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March 20, 2007
This is one of the most best college movies ever. Jeremy Piven is grat in this. And this is just a wonderful wonderful fun movie. I loved it.
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May 19, 2011
This movie is often described as the Animal House of the 90s. I suppose that's true, it is very 90s, but unlike animal house it isn't very funny. This is going to be an extremely dated movie in the future, and just get less funny as time goes by. If you'd like to remember the 90s, rent this movie, if not, don't see it.
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½ August 28, 2007
The same silliness as Animal House and many other versions of the story. But pleasant enough.
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May 5, 2007
Underrated early Piven Classic...MEAT TOSSER!
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October 21, 2007
Pretty funny, probably wouldn't watch again though.
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½ February 3, 2007
April 5, 2016
A consistently funny good time of a movie, even if it's messy and sometimes buckles under its own story.
½ March 3, 2016
The movie itself may not age well, but the humor sure does. Definitely the animal house of the 1990s
February 14, 2010
Another college movie that's watchable but unoriginal and forgettable. (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)
½ July 21, 2013
A college movie that didn't catch on initially, but now has a well-deserved cult status. Jeremy Piven gives one of his best comedic performances in this.
April 18, 2013
I just LOVE this movie. I think it's about the greatest college comedy ever. Some say that particular distinction belongs to "Animal House" but I must confess I saw that movie and just didn't get into it. Wrong generation, I guess. What I love about PCU is the way it satirizes everything about the post-modern university where so much stuff is is overly-intellectualized: like the president saying that "I think bisexual Asian studies should have its own room but the question is, who goes? The math department, or the hockey team? I think hockey." Yet, the film also illustrates the fervent ANTI-intellectualism and anarchic behavior. I'll never forget Jeremy Piven's famous line, "You can major in Game-Boy if you know how to bullshit!" My personal favorite scene is when Jeremy Piven says "If you don't want to do this party thing, there is one other option: we all get jobs." and Megan Ward chirps, "I'll party." I even love this film for all the little details right down the Womynists and their armpit hair. Truly, this movie just doesn't miss a trick. I've seen the commentary for this film and Jeremy Piven mentioned that it was his only lead role and it (sadly) bombed at the box office. However, he also mentioned it made some money in rentals and sales and over time has grown into a cult classic. One other thing: I don't care what people say, this movie is way better than "Old School" any day. The way that Snoop Dogg just appeared at a party in old school is not only ridiculous, but it's an obvious rip-off of this film when George Clinton shows up at the pit. Clinton's appearance in "PCU" struck me as comically plausible (the result of bad navigation on a tour bus and a PIT member at the right place at the right time.) However, Snoop Dogg's appearance is "Old School" is an unexplained and superfluous part of the film which was obviously put in just to make the movie look cool. Due to its lack of contextualization, however, it strikes me as silly. Also, I find Snoop Dogg pretty repulsive anyway. However, I once met George Clinton when I was living in Tallahassee and we talked about this film. That was neat.
January 22, 2013
A college comedy triumph! Jeremy Piven finally in a lead role after playing sidekick for far too long. Even screenwriter Zak Penn today has turned around and admits he likes it.
May 30, 2012
This is one of the most best college movies ever. Jeremy Piven is grat in this. And this is just a wonderful wonderful fun movie. I loved it.
April 15, 2012
"Hey look, it's a college boy. Anybody wanna beat him up?" Nice. Ever wanted to know where a quote came from? That's pretty much my average day. I heard this used in Bigwig's Unmerry Melodies and thought "Hey, I wonder what movie that's from." Also, the meat quote from their song Carnivore is in this film too. Unfortunately, the movie is super average and nothing outa the ordinary. Once again, they took a cool idea, such as outlawing frats, started out strong, then began to lose momentum, intrigue, and common sense. It was like Van Wilder, if it was done with less finesse. However, the movie does have a great cast, a handful of funny lines, and some ridiculous scenes. So I guess, from that perspective, it's worth a one-time view...unless you like average movies, then it's right up your alley. Noooo! I finally found a movie from 1994 that's not amazing. Alas, the streak has ended ;( Among the cast are Jeremy Piven, David Spade, Jon Favreau as the token idiot, and Jessica Walter, the mom from Arrested Development! This movie was 18 years ago, and she still looked just as old haha. But to be fair, she was in her 50s. Yikes, that makes her 71 now. Hope she doesn't die before Arrested comes back :/
February 11, 2012
a-ma-zing, piven is a master of dialogue and i dont care if the hair was going away, he and john favreau made this movie great
August 14, 2011
Anyone who dismisses this movie as a frat boy drunk fest is entirely missing the point. This film satirizes political correctness in this country, spotlighting the utter absurdity of the practice, and does this quite well. The setting is Port Chester University (PCU), a Connecticut institution of higher learning that is befitting the initialism. Pretty much everyone on campus falls in line with the PC doctrine, with the major exception of members of The Pit, a nihilistic coed "fraternity" led by James "Droz" Andrews (Jeremy Piven), a seven-year college student. Throwing 100 pounds of meat on a peaceful vegan protest, having a smoke-a-thon on Earth Day, and installing speed bumps on handicapped ramps are what these guys and girls do for fun. The Pit has many adversaries, including the yuppie Republican "fraternity" Balls and Shaft, led by Rand McPherson (David Spade), the President of PCU, and the Womynists. Balls and Shaft want to reclaim the house that The Pit stole from them back in the sixties, and have the full support of the President, who presents The Pit with a $7500 damage bill that must be covered in order to keep the house and remain on campus. Prospective student Tom (Chris Young) is enlisted to aid them in their quest to pay the damage bill, after he has managed to piss off the rest of the campus. Very entertaining movie. I give it four stars.
July 22, 2011
GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see a cry for help!! We want to go to a party!!! Feed us drinks!!!! Get us laid!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
½ September 13, 2009
It's hard not to like Jeremy Piven after seeing this movie. They linger a bit too much on the George Clinton parts, but it's an otherwise decent satire of college culture and the perversion of political correctness in campus life.
January 1, 2011
In true 90's fashion, this movie became the Animal House for my generation by not even trying to be.
April 13, 2010
One of my all-time favorite comedies. This movie stars a younger yet Balder Jeremy Piven, as well as a large Jon Favreau as flunky college frat pros who never want to leave the confines of college, but as the Dean finds ways to boot them the frat in The Pit must fight back.
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