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June 22, 2009
C'est magnifique! Audrey is smoldering and tempestuous and charming and *head explodes.* Story seems basic at first - gold-digger mistakes a poor man for her mark - but the second act twist of Jacques becoming a kept man allows for some nice dramatic/comedic bonding over the ways of the grift. The motif of the "euro for 10 seconds" (like penny for your thoughts) is very sweet.
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June 29, 2009
Priceless is one heck of a delightful gem. It is playful, cheeky, and boasts excellent chemistry between its leads, which is crucial to pull off a French romantic comedy so dependent on their banter and interaction.
The cast was well acted, the relationships kept me at the edge of my seat as there were always suspense and thrills with every single relationship and this includes the spotlight characters. Every actor's facial expressions, not outcasting the supporting roles were so well acted that every one had me guessing, worrying the conditions of the relationships every second.
I liked sexy Audrey Tatou's acting as a hot and young gold digger (foxy whistle). Her range of facial expressions alone is joyful to watch.
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March 15, 2011
Charming, enjoyable, cute...made me smile. A romantic comedy with a few twists. Quite a few things that I thought would be predictable in this romantic comedy, turned out the other way. Both leads are charming, and they draw you in. The gorgeous scenery does not hurt either.
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½ July 22, 2010
Another Audrey Tautou win. VERY funny, and surprising. I've never seen Gad in anything, but he was amazingly cute and uncomposed. SO funny and original.
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January 3, 2010
Okay, this was too freakin' funny... Gad was so hilarious I couldn't keep my eyes off him, even though I totally love Audrey. Totally worth a watch.
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½ September 13, 2009
There's one reason, and one reason only, why I decided to watch this romcom. The reason is Audrey Tautou, one of the most beautiful and talented women in the entertainment business.

Jean (Gad Elmaleh) is a kind and helpful, somewhat shy, waitress at a hotel. Irene (Tautou), who dreams of a life as a trophy wife, mistakens Jean as a millionaire. This "mistake" ends Irene's current relationship and she decides to make Jean's life miserable. Jean just happens to love the vamp.

I don't know... 'Hors de Prix' feels sometimes like a fresh breath of air to the romcom genre but there's a few things that bothered me. For instance, the whole "relationship" between them both is a bit far fetched. Because of love, to a woman he hardly knows, Jean lets Irene treat him like crap? Come on!

There's very little context to a full feature, without making it resemble too much 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. The subplot, when all of the money is gone, where Irene teaches Jean to become a gigolo, or something like that, is nothing but a filling to a weak story. But thank God that this film has Tautou in it!

The dialogue is the strongest part of the film. French cinema has always, at least the experience that I have of it, had good written dialogue in 'em. 'Hors de Prix' is no exception. The comedy in the film is very mild but will give some occasional laughter.

'Hors de Prix' is an ok movie with some good moments but I didn't like the nonexistent chemistry between the two lead characters. More like siblings than lovers... The story brings nothing new to the genre and in the end is very weak. The acting is decent but all I remember of this movie now, when I write down these words, is Audrey Tautou. She is a goddess...
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½ April 8, 2008
a charming romantic comedy with a twist that is truly priceless. audrey tautou is delightful.
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January 17, 2008
Good light French comedy. I actually wanted to wring Audrey Tautou's neck through the first half of this. LOL. What a horrible little gold digger! Once the other character went down to her level, I found this a lot more enjoyable. Likeable cast make this fun to watch.
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½ November 22, 2007
A charming chick flick. If you have to watch one, it might as well be made by the French with Audrey Tautou in the lead (this combo rarely goes wrong). This movie somehow makes you fall in love with completely slimy awful people and want only the best for them in the end.
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½ April 12, 2008
When it comes to romantic comedies, nobody does it better than the French. Their latest rom-com film is "Priceless" starring Audrey Tautou as a gold-digging social climber who falls in love with a bartender.

The French have created several unforgettable romantic flicks like "Amelie" (the greatest French film imo) and "Paris, je t'aime " (not really that much of a French film but some of the directors are from Paris) so clearly, you can't go wrong with a French romantic film.

The chemistry between Tautou's character Irene and Elmaleh's Jean is perfect. They just go with each other's flow and doesn't upstage one another. Irene is very much alike Tautou's previous role Amelie but this time the word "Gold Digger" is all over her. You wanna hate her but you can't because she's just too lovable to hate. Jean on the other hand is awkwardly marvelous trying oh so hard to impress his ladylove Irene. His facial expressions are priceless (pardon the pun)

Priceless is a priceless flick therefore it gets a solid four.
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July 25, 2008
From an innocent angel to a seductive materialistic woman, Tautou is stunning as always...the storyline is not very orginal but hilarious still.
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October 11, 2007
Directed by: Pierre Salvadori.
Starring: Audrey Tautou, Gad Elmaleh, Marie-Christine Adam, Vernon Dobtcheff.

<< I'd like too...I'd love too... >>

The story follows Jean, an average, shy bartender who works in a fancy hotel. On a quiet night in the bar, he is mistaken by a beautiful opportunist as another millionaire for her to flirt with. But things soon turn around when she finds out who he really is and a series of events take both of them down a path they never expected each other to go.

This won't be the first time I'll say this in this review...but Priceless is one hell of a surprise. The main reason I picked this up was because of Audrey Tautou, who is up there as one of my favorite actresses. I got more than just her amazing presence.

Priceless succeeds on more levels than one. The obvious one where it slips into cliché is the ending...but a lot of people should know by now that in any romantic comedy, it's not the ending we want to be surprised at, its the trip there.

The direction is simple but never confined. Armed with some exquisite locations and set designs, Pierre Salvadori really has the room to expand the amazing tones of the script and places them nicely into every frame...and the script is certainly a surprise. Sweet, charming and witty are few words to describe the content. Throughout a majority of the film, these charming characters are given a rather sweet spark to work with and they get there avoiding cliché along the way, twisting its way through in a rather witty style, its surprising to see that it doesn't fall into another annoying rom-com.

The performances are brilliant. Audrey Tautou continues to show her incredible presence and charm in everything she tackles and its her greatest performance in years...and shes even more beautiful than ever. Alongside a very good supporting cast, Gad Elmaleh impressed me more than I expected to be. He successfully manages to play the ways of the character in such a smooth and realistic way without any slip-ups, from the shy, stumbling 'virgin' to the charming, believable millionaire, its something worth mentioning.

Priceless is a surprise. Alongside obvious brilliant performances, the production values and some exquisite cinematography and set design also add the right effect to the underlying tones of this incredible little film with help from some sharp direction. The ending is obvious, but the trip there is 'Priceless'.
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½ April 1, 2008
This is a delightful film, a nod to the old style romantic "mistaken identity" comedies of the 40's & 50's (expect some predictable plot twists), but with a very modern flair.

I must admit that at first it was hard for me to accept Audrey Tautou as a self centered "gold-digger". Not because of anything she was doing...just because I've come to know/love her from her previous characters as sweet & kind. But she does a great job and by the end of the film she has brought enough depth to her charater that you end up liking her to spite all her flaws.

Newcomer (to me anyway) Gad Elmaleh is absolutely adorable and charming, the perfect counter-point to Audreys rather cold and calculating character. Though there are points when you want to just slap him and say "snap out of it!"...ultimately his devotion makes you believe in "love at first sight".

All though there was an underlying sadness for me thinking about the people who pay for companionship and those who are the "paid companions" who don't feel they are capable/worthy of is mostly a really sweet, funny and enjoyable film.
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½ September 10, 2009
In "Priceless," Irene(Audrey Tautou), a hustler, is angry that her current sugar daddy and hopeful husband-to-be Jacques(Vernon Dobtcheff) has fallen asleep drunk again. So, she wanders downstairs to find Jean(Gad Elmaleh) sleeping in the lounge, assuming him to be a wealthy hotel guest because of his tuxedo. Jean is in fact a hotel porter who is tired from not saying no to his bosses, resulting in a tiring day full of dogwalking. After too many drinks with paper umbrellas in them, they make beautiful music together. A year later, Irene and Jacques return to the hotel but this time not only does Jacques discover their coupling, so does the hotel, resulting in Irene finding out about Jean's day job. Irene catches a train for Nice while Jean is presumably fired...

Starting out like a generic French farce, "Priceless" develops surprising depth, turning into an amusing and thoughtful black comedy with a deeply cynical view of human nature. But at least there is a little hope. While "The Valet"(also starring Gad Elmaleh) was about privilege, this movie is about wealth and what it can buy like the illusion of youth through arm candy or plastic surgery but never happiness.(The movie neatly sidesteps any obvious and vulgar jokes about the transgeneration relationships.) It is this level of conspicuous consumption that so unnerves Jean who is so used to serving people.(Why he's not in the Peace Corps is beyond me.) He just has to remember to think of himself on occasion.
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November 21, 2008
French romantic farce. Irene (Audrey Tatou) is a golddigger of the first order who is just looking for a permanent meal ticket. Jean (Gad Elmaleh) is working as a bartender at the hotel where she is ensconsed with the man who plans to marry her. Through mistaken identity, she spends an evening with Jean and the romp is on! Audrey is lovely as ever and Gad plays the bumbler who can't believe his good luck without delving into slapstick. We know all along that they will wind up together, but it is still fun to enjoy the ride. This viewer will never hear an unfinished sentence left hanging without thinking of this film.
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March 15, 2009
SO IMMORAL! Yet I found myself delighting in it and giggling at the comedy of the situation. Very artsy movie about a man who falls in love with a sugar baby and becomes a giggilo to beat her at her own game and win her affection. I feel guilty that I enjoyed it!
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November 16, 2008
It's a cutesy film that does not go overboard with the cheese. Audrey Tautou is seductive and Gad Elmaleh provides his own Amelie-shyness as his character is first introduced. You could tell what the ending would be, yet you wouldn't care but root for it to happen. The last scene was reminiscent to "Amelie" as well, but this is definitely no copycat.
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February 18, 2008
After seeing Gad in La Doublure, Hors de Prix was disappointing. The characters were quite simply unappealing and selfish, which made them unpleasant to watch. The concept probably could have been a lot more fun, but instead it was just painful and awkward to watch.
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July 7, 2008
French farce pretty much runs on Tautou and Elmaleh's combined charms.
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September 27, 2010
Spirited, charming, and funny path to romance you've probably not seen before. Material Girl gold-digging Tautou sleeps with and then wins the devotion of waiter Elmaleh thinking he's rich, appalled when she learns the truth and he spends the rest of the running time trying to win her back over, in the process becoming something of a gigolo himself! Only the French could concoct such a scenario that works. Never seen Elmaleh before and he's terrific, which goes double for the radiant Tautou yet again. Alors, comment je t'aime! The costume designer should have won an Oscar, or Golden Globe, or a Cesar, or at the very least a High Five for putting her in such an array of lovely low-cut couture. Good slightly slutty fun.
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