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Princesas (Princesses) Reviews

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Nicki M

Super Reviewer

February 24, 2008
Good movie. Fairly realistic, (or appeared to be), portrayal of prostitution. I liked the ending and the sense of hope for the main character instead of the usual, wound up dead or may as well be. The other lead character did not fare quite as well, but that's where the realism comes into it, and at least it wasn't all bleak for her. (Not that I mind bleak as that is how things are, but this was a refreshing change).

Super Reviewer

July 10, 2008
Mixes styles with reasonable success and Pena gives a believable nuanced performance but some of her flights of fancy are a little contrived.

Super Reviewer

April 8, 2007
A quite good moving and sobering tale of two young prostitutes in Madrid. Powerful and poignant. And bloody hot of Spanish prostitutes.

Super Reviewer

October 15, 2009
Boring! But well made if you want to know about the trials and tribulations of Spanish hookers.

Super Reviewer

April 20, 2009
This is a very well written movie based on reality. Actor's performances are great. I like the movie because is a drama of an immigrant whom driven by the bad economic situation of her country, was forced to leave the homeland and work as a prostitute in Madrid Spain. She was promised for a visa to stay legally in the country, but they just used her. She met Caye who is just a prostitute too They understand each other and they create a true friendship until Zulema has to leave the country because her HIV results came back positive. A very human story that is worth to see it.

Super Reviewer

April 21, 2008
An interesting drama that portrait the lives of immigrant women who are forced by the bad economic situation of their respective countries, to leave their homeland and work as a prostitutes in Madrid, Spain. Great acting, script, as well as, the music and editing.
December 2, 2007
This movie completely caught me off guard. I thought it was going to be a raunchy look into the world of prostitution. But, what it actually came out to be was a very well told story of 2 women from different worlds using prostitution to achieve their own goals. Good work by the 2 leads and a great job by the director to use prostitution as a backdrop of how these women see and react to the world around them. Highly recommend this movie.
September 11, 2014
Buen drama/comedia de España con subtítulos en inglés, 109 minutos
November 27, 2011
This is an exceptional film about the world's oldest profession. It is exceptional, not just as an insight into the emptiness of a whore's life but into the richness of a friendship entered into with kindness. The story is small scale with minor villains and fleeting loving. At no point is it salacious, and yet the film does not flinch from its subject matter.
TT-Talented Toes
September 29, 2010
Watched with English subtitles.

"I have nostalgia for things that haven?t happened yet?then I get sad because they may never happen.?

?Love is to pick me up after work.?

?We exist because there are people thinking of us, not because we are here.?

Terrific Actress: Candela Peña
October 8, 2007
[font=Trebuchet MS][i]Knocked Up[/i] was OK, nothing special.

[i]New World[/i] was touching and the cinematography was absolutely stunning.

[i]Vanilla Sky[/i], a personal favorite never fails to make me stop and think. Which is the reason why I love movies.

[i]American Beauty[/i], I have finally seen and was superb. New favorite.
Princesas[/i] has continued my new interest in Spanish films. Great film.[/font]
January 10, 2007
I watched Princesas today in cinema and decided to rate three other Spanish (Spanish as the country, not the language) movies together with it.

- Princesas is very funny and very sad, and this contrast is balanced in a wonderful way. You get to know a little of the life of whores in Madrid, never having the feeling of watching documentary-like thing, but a very entertaining movie as well. I loved the performance of Candela Peña who is best known for her role in Almodóvars All About My Mother. Her work in Princesas is great, a very heart-warming and honest performance. Princesas is - while being very entertaining - a social commentary, a view into the polarized society of Spain and there are certain similarities to the cinema of Ken Loach, who is one of my favourite directors.

- Pedro Almodóvars newest film Volver was the last one from Spain that I saw and I loved it from beginning to end. I liked his dramatic pictures like All About My Mother or Talk to Her a lot, but it's so great seeing him back in the genre he created in some way. Also great to see Penélope Cruz having her creative freedom back and really do some acting. Volver might not have an important story, but this is not what it's all about. It is a true Almodóvar movie and this is always a great experience.

- My Life Without Me is filmed in English, but it is a Spanish production and directed by Spanish Isabel Coixet. Unfortunaly I did not had a chance to see The Secret Life of Words, Coixet's latest work, but I'm looking forward to see it, as her first one is such an exceptional movie. You go into this movie, thinking you're going to cry the whole time, because the story of a young mother who is supposed to die is not really something for Christmas. But Coixet manages to give this film so much positive, nice and funny things that it is always well balanced in its melancholy. Of course this would have never been so great without the outstanding performance by Sarah Polley. A great film I'd like to watch again in the near future.

- We have Almodóvar, we have Coixet and we cannot forget about Julio Medem. His masterpiece Lovers of the Arctic Circle is my favourite movie from Spain and I can't get enough of it. This has so much poetry in it without any kind of heaviness, it is amazing work by the writer-director. This movie is so perfectly constructed (for some it might be "too constructed" as I read somewhere, but I never saw this point in movies) and one of the most beautiful love stories in the history of cinema. Do not miss this one.
September 6, 2006
Wow, this movie had every cliche in the book about prostitutes. It was dull and predictable. The only greatness to come out of it was how it portrayed delusion. Each character was delusional in their own way and could not see reality for what it was, which really did bring pathos to the picture. However this wonderful element of the story was not enough to redeem this movie from its cliche-ridden plot.
June 7, 2006
Hacia tiempo que no veia una pelicula espanyola y hacia aun mas tiempo que no veia una pelicula de caracter social. Las princesas de Leon de Aranoa son pobres parias en Espanya pero que en Japon vivirian como reinas. Gran ironia, la verdad.

Este director tiene calidad en reflejar el dia a dia y da en el clavo en los lunes al sol, en barrio y tambien en princesas. Los topicos no dejan de ser basados en la realidad y que se refleje en la pelicula problemas con las drogas o con la violencia o con la situacion de ilegalidad en la que viven mujeres como Zulema es necesario que sea recordado en peliculas porque tendemos a acostumbrarnos a ello sin immutarnos.

La musica de Manu Chao le da el envoltorio perfecto y hay que agradecer a Aranoa que a pesar de tratar el tema de la prostitucion no haya querido recrearse en escenas mas sexuales para sacar tajada publicitaria.

Tanto Candela Penya como el resto de actrices llevan el peso de la historia de forma perfecta y logrando reflejar los sentimientos que tienen. Quizas se nota en exceso la pretension del director de querer expresar sus opiniones en los monologos de Candela Penya y eso hace que en ocasiones suene poco natural. De todas formas este tipo de peliculas son de aquellas que todos tenemos en nuestra cabeza porque conocemos esas dificultades pero que no suelen llevarse a la pantalla para que reflexionemos.

No se que Dios penso que en este mundo debian existir las desigualdades y permitir las injusticias, pero es realmente una mierda tener que aceptar que los seres humanos tampoco van a hacer nada por tratar de mejorar el mundo en el que viven.

La pelicula tiene sus momentos geniales y no quiero contar mucho de ella porque lo mejor es verla y disfrutar de una alternativa a las peliculas que solemos tener que ver.

LO MEJOR : pelicula para reflexionar.
LO PEOR: poquito poquito...
January 26, 2006
Después de Los Lunes al Sol muchos pensaban que Fernando León había dejado el listón demasiado alto, y que difícilmente podría igualarlo o, mucho más complicado, superarlo.

Decir que Princesas es "mejor" que Los Lunes al Sol sería absurdo y exagerado, pero que desde luego está al mismo nivel y que no defraudará en absoluto, es cierto.

Princesas es la historia de dos prostitutas de barrio, de dos princesas, Caye (Candela Peña), que ve con recelo la llegada de las inmigrantes, y Zulema (Micaela Nevárez), una de esas inmigrantes. Pronto descubrirán que ambas caminan por el filo de la navaja, y entre ellas surgirá una amistad.

León de Aranoa regresa a los ambientes de Barrio con una historia sobre la amistad, evitando en todo momento el lado sensacionalista y morboso de la prostitución. En cambio, se centra en la ternura, en las vivencias de las prostitutas, lo que sufren para intentar sobrevivir de la mejor manera posible, y sus sentimientos, tanto hacia ellas mismas como hacia los demás. La excelente música de Manu Chao (seguro que le vemos en los Goya) acompaña a la historia a la perfección.

El soberbio guión nos deja algunas joyas en forma de frases, como la de "Lo peor no sería que ´no hubiera nada después de la muerte. Lo peor sería que hubiera otra vida... que fuera como esta". A través de los monólogos de Caye, el cineasta reflexiona sobre los temas que más le interesan y preocupan, y lo hace de forma magistral.

De Candela Peña, que soporta el peso de la película, poco se puede decir, aparte de que realiza una interpretación maravillosa, la mejor de su ya larga carrera, y que sería una injusticia que no ganara su segundo Goya. Micaela Nevárez también realiza una gran interpretación, al igual que el resto del reparto, del que destaca las interpretación de María Ballesteros.

Un saludo!
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