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October 11, 2008
Plot, what plot?
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July 6, 2010
Octane or Pulse, those are TWO completely incongruous random titles they chose to stick on this one! Teenage girl is kidnapped/seduced by a cult with cultdom's flimsiest charter ever that was probably outlined on a napkin with the intention of filling in the rest later. Come to think of it, that's probably how the screenplay was developed too.

I watched this after seeing Madeleine Stowe in the credits, and after 45 minutes of waiting for her to show up I suddenly realized she was the mother of the teenager and onscreen most of the time, and I didn't even recognize her! She has aged very well and a peculiar haircut also threw me off. Without her terrific performance during the first hour (as the final 30 minutes consists solely of running, sneaking, and hiding) this is bargain basement 1-star fodder that doesn't deserve an actress of her quality. Yet she manages to infuse her character with intelligence, wit, and slight dementia to pull me into her predicament. Sadly the shoddy story and plodding camerawork don't contribute anything, and the needless dark, sickly green color scheme doesn't help either.
April 16, 2009
What an underrated little gem. Great acting, score, suspense, and one of the best directing jobs I have seen in a long time.
September 9, 2007
I saw this sweet lil' movie on cable. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Madeline Stowe, and Bijou Phillips just landed me in a movie paradise.
May 21, 2007
I think that Johnathan Rhys Meyers is a major HOTTIE! I would join any cult that he is the leader of any day. LOL! This movie also stars one of my favorite BOONDOCK SAINTS, Normam Reedus.
½ December 18, 2013
And what did I just watched...? Anyone?
October 23, 2013
Just kind of weird.....
November 4, 2012
Grade: E

This is a pretty awful low budget film; watching this really was a waste of my time. The film is about a mother (Madeleine Stowe) and daughter (Mischa Barton) who are on a long car journey back home. During an argument, the daughter runs away and is lurred away by a vampire like cult obsessed with blood and running people over. Gosh this film makes Twilight look pretty tame. In desperation the mother tries everything to save her daughter. This film is just a paranoid and bleak mess; it was far to strange, dark and menacing for my liking. It's just another low budget horror film with a weak under developed story. It's one of those films where its creepiness just puts you off; I hated the music too, it was overy creepy and annoying. I found the film a bit dull; most of the time the mom is going frantic looking for her daughter and chasing the RV van. I didn't think that there were any major plot developments; it went at the same pace. On a more positive note I though Madeleine Stowe was really good as the mom and gave a good performance and Mischa Barton wasn't too bad, but otherwise the performances weren't that memorable. It's definitely not a film I'd ever want to watch again or would recommend. Some of the parts were far too gory, disgusting and went too far, the nastiest past has to be when the leader of the cult bites off this dude's tongue. Pretty nasty stuff. This is kind of a terrible film, I only watched it because I happened to stumble across this film on bbc iplayer. I decided to watch it because it was a boring Sunday afternoon and I had nothing better to do. Wouldn't recommend this at all.
½ May 22, 2010
Starring: Madeleine Stowe, Norman Reedus, Bijou Phillips, Mischa Barton, and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.
Directed by Marcus Adams.
Written by Stephen Volk.
Rated [b]R[/b] (for strong violence, language, some drug and sexual content).
Running time approximately 1 hour 31 minutes.

Such grand ideas and such beautiful photography turn out a retread into cliche-country. Stowe, Reedus, and Rhys-Meyers are all brilliant in a story of modern vampirism, in so many words. Stowe's young daughter is kidnapped by a sick cult of teens who drink the blood of the living, believeing it will prolong their own lives. It's often creepy, but almost never original or interesting. [b]** (out of ****) C[/b]
May 22, 2010
Unfocused direction, dark and bleak. It's certainly a strange film, and not in the least likeable. The performances are one note, no depth and not appealing or with any compassion.
½ May 22, 2010
[font=Book Antiqua][size=5][color=#000033][font=Book Antiqua]Hey All,[/font][/color]
[color=#000033][font=Book Antiqua]While I was flipping around the cable channels tonight I stumbled on a movie called; "Octane". Now I saw bits and pieces of this movie but this was the only time I've been able to catch the whole movie. I think I should have stuck with the original plan by not seeing this movie all the way through. Know I must warn you before you try to look for this movie; it's under two different titles. I didn't know that until I went to the website called IMDb, hence the reason why I have "Octane" as the title and "Pulse" by the rating. No I wasn't drunk when I did this. LOL! So, if you choose to look for this movie, look for it under the title of "Pulse" or "Octane". I've got to say this I didn't care for this movie. Even though this movie had a great cast, it still sucked. The cast of Jonathan Rhys - Meyers, Madeleine Stowe, and Norman Reedus couldn't carry this film. The writing for this film just was awful. The script didn't explain any thing that was going on. It left me thinking why I spent 91 minutes watching this stupid movie when I could have been doing something else. I don't know, maybe I just didn't get it. Any who, "Pulse" or "Octane" is about this single mother who has just picked up her teenage daughter from her father's house (for weekly or monthly visitation) who lives six hours away. The mother and daughter have the usual relationship issues that a normal mother would have with a teenager. On their way home they see a really bad accident. The side of the road are these two really weird people sitting there taking pictures. The stupid mom decides to gawk at them while sitting in traffic due to the accident until a cop tells her to move on. Once they have moved on and the mom almost gets in to several accidents of her own, they decide to pull over at a doughnut shop. While there the mom sees the two weird people there. Instead of introducing herself and seeing if they are all right she stares at them again. The mom and the daughter leave. On their way out they pick up a hitchhiker who is just as rude as the teenager. The hitchhiker asked to be dropped off at the next rest stop. While getting in some more close calls the mom stops again. The mom's in the restaurant or gas station when she sees her daughter (what she thinks) get kidnapped. Well that's when all hell breaks loose. I didn't ever find out if the daughter got into a cult or if it's a group of vampires exactly. The whole film didn't set right with me. Between the daughter's nasty attitude and Madeleine Stowe?s overly pink lips (I know there are more things to be worried about but that shade doesn't look good on her. Who ever is her make up artist needs to try something different.) I didn't know if I could take any more. I don't know if I would suggest this film. I guess if there wasn't anything better and nothing to do than probable. Please see what you think if you dare.[/font][/color]
Fritz ;) [/size][/font]
May 22, 2010
...and I've got some catching up to do. I've seen my usual assortment of WTF movies over the past week. "Pulse", which I saw on cable under the name "Octane", was a strange thriller about a single mother whose teenage daughter gets picked up by a vampiric cult while driving on the highway. The mother tries to get her back with the help of a trucker whose sister fell victim to the same cult. There is nice atmosphere in this but the camera is dizzly hyperactive and the entire thing seems creepier than it needs to be. The best thing about it is Madeline Stowe playing the mother. She is stone cold gorgeous, another beautiful, mature actress who can't get a look in from the blind, deaf and dumb slugs that run A-List Hollywood.

I had heard vague but good things about "I'm Not Scared" and they were justified. This is an Italian thriller about a young boy in a rural village who discovers a boy chained up in a hole, eventually stumbling onto a kidnapping plot that involves his entire town, including his parents. This was good stuff, the acting, the suspense, everything worked here. I'm amazed more people haven't discovered this film. There would have been plenty of raves about it if they had.

Speaking of suspense I saw the original Japanese version of the film "Ju-On: The Grudge" and it was well done but after seeing both versions of "The Ring" it had an air of been there, done that. You can only see so many crawling female ghosts before the bit gets old. Judging from this and other recent Japanese horror films I've heard about that country seems to be as hung up on revenge-seeking ghosts as our horror movies used to be on teen-killing psychos.

I'd never seen one of Claude Lelouch's films before but I'd heard they weren't so hot, mostly cloying romances that just went on too long for no good reason. I wanted to see his "And Now Ladies And Gentlemen" because I was interested in the female lead, Patricia Kaas, a French cabaret singer I like. She was beautiful and a pretty good actress but the film lived down to Lelouch's reputation, a romance involving a jewel thief and a lounge singer that was just too slow, too contrived and too bloody long. A story about two people supposedly dying from brain tumors should have been enough but he had to throw in some goofy bull about a jewel robbery that drew out the thing beyond endurance.

But talk about endurance...Hoo boy! I couldn't believe what I endured in sitting through something called "Slaves Of The Realm" last night. I didn't expect much because the lead actress was Rena Mero, better known as Sable, former WWE ring decoration and bitchy showpiece. She played a high priestess in some kind of sword and sorcery tale about beautiful young noblewomen captured and made to work in a silver mine by an evil princess who is also trying to hook up her brother, the King, with one of them to produce an heir.
This thing was shot on video in the Czech Republic and is full of beautiful Czech actresses dressed either in revealing sheaths or black leather bondage duds, no bad thing in itself but bizarrely, the movie isn't the sort of sexed up softcore Seduction Cinema sort of piece you would expect. There is a little nudity, but not nearly as much as the situation suggests and no real sex scenes. Insanely the story is played straight, this despite its obviously miniscule budget and bottom drawer acting. Worst of all it's incredibly padded with every action and plot point repeated over and over. There is endless footage of the captives working in the mines and the villainess has six (!) practice swordfights shown in full before she has the climatic one with Mero. Supposedly this bomb was only 99 minutes but I swear it felt like two hours. I wasn't that thrilled about the Super Bowl but I can't believe I missed most of it to watch this dog.
½ April 30, 2010
This is absolute nonsense of the first degree but I loved it. Perfect for late night viewing when you need a low rent B movie. Lots of dance music from the early noughts that add up to a great soundtrack. It's a shame they didn't keep the storyline up to the same standard as the visuals but if you come across this film on a wet and windy night, give it a go.
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