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½ December 24, 2011
A fairly poor follow up, although it does have a slight link to the first story. On the same night as the first film, a flight out of L.A. becomes contaminated with the virus. This could have been better with a bigger budget and set inside the airport. However the group from the flight try to survive by holding out in the baggage section by the runway. Overall it wasn't bad but compared to the first film and the two Rec films it was a disappointment.
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August 24, 2011
As sequels to remakes go...this was pretty impressive. Lot's of good tension, scares and gore.

Some (mostly) solid acting from the (mostly) "no name" cast.
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½ August 12, 2011
Quarantine 2: Terminal is definitely not as good as the first movie. It's not a bad movie, but it just doesn't live up to expectations. The major issue is that it's not close to as frightening as the original Quarantine. I might have jumped once or twice during the movie, max. So, don't go into this expecting a lot of thrills and chills. The part of the film that is most likely to make you wince actually involves a needle, which might be great for a Saw movie, but not exactly what I was hoping for from this.

Along with less scares, we get less gore and less "zombie" action. The characters aren't very interesting for the most part, either, though there are a couple of pretty sexy ladies for the guys who don't mind something a little extra on-screen to help keep their attention.

The filmmakers decided to go on their own direction, and the story is a complete departure from what happened in the continuation of the REC series (which Quarantine was originally based on). Nothing wrong with that, but the sequel suffers without a strong story framework to base it on. Quarantine 2 is just not that good. My interest in it dwindled the further it went along, until I was just ready for it to be over. Which doesn't exactly make me excited that the ending sets up perfectly for a third entry in the series.
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July 26, 2011
Nope the unnecessary sequel to a remake of a far superior film does nothing for me either. A too low budget effort that doesn't bring anything new to the table except for some backstory as to who owned the lab in the first film and abandoning the cinéma vérité style. Stick with the [REC] movies instead.
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November 4, 2014
Playing on air passengers' greatest fear, Quarantine 2: Terminal delivers zombies on a plane. Breaking from the found footage style of the original, this time a traditional narrative is used to follow an airliner that gets grounded when one of its passengers begins to exhibit a rage virus; but the situation only get worse when the plane is quarantined by the CDC at an abandoned airport terminal. There's an attempt to link the story to the first film and explain the origins of the virus, but it's all convoluted and hackneyed stuff. Additionally, most of the characters are one-note and uninteresting (just zombie fodder really). There are some scares and a few intense moments in Quarantine 2: Terminal, but by and large it's an unambitious B horror film.
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½ September 18, 2011
Fun, Scary, Bloody, and Entertaining, all at once. Loved the setting, great idea for a virus-spreading zombie film. Just as good as the first!
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July 28, 2014
Whilst I honestly do like the initial idea of this actually fairly well made direct to video sequel (itself a remake of [Rec]), the plot eventually becomes dull and a lot of potential is wasted. The acting is serviceable, and the last 10 minutes are very well handled, but it's not really worth bothering with. Great final shot, though.
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November 16, 2011
They sound like boar-cats, the infected sound like boar-cats. I could not get that out of my head, the boar-cat sound the infected people make is ridiculous. Did this movie grab my attention? No, yet it had moments of hilarity that seemed out of place that I admire, the blow job on the plane out of nowhere. The evil cat and mouse. George and his heroic nature, the little boy... I like the ending, it is very bittersweet and true to the situation at hand. It is interesting to note that the portrayal of the CDC is a lot like the portrayal of the government scientists in The Blob, seen as trigger happy control by any means necessary kind of scientists. Although that is not uncommon in zombie-like movies. I suppose I like seeing the good side of the government and the bad side (ex. 28 Weeks Later in which the government attempts a controlled and friendly move for all the people back into England then everything goes to hell and everyone must die die die). This film gave a negative portrayal to the CDC and a negative view towards the cause which I liked because it wasn't natural by any means, there are a lot of antagonists in this movie (laughs uneasily).
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½ July 30, 2012
Thermal Vision, Doomsday Cult, Human Rabbies. Didn't expect this to be so intense. There were a few plot holes off course (How could you take guns, rats, cats onto an air plane?) But overall the acting was good from all of the characters, script was good, featuring inventive ideas, Kind of a Resident Evil meets Splinter Cell and 28 Days Later. It was certainly frightening and realistic without using the first person point of view, unlike the original, the sequel takes a different path that deals with many issues in the world, the subtext was great. I can't believe this was not shown in the theatres, cuz it's damn good. A sleeper hit.
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June 28, 2011
Decent sequel of a so so remake. Nice plot, some nice gore for gorehaunts and zombie/infected movie fans and for those looking for scary fun and thrills look else where.
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½ June 25, 2011
It's blah. Thought the plane would be nice but movie is cheaply made. Def can't call this a REC remake unlike the first quarantine
½ March 11, 2015
Every bit as good as the first movie with new characters, new location, and a nice bridge to this movie!
January 3, 2015
The first movie was a pretty good horror film and the second one follows the same story only at airport. Sequels are hard to make better but this one does a good job. Worth watching.
½ September 1, 2014
I'm apparently one of the few people in existence who really enjoyed 'Quarantine'. I'm well aware that it pales in comparison to the original 'Rec', which is without question one of the greatest horror pieces of its decade. While 'Quarantine' can't match its predecessor, 'Quarantine 2' simply destroys 'Rec's shoddy attempt of a sequel.

I have to give the story writers alot of credit for not remaking 'Rec2' for the second installment the way they remade the first. It takes balls to go in a completely different direction from the previously established plot, especially when the first film was nearly a shot for shot remake. As far as the overall effectiveness of the plot, it is a dramatic improvement over 'Rec2's terrible bungling, forced ideas and over explanation. There is no demon possession, alternate dimensions or overly forced tactics to cheapen the story here. This film recognizes the strengths of its first chapter, and utilizes them as well as tying itself into the first film in a non obtrusive way.

The acting is pretty strong for a direct to DVD horror sequel. No one here is going to land any Oscars in their career, but everyone is serviceable and believable enough. The direction is tight. Great utilization of light and dark as well as its color scheme. Cramped camera angles contribute to the feeling of claustrophobia. I again have to give credit here as director Pogue makes a choice to go away from the handheld camera direction of the original. It maintains some shaky camera work, but its smoother overall cinematography is a dramatic change, and I'd have to say it's a change for the better. There are only so many plots you can shoehorn the handheld camera angle into, and this wasn't one of them.

The infected are just as good as the first, and in some instances the makeup is superior. Their origins and the disease itself are dug into just enough to be effective, but not too much as to over explain and cheapen the effect as 'Rec2' did. Enough gore to satisfy, but not too much as to overwhelm. The effects in general are pretty darn good.

Despite this being a well done and faithful sequel, there are some flaws here that keep it within the merely 'good' range. The main one being that it just isn't able to capture the overwhelming sense of terror that made both 'Rec' and 'Quarantine' really work. There isn't the same feeling that these characters are just totally screwed and even the best plans are useless against their predicament. It is this sense of escapeablity that holds the film back most. Other flaws include a couple of unneeded subplots, an annoying child actor, and a bit of a forced villain angle.

Overall, this is a very solid and pretty good followup to an underrated piece of American horror. While it can't match either of the originals, it is a very solid upgrade over 'Rec2' that continues its original story very well. Good direction, solid acting, and good effects all combine to give you a good continuation of a good horror franchise.
February 23, 2012
Just as scary and fun to watch just like the fist one. A group of people get quarantined in an airport terminal . I really liked this one almost more than the first!
January 23, 2014
It may have screwed the storyline with this one, but it was what I was expecting it to be and possibly better for a direct to video.
January 16, 2014
You just made that shit up!

A plane carrying laboratory rats start an outbreak of a strange virus that causes the infected to become man eaters. Once the plane lands, the terminal is quarantined to segregate the infected. The survivors on the plane will need to try and escape the quarantine while avoiding the infected.

"Stop the plane! Let me off!"

John Pogie, director of the upcoming The Quiet Ones, delivers Quarantine 2 in his directorial debut. The storyline was actually better than I anticipated. The film starts shaky with the airport and airplane scenes; but once the airplane lands, the film is very good. The acting is very mediocre and the cast includes Mercedes Masohn, Josh Cooke, Mattie Liptak, and Bre Blair.

"Hit 'em again! Hell!"

I actually enjoyed the first Quarantine movie and was reluctant to see this. I finally decided to give it a shot off Netflix and actually enjoyed it. This is far from an epic addition to the genre, but it is entertaining and a worth viewing. If you're looking for a horror film to view during Halloween season, this wouldn't be a bad pick.

"Let me in!"

Grade: C+
November 18, 2013
The rare direct-to-video sequel that's actually competently made. It's pretty thin on character development, but the scares are good and it builds a pretty creepy environment.
October 3, 2012
As far as the "quarantine" franchise goes, this film is the best... Still no where near on par with the [rec] films, but a solid horror movie in it's own right. Abandoning the found footage angle was a great idea, seeing as how no American film to date has been able to excel at the genre. Still lacking in several major categories, Terminal has significantly more character development than it's predecessor and provides a few good scares. For the horror fan, it's worth giving a chance.
September 1, 2013
The story was drawn from the same well as the first one, only this time it adds a twist that makes it pale in comparison to the original. I wish I'd liked it more. Too bad.
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