrible actor and Viggo Mortensen plays a terrible mute. How can you be mute and still whistle?
½ June 19, 2010
An off-beat, haunting, overwrought fairy tale for adults. The Passion of Darkly Noon is indie cinema as opera - huge, iconic, occasionally ridiculous, sometimes moving, undisputedly spectacular.
August 22, 2012
Stunning film. Ridley creates an seemingly idyllic life for Ashley Judd and Viggo Mortensen and then reminds us you can't escape the past or avoid the present as he tears it apart. Multi-layered story that really deserves an analysis as opposed to a review. Suffice it to say that is beautifully filmed, scored, and acted. Very well done, touching and worth seeing.
½ April 27, 2012
The Passion of Darkly Noon (Philip Ridley, 1995)

Ah, 1995. I vaguely remember all the teenaged girls swooning over this movie back in the day. I assume it had something to do with Brendan Fraser's naked backside, which appears briefly. This is back when both Fraser and a deliciously sensual Ashley Judd's stars both eclipsed that of their co-star, an already well-traveled, but not yet A-list, actor named Viggo Mortensen. (In fact, it was the trifecta of this film, The Prophecy, and Albino Alligator, all released in 1995-96, that really propelled Mortensen into the public conscioiusness in a way he hadn't been previously. Then along came Peter Jackson, and the rest is history.) Because of all the fangirl-worship, I always pushed this one onto the backburner when it came to actually sitting down and checking it out; I shouldn't have.

As we open, Darkly Noon (Fraser), the only son of a now-deceased strictly religioius couple, regains consciousness in the woods. (Given his injuries, I think we are to assume there was some sort of vehicular accident; we find out later what really went down.) He finds his way to a dirt road and stumbles down it for a while, eventually almost getting hit by Jude (Apollo 13's Loren Dean), a delivery guy who's one of the only people from the nearby town who is willing to interact with a couple of local outcasts, Callie (Judd) and her currently-absent boyfriend Clay (Mortensen). Jude drops him there, and Callie nurses him back to health. Darkly has never met anyone quite like Callie, overtly sensual and free-spirited; it doesn't take long before his religious beliefs are butting heads with his attraction to her. This is exacerbated when Clay comes home, and then even further when Darkly, on a walk in the woods, meets Roxy (Twin Peaks' Grace Zabriskie), who has quite a grudge against Callie...

I'm pretty sure Ridley (Heartless) wanted this movie to feel like a dream, despite the realist nature of the cinematography (nothing is ever in soft focus here, and as Captain Peacock was wont to say, "thank heaven for that."). It's the only way to pass off some of the movie's sillier scenes (more than once I was put in mind of that annoying blowing plastic bag in American Beauty) and still like it as much as I did. The acting is impeccable all around, the movie is usually well-paced (there are a couple of early scenes that drag like Ashley Judd's shift over her nipples), and the subject matter is just crazy all the way around. Did I mention Lou Myers (A Different World) doing his best Garrett Morris impersonation as the town's undertaker/ex-preacher? Fun stuff indeed. *** 1/2
July 9, 2011
I only remember seeing this film on television about 10 years ago (wow), and it seemed a slow paced indie film but its certainly hurtled towards a conclusion by the end. I'm pleased to find its on DVD again so that I can check it out again. I can also now note the all star cast in early roles.
December 17, 2010
Das war mal ein bannig verrückter Streifen. Phasenweise gut und mal hatte das Ganze auch Schwächen, doch das gewisse Etwas haben die Filme von Philip Ridley immer.
November 24, 2007
I bought a movie with too many big stars to count in the dump bin. It looked to be a sleeper hit that I had assumed was just overlooked by the mainstream media. This turkey featured Ashley Judd (complete with hairy pits), Viggo Mortensen (as a deaf mute) and Brennon Frasier to toss out a few big names, it also featured a big glittery tennis shoe floating down stream, a lost circus in search of the shoe and a crazy old witch. Brennen Frazier does the best he can to breathe life into a freak of a man that punished himself by wrapping barbed wire around himself to prevent erections when gazing at the lovely Ashley Judd, at one time he masturbates while gazing upon her and then proceeds to whip himself. I can?t even begin to tell you how stupid this monstrosity is. I paid $2.00 for it in the dump bin and felt that I had been robbed! My oldest son normally gets a chuckle at badly written movies but even he could stomach it. He felt sorry for the actors that were roped into such a terrible job. I could't bring myself to give this even one star.
½ December 13, 2005
La segunda y, por ahora, última película del aspirante a David Lynch británico, Philip Ridley, contó con un reparto que hoy día sería casi de campanillas, pero que entonces no pasaba de decente, entre amigos. Brendan Fraser, Ashley Judd, Viggo Mortensen y Loren Dean (del que no se sabe nada desde hace un par de años, por cierto, y mira que fue protagonista en [i]Billy Bathgate[/i] o en [i]Mumford[/i]) se reparten prácticamente todos los papeles en una historia con pocos personajes. Normal, teniendo en cuenta que la historia es la siguiente: Darkly Noon (Fraser) aparece un buen día tirado en mitad de un bosque. Jude (Dean) lo recoge y lo lleva a casa de Callie (Judd), una casa perdida en la espesura donde viven ella y Clay (Mortensen), que está en una de sus periódicas incursiones al bosque, y que encima es mudo. Noon dice ser hijo de una pareja de ultracristianos que han sido asesinados, ya ves tú. Pronto se obsesiona con Callie, Clay se mosquea, y ya tenemos el gazpacho servido.

LADO BUENO: A destacar la música, que está bastante bien, con un par de canciones de PJ Harvey y Gavin Friday. También un puñado de imágenes logradas, como el zapato ardiendo. Entre los actores, nombraré precisamente a la que no ha salido en mi resumen del argumento, Grace Zabriskie (aquí se nota la conexión Lynch; Zabriskie era la madre de Laura Palmer en [i]Twin Peaks[/i]).

LADO MALO: Aunque no deja de tener su puntillo, Ridley esta vez no me convence, y mucho menos los actores, sobre todo Fraser y Judd. Mortensen no sale demasiado y tampoco luce mucho de mudo. [i]La piel que brilla[/i] sobresalía por su cohesión estilística y argumental, y por el juego astuto con las convenciones genéricas. Aquí la cohesión es poca, la estructura nula y el juego de astuto nada, más bien previsible y al final ridículo.

EN TRES (3) PALABRAS: Bobo gótico americano.
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