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The Plague of the Zombies Reviews

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Michael G

Super Reviewer

July 30, 2010
Plague of the Zombies offers up the voodoo brand as opposed the rotten diseased brand of zombies. Not my preference, but combine some creepy zombies with that trademarked Hammer gothic atmosphere and you're in for a good time. The zombies are sporadic but they're pretty nasty when they actually do show. Plague of the Zombies has some legitimately disturbingly-done moments (the would-be rape scene, Thompson's nightmare) that pay off for the slow buildup. But as with a good many Hammer movies, the last 15 minutes make up for it. And for as much of a tightass as Andre Morell came across as in the first 15 minutes, he kicked some serious ass in the end.

Super Reviewer

March 24, 2008
tcm fans! hammer horror featured every friday night in the month of october! set the dvr!

Super Reviewer

January 26, 2009
Prototypical Hammer fare. Equal parts goth, gore, camp and shtick. A milestone in the evolution of the 'zombie flick', fans of Hammer Studios will love it, most others won't.
Ken S

Super Reviewer

July 20, 2007
The most dignified Zombie film of all time and one of Hammer's best works.
Adam M

Super Reviewer

June 15, 2013
Decent Hammer Horror from the 60's about the dead being brought back to life by a local rich man and his associates in order to work down the mines in a hard time for the community. Problem is, the zombies keep escaping and killing people so its up to a doctor and his daughter to try and save the town.
This actually pre-dates Night of the Living Dead and could be seen as one of Hammers most influential releases.Well worth a look for zombie fans.
David S

Super Reviewer

March 13, 2012
In an age where we've been inundated with zombie films in recent years and we now have the excellent series 'The Walking Dead' this film comes across as a little quaint and the zombies aren't really used to their full affect (they're brought back from the dead to work a tin mine!) but this is still the peak of Hammer's visual style period and the film looks great. The zombies also make quite an impression on their first appearance and the dream sequence is effective. A shame that Lee and Cushing aren't involved but Morell brings quiet authority to the lead and Pearce is great but underused. Unfortunately Clare is a stilted heroine but at least this makes her convincing when she is hypnotized!
Henrik S

Super Reviewer

February 19, 2008
A very early "Zombie" movie, pre-dating Romero and the lot. An evil plot in a remote village summons the dead, which go on and to menace the living. A solid Hammer Horror film and one of the best from their C-Line productions (Those which are not part of a franchise or have a star lead). The editing and direction is far better than many other Hammer movies. Andre Morell is a very good lead, believable in his determination and vigour, but yet still emotional and paternal. The rest of the cast is rather typecast (with the Sergeant standing out) and they serve their purpose, including the slightly bloodless villain. Unlike many other, even most modern zombie movies, the reason why the undead walk the earth is quite sensible, which might surprise some and I give Kudos to the storywriter for that. The movie mentions the "Voodoo" phenonemon here and there, and the manner in which they "portray" the "Haiti" culture is typical Hammer camp and was really putting me off, you'll know it when you see it. Other than that, we have the usual British horror splendour of the remote and gloomy countryside, lush Victorian interiors and costumes, lovely. Unlike many other classic horror movies, this one still has its creepy moments, which it might owe to the fact that undead have always been some to scare me, but I found that rather thrilling. I recommend this to every Horror enthusiasts and Zombie film expert to be.All lovers of classic movies, British Horror and Hammer should be in a for a treat as well of course.take careHX

Super Reviewer

October 17, 2008
Severely underrated and woefully underwatched, "Plague of the Zombies" ranks near the top among Hammer's best.

A lot has been made about its influences on Romero's "Night of the Living Dead", but the hallucinatory sequence in the graveyard may very well have given birth to Lucio Fulci's horror career.
ken j

Super Reviewer

June 19, 2008
When a medical professor gets a letter from a old student being told about weird deaths inside a small english town he decided to pack up and go there himself to investigate what he finds can not be explained with normal medicine seems the dead are riseing and someone in the town has been practiceing black magic now the former student doctor must try and stop the outbreak before more people get killed, The one and only attempt of a zombie film by Hammer Studios i found to be a good one little bit outdated but still worth a watch if your a fan of all zombie movies or the stuff that came out of Hammer Studios
February 4, 2012
Let's just get this out of the way, Andre Morell IS Quartermass! Though not in this one, well, he does get in a few pits, so... Anyway. This is a classic voodoo zombie flick. In that the bad guy is really snotty - what with his Peter Murphy sideburns, his creepy masks, his drum circle of shirtless Hati hippies trapped in the basement, and a group of red coated fox hunting henchmen. Those guys real jerks - chasing after cute little foxes, knocking over coffins, and kidnapping women. Let's get back to the grave robbing, because there is A LOT of it in this movie. Almost more than in a Frankenstein movie. The police are wonderful in this one too. Sir James Forbes is a great character and it was fun to watch him barely escape the fire at the end.
December 6, 2010
The film, made by Hammer Studios in 1966, has all the hallmarks of the late voodoo-zombie period. It?s a moody film, with a slow burn, obvious sets, and the crayon-red blood Hammer films are known for. The Plague of the Zombies takes place in late nineteenth century England, where we follow a distinguished doctor as he takes his daughter to visit his star pupil and the pupil?s wife, who are facing a strange wasting disease in a tiny English village. Of course, it turns out that the cause of the wasting disease is a malevolent be-sideburned squire with a penchant for voodoo. He has a cadre of menacing fox-hunters and is protected by the superstitious, menacing stares of his villagers.

Like many films of the late-voodoo era, the zombies are menacing and barely in control. They?re still created by magic cobbled together using a mix of European magic stereotypes and racist Caribbean imagery. (In this case, the zombie master has a pair of shirtless black men to play jungle drums for him, for no discernible reason.) But the zombies are a menace, as likely to kill an unsuspecting person as not. And they?re gruesome. Unlike the glassy-eyed somnambulents of White Zombie or I Walked with a Zombie, these have gruesome makeup and menacing eyes, much closer to the blue shamblers of Dawn of the Dead. Those particulars aside, the plot of this film is very similar to White Zombie, with a wealthy magic aristocrat performing creepy ceremonies over voodoo dolls, recruiting the dead to work his tin mine.

Overall, it?s a decent movie with good ties to previous zombie films, but the zombie action is pretty minimal and the humor of the film doesn?t hold up as well as other similar movies. I?d watch I Eat Your Skin instead.

Oh, and in case you?re wondering, the eponymous ?plague? doesn?t refer to the menace of the zombies, which is actually quite minimal until the end of the film. It refers to the sickness that strikes down healthy people and turns them into zombies. At least, that?s my take on it.
October 21, 2008
If you like your zombies mining tin, this movie's for you...if not, skip it or you will be disappointed.
Sgt. Cockstrain
November 27, 2013
A really well shot and made (despite budget limitations) pre Romero zombie horror that still stands up quite well even today. It maybe a little let down by its rather slow pace but when the gore comes it really is ahead of its time with heads getting chopped off by spades and all other good stuff. The acting is fine along with the decent story as it is quite unique and not just about zombies attacking people. A must watch for Hammer horror fans and zombie movie fans alike, everyone else though maybe less so.
August 12, 2013
Smarter than your average zombie flick.
June 30, 2013
Hammer tackles zombies (pre-Romero) in their typical gothic style with Andre Morell as the investigating doctor who comes to a small Cornish village after receiving a worrying letter from his former student, the local doctor. It seems that there have been more than a few deaths of young men who first suffered a strange malaise. Not coincidentally, the local squire has spent a significant amount of time in Haiti. Atmospheric and well-paced, although I longed for more chills.
October 26, 2012
The lord is punishing us for our sins

Local villagers start dying off at an alarming rate. The doctor contacts a local professor who arrives with his girlfriend and begins investigating the corpses; however, he quickly discovers the corpses are gone from the cemetery and walking the Earth at night. Who or what is raising the dead?

"What are you going to charge us with?"
"Bodysnatching I should think, sir."

John Gilling, director of The Flesh and the Fiends, The Mummy's Shroud, The Pirates of Blood River, and The Crimson Blade, delivers Plague of Zombies. The storyline for this picture was entertaining and I adored the zombies at the end. The acting was okay and the cast includes Andre Morrell, Diane Clare, Brook Williams, and John Carson.

"Are you being funny?"
"I'm not being funny. I'm just trying to mind my manners. I wish I could say the same for you."

I came across this movie while scrolling through Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and loved the idea of another zombie themed picture. I'm not a huge fan of the voodoo based zombies but I did like the make-up and the reanimation scenes. The film is just okay overall but the zombie scenes are pretty good. This is worth seeing this Halloween season.

"Something very wrong is happening in this village."

Grade: B-/C+ (6.5)
Sarfaraz Abbasi
July 8, 2012
This movie starts with promising characters and set-designs. In the start you come to notice something astonishing going to take place, while I sincerely appreciate lighting work to keep plot murkier in mid 1800s. Film stands classic to subject of 'voodoo'. My only disappointment with this, was its climax, which was utterly quick and rushy.
April 22, 2012
Sir James Forbes (Andre Morell) is summoned to a small Cornish village by one of his former medical students (Brook Williams). He's supposed to be investigating an outbreak of mysterious fatalities, but Forbes eventually connects the deaths to a plot of graves that are suddenly lacking occupants. All of this may have something to do with Clive Hamilton (John Carson), an uncouth aristocrat who spent years studying bizarre magical rites in Haiti. The Plague of the Zombies, which has the look and feel of many Hammer productions, is a straightforward story where staid Englishmen combat the gruesome advances of nightmarish monsters. The movie brings itself to a fiery climax by using a very slow fuse, but fans of the studio will likely enjoy this professionally executed effort.
June 8, 2011
One of the more enjoyable and light-hearted Hammer Horror films I've watched so far with some likeable characters, especially Sylvia, and a decent storyline following Sir James Forbes and his daughter trying to work out what is happening to a small town and their sudden deaths. The zombies are hardly scary, but being the 60's I'll let it slide, but overall there's enough to keep you amused and interested, but compared to the great zombie films of today it doesn't come anywhere close.
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