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October 11, 2013
He's not one of the Peeples.

Good Comedy! I have no idea why people are giving this movie a bad review. It was light, amusing, and very entertaining. Finally a movie in which black people are like the black people I know. No the movie wasn't seeking the cheap laughs from portraying African Americans in the typical Hollywood skewed context. None of the black women "went off" or did the whole neck thingy. No one was selling drugs or eating fried chicken or living in the hood. If you have any experience with African Americans like the ones portrayed here then you will enjoy the movie. If you want every African American movie to follow the stereotypical blue print that it seems directors and production houses insist upon promulgating then you might not. Excellent, smart, well written and pretty funny!

Sparks fly when Wade Walker crashes the Peeples annual reunion in the Hamptons to ask for their precious daughter Grace's hand in marriage.
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½ October 11, 2013
Let me start this out by saying, Craig Robinson is funny as hell. Anytime I see him in a movie I know I'm gonna be laughing. Here is no difference, even though the movie is very generic. This is basically a black version of "Meet the Parents", with Robinson playing the Stiller part, and David Alan Grier as the Di Niro father role. Sure there are a few differences, but it's the same thing. But, that's ok, because it's still pretty funny, even though you know what's coming next throughout the movie. The supporting cast does a good job, but this is Robinson's movie, and he shines. Good for a few good PG-13 laughs, and a perfect rental.
Bathsheba Monk
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½ May 26, 2013
Funny movie. I am a die hard Tyler Perry fan because all of his movies have this kernel of human truth in them, no matter how slapstick. In this case, the fact that all families have dirty little secrets--no family is perfect no matter how they present themselves.
Mr Awesome
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½ May 10, 2013
A Tyler Perry-produced version of "Meet The Parents"? Sure, why not? Wade (Craig Robinson of "The Office" and "Hot Tub Time Machine") is heading up to the Hamptons to meet his girlfriend's family and to propose marriage. The girlfriend's dad is Judge Virgil Peeples (David Alan Grier), a control freak who feels that Wade is a big loser. Wade must somehow prove to the dad that he's not a loser and is indeed fit for his daughter's hand in marriage, but with the rest of the Peeples family throwing monkey wrenches into the works, it's going to be difficult.

No, I wasn't being flippant when I said this was Tyler Perry's "Meet The Parents". Much like the interaction between Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller, it's the relationship between David Alan Grier and Craig Robinson that's the focus. The other characters may have a moment or two, but for the most part remain in the background. Of course, what Peeples has over Meet the Parents is that David Alan Grier is actually funny compared to Robert DeNiro. Like Bob Hope or even Chevy Chase, Grier plays his part simultaneously straight and winking at the camera. Grier is so adept at deadpan that some might mistake his performance as overly dramatic and unnecessarily heavy. I can assure you this is not the case. Apart from that particular performance, Peeples is your typical dumb summer comedy. Being dumb isn't necessarily bad for a movie like this, as long as it provides laughs or at the least entertainment. I laughed at times, and for the most part was entertained, and so this film was a success in that aspect.
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February 26, 2013
Funny and entertaining film. The story though it looks to resemble most family gathering movies has its own interesting twists. A good directing debut with strong cast makes it with while and full of laughs.
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½ May 13, 2013
Meeting is such sweet sorrow when it comes to Peeples, a Focker of a dreadful comedy from producer Tyler Perry. Despite a willing and able name cast, the movie amounts to the opposite of a famous left-handed compliment: It's pretty, but doesn't have a great personality. Indeed, for the most part, the energetic ensemble really tries to bring this formulaic "Evil In-Law" schlock to life, regardless of a trail of tearfully tired gags. Truly, moviegoers have seen it all before. Granted, they may not have seen it with all African-American cast but the material will taste like cold second helpings to any and all demographic.

In this PG-13-rated supposed comedy, sparks fly when odd-man-out Wade Walker (Robinson) crashes the preppy Peeples annual Hamptons reunion to propose to their precious daughter Grace (Washington).

In her first time as a multi-hyphenate, writer/director Tina Chism definitely handles one job better than the other. While she capably helms the breezy goings-on, her script amounts to more yawns than yuks, which is surprising given that she made her name in H'Wood screenwriting decent efforts like ATL and Drumline. It's as if she watched the Meet the Parents trilogy and then took a winning bet that she could improbably do even worse. In his first leading role, proven funnyman Robinson (Hot Tub Time Machine, NBC's The Office) seems willing and able to wring laughs from moviegoers, but he won't earn a second starring turn doing recycled fish-out-of-water shtick like this. Worse, David Allen Grier scuttles his welcome return to cinema screens by overacting.

Bottom line: We the Feebles.
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½ May 14, 2013
A Tyler Perry produced take on "Meet The Parents", Tina Gordon Chism's "Peeples" is saved by a unique and humorous cast in the form of Craig Robinson, Kerry Washington, and David Alan Greir, but is far too predictable and laugh-less to be even considered average. With strange plot divergences like Tyler James Williams involvement as the youngest son, Simon, and the obviousness of most of the plot devices, the film falls flat for being a black adaptation without adding anything of worth. Robinson does his best as he loses his wallet, gets blamed for everything wrong over the weekend, and discovers every family members secret, in only a few days time. Washington is gorgeous and simply reminds us that she deserves better. Grier shines in his role as the over protective parent, but even his role is ruined by delving into his personal life a little too much. Not quite the Stiller-De Niro chemistry of "Meet The Parents", Chism's film proves better than most films with Tyler Perry's name on them, but still doesn't quite hit its mark.
½ December 11, 2015
With a producer of Tyler Perry, and with a plot that is just like Meet the Parents, I don't really expect much from it and more or less would feel like a Tyler Perry film, but it actually doesn't, and is not that bad of a film, although nothing memorable. Craig Robinson is good and has the comic timing for it. The movie does feel like a sitcom at times, and the plot is very predictable. You can already tell about what the message is going to be, and it really felt mean-spirited at times which made me feel sorry for Craig Robinson's character. There are some good jokes that got a laugh at me, and I did like the interplay between Craig Robinson and David Alan Grier. It wasn't as melodramatic as I thought was gonna be which I'm glad, and Peeples is just a decent film that I'm glad that I didn't hate it, but I wish that it was better though.
December 9, 2015
There was something about Peeples that made it really bland. It was more like a mystery film than a comedy-drama. It kept you wondering what was going to happen next... and it wasn't surprising.
½ August 28, 2015
Speak it! Don't leak it!

Wade Walker has fallen deeply in love with Grace Peeples and wants to propose to the love of his life, but he has never met her family and wants to cover that last hurdle before popping the big question. Grace draws the line in the sand and says he cannot accompany her on her next trip to meet hre parents, so Wade surprises her and shows up anyway. Wade quickly discovers why she kept her family a secret.

"I'll need two pairs of scissors and a wet sponge."

Tina Gordon Chism, who worked on Drumline and ATL, delivers Peeples in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is just okay, a bit cliché, but written better than you may expect. There were some funny lines, interactions, and scenes. The acting was above average for the genre and includes Craig Robinson, Kerry Washington, David Alan Greer, Tyler James Williams, and Kali Hawk.

"Any type of freak is a good one."

I came across this on Netflix and had never heard of it so I decided to give it a shot. This was fairly mediocre, in a lot of ways, with some scenes that made it worth a viewing. I wouldn't go too out of my way to see this, but it isn't a complete waste of time either.

"This ain't nothing but July in my bedroom growing up."

Grade: C
April 15, 2015
Pretty much could've been titled "Those Black Fockers" if Wayans were involved. It was a good version of Meet The Parents and had just as much heart-felt cheese toward the end, though still a decent take. Can we look forward to a sequel called "Little Peeples"?
½ May 28, 2014
Pretty much could've been titled "Those Black Fockers" if Wayans were involved. It was a good version of Meet The Parents and had just as much heart-felt cheese toward the end, though still a decent take. Can we look forward to a sequel called "Little Peeples"?
May 6, 2014
A barely PG-13 Craig Robinson movie just isn't anywhere near as funny as a hard R one(like in This Is the End). Even Kerry Washington in a naughty schoolgirl uniform can't make up for the unfunny jokes and washed out Meet the Parents plot. FAIL
½ April 20, 2014
A mind numbingly, partially entertaining comedy because of Craig Robinson's antics. Tyler Perry's name is on both the cover and the credits. You can tell he has influenced the story by placing black people in isolated, wealthy neighborhoods living lives that only 1% of the population are used to living and acting not only as if its ok, but as if that lifestyle is something people should strive for.

Craig Robinson's friend Chris is a fake Dave Chappelle. Kerry Washington is superficial and unconvincing with her love and affection for anyone in this film. She is annoying throughout. And her sister's threesome scene was tasteless and unnecessary.

May 24, 2013
It was pretty much a black version of "Meet The Parents" and Craig Robinson wasn't enough to save the movie from a very drawn out film. Wasn't horrible but wasn't what I was expecting
January 20, 2014
Cheesy, cute, some funny moments, light-hearted. Pretty good- not great. And yes, for those saying there aren't black people like this, you need to get out more. Yes, we are out there. :)
November 7, 2013
Love the actors and actresses. This movie had the potential to be great because of its plot but came off corny at moments
November 4, 2013
Enjoyable to watch movies sometimes that don't have a deep storyline that you have to follow
. Quite funny and entertaining.
½ November 3, 2013
Well, it followed a common story line, but there were some funny parts, good comedy if you are looking for something light. Not the best Tyler Perry movie that I've seen, but certainly not the worst!
October 26, 2013
Oh geez. Well, I'm not gonna lie and say I didn't laugh because I did a few times. Craig Robinson is just a funny guy, when he's in a movie, I'm most likely going to laugh. The movie itself wasn't anything great; a reminder of why I don't often watch Rom-Com's (because the majority of them are shit).
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