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½ September 29, 2012
A hit man falls in love with a counterpart who robs his employers.
Anjelica Huston's icy but damaged mob daughter earns this film a full star in my book, not mention the Oscar it won Huston. With a cool, reserved vulnerability, her performance is captivating.
The rest of the film is not as good. The love story plot is horribly developed. There is very little chemistry between Jack Nicholson and Kathleen Turner, and the characters senselessly dive into a relationship that is based on so little that it makes one wonder why they would give up so much for its sake. The eventual plot twists are formulaic and predictable.
Overall, the film makes no sense as a drama, and though it's meant to be a comedy, I don't get the joke.
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March 24, 2012
John Huston has a little fun with the by now typical New York family crime tale when one of their main killers spots a beautiful blonde at a Mob wedding and is instantly smitten. There's a catch though ... she's a contract killer too. Nicholson and Turner are good enough for charm and Huston's daughter gets to shine too, enough to win Best Supporting Actress for that year.
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½ November 23, 2006
For as much as I remember Prizzi's Honor getting talked up when I was a kid, as an adult I've got to ask what the hell the big goddamn deal was about. The story sets up an interesting premise but takes some major lapses in logic (even if the only mafia movie you've ever seen is The Godfather) and ties things up W A Y too conveniently at the end. The performances were either hammy and over the top (I'm talking to you, Nicholson) or downright negligible (*cough*KathleenTurner*cough*.) The only exception was Anjelica Huston whose foxy magnificence was grossly underused. I actually almost turned Prizzi's Honor off in the first half hour, but by the time the credits rolled I was sort of glad I didn't, but I've got the feeling that John Huston was counting on nonexistent charm to carry this story where there was never really anything there.
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September 6, 2010
This is an utterly brilliant romantic gangster thriller movie, it's awesome, the cast is awesome too, I highly recommend this movie.
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½ January 13, 2010
A little muddled. Full review later.
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September 1, 2009
Jack Nicholson plays a hit man who falls in love with a woman who is in the same line of work as him. They both later on get a hit on eachother. Its like the 80's version of todays Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The difference is they know each other's line of work, and it's more of a mafia type of business.
It's not one of my favorite Jack Nicholson movies but it still is a good movie. He plays all his parts well. Kathleen Turner is also good in this movie. It's a good dark comedy.
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½ June 10, 2009
Average film. Wasn't the best but it was good.
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May 3, 2009
One of John Huston's final films is a mob/love story/dark comedy that falls like a set of well placed dominoes. Jack Nicholson plays Charlie Partanna, a middle man in the Prizzi crime organization who becomes instantly obsessed with a woman named Irene (Kathleen Turner) at a wedding. Days later he winds up in Los Angeles looking for a large sum of money that had been stolen from the family and ends up whacking Irene's estranged husband. They meet again and quickly fall in love, but Charlie doesn't know that Irene is also a "contractor" who had been in town to pull a hit. The missing money, a kidnapping gone astray, and a jealous lover (Angelica Huston) end up turning this romance into a one debacle after another.

The acting in Prizzi's Honor is great. Nicholson shows his chops once again, playing the not so bright Brooklyn criminal. At first it's shocking to hear Jack talk like this, but it quickly grows and becomes a stellar performance. Kathleen Turner's performance as Irene is laid back without the over acting that Turner has been known to perform. Of course Angelica Huston one an Oscar for this one, but there are two other actors that need some praise. The first is William Hickey as the Don, a shocking turn for someone who is usually an unpleasant old man. The second is John Randolph as Charlie's father. Randolph also pulls off the Brooklyn accent and is fabulous when he's on screen. Hickey and Randolph would team up again in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Huston doesn't feel like a dinosaur directing this film. It's more modern than some of his younger brethren were producing at the time, yet there's a timeless quality to it. It could be the fifties and it could be present day under his direction. Prizzi's Honor stands as one of the last notches in John Huston's storied career and shows that he was able to adapt to the times and still be relevant in the film business. A great flick from a legend.
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½ December 7, 2008
The Departed meets Romeo and Juliet....

***It really is Mr. and Mrs. Smith 20sum years later...except they is more love and this one has the classic Godfather always Jack Nicholson what AWSOME! he is awsome in everything!!!!!
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July 15, 2007
One of John Huston's minor works. A wacky, bright looking, charming, cheerful and lively dark comedy with a great cast; namely Angelica Huston and the scary looking William Hickey as Don Corrado.
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January 1, 2007
Yet another Jack Nicholson film that gets lauded over, but I thought was crap. And I LIKE Jack!
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June 21, 2006
A dark romantic mafia crime comedy, featuring Jack Nicholson speaking Brooklyneese, good stuff. Slow paced for some, but enjoyable none the less.
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May 1, 2007
For those of you who haven't seen it and may be mispronouncing the name like I was for a long time, think of how you pronounce pizza. The "i's" sound like "e's" and it sounds like there is a "t" in there. I chuckled occasionally because it imitated and twisted The Godfather in some important ways, but it certainly wasn't a laugh out loud movie. I was actually a little confused several times partially due to the Don's character who was very lizard-like and who spoke so gravily that I couldn't understand the orders and plans he dished out some times.
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February 11, 2014
Jack Nicholson "fooled around" a bit in the eighties and made some of his worst work. This falls into this character. There is enough Nicholson to make it work but still a bit lacking.
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½ September 28, 2011
Prizzi's Honor is a weird film. It contains almost no plot (that is, up until around an hour in) and you feel as though everything is just thrown at you. There is no real purpose or meaning behind any of it; It happened, you don't know how it happened, no one in the movie knows how it happened, so you don't ask questions.

The thing is, Prizzi's Honor is full of style and good acting. jack Nicholson is very out of character here as Charley Partana, a chubby mobster with a lisp, and he does a good job. But none of it can make up for the irrelevance in almost every scene.
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June 17, 2010
An inspired and highly original black comedy that's icily entertaining and tantalizingly amoral. It concerns Charley Partanna a hit-man, played by Jack Nicholson in remarkable comic tour-de-force performance, that earned him an Best Actor Oscar nomination, who falls hard for a cool beauty named Irene Walker, played by the sexy Kathleen Turner in a brilliant turn, whose talents include ripping off casinos and four contact killings a year. Director John Houston has beautiful realized the maliciously funny world of the Prizzi family, who would rather eat their children then part with money.
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October 9, 2006
A fantastically entertaining black comedy. Smart, compelling and hilariously amoral. Jack Nicholson is extremely funny in the lead, and the entire cast delivers great performances.
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March 15, 2009
Romeo and Juliet meets The Godfather, with a lightweight tone that kills the film. I struggled to stay awake. Anjelica Huston is terrific though.
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½ October 18, 2011
Prizzi's Honor doesn't really ever take off. It's funny, but it just kind of meanders for the first hour or so, then a story appears, and then that story just kind of dissolves until everything just sort of ends. Plus, Jack Nicholson is off-putting in his role.
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February 14, 2011
For some reason, it's impossible to make a good movie out of this plot. It was extremely boring and nothing happened at all. The characters were uninteresting and annoying, and for Jack Nicholson to be boring, the movie has to be bad. And OMG the accents. I can't stand that accent, it drives me crazy.
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