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½ June 20, 2011
Daft but enjoyable 80's drama with Kevin Bacon.
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½ February 18, 2009
Kevin Bacon followed his breakout role in Footloose with this story of a washed up stock broker who finds his calling as bicycle messenger. He's surrounded by stereotypical, yet colorful characters played by recognizable character actors like Paul Rodriguez, Louis Anderson, Jamie Gertz, and pre-Matrix Laurence Fishburne as Voodoo, a messenger who doesn't care about what he delivers, even if it is for the local drug runner, known as The Gypsy. The movie is filled with lots of bicycyle stunts, and even an impromptu freestyle competition. There's also character conflict as Bacon tries to recapture his stock broker ways, better the lives of his fellow messengers, and bring down The Gypsy when he begins to hurt his friends. A mid-80's movie, it's filled with big hair, wild clothing styles, and requisite pop music, probably meant to fuel soundtrack sales. For Bacon it was cashing a paycheck on the road to cult classics like Tremors, and adding more links to the Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon game.
½ July 9, 2012
Friends and family of the main character continue to tell the main character to stop riding his bike. He continues to ride. Kinda like my life.
May 20, 2015
Nice, pleasant, has-nothing-to-do-with-reality 80s flick, with just the kind of music we all grooved to back then. It was the era of Flashdance and Footloose, and this movie tried to create some similar magic, although not as successfully. It was still fun and nostalgic to watch. Worth the time just to watch Kevin Bacon flip back his hair. And then there's Paul Rodriguez before he became big in standup, and Jami Gertz before her Seinfeld "Not a square to spare" fame.
May 10, 2015
Total epic fail. Literally the worst movie of the 80's
July 31, 2014
A solid story of redemption with a great soundtrack and (now) iconic 80s actors.
December 13, 2013
una joyita de los 80īs...love Kevin Bacon ;)
January 28, 2013
Kevin Bacon briefly sports the worst mustache I have ever seen.
October 28, 2012
I watched this because of the of the Premium Rush movie :)
½ October 9, 2012
performances somewhat loose, and history rather bland..not the best of Bacon
August 28, 2012
Tuesday, August 28, 2012

(1986) Quicksilver

Cyclists used as middle men to transport illegal drug dealing, except that one of them has caught on and was killed for knowing too much motivating the Kevin Bacon character to hold the persons resposnible. Predictable and clice but love the choreographed cycling scenes as well as actual cycling performers.

2.5 out of 4
August 25, 2012
I was cool for it day!
February 11, 2012
I begged me dad to take us to this movie....I thought he was gonna kill me after paying to watch this horrible film. For some reason I thought I was cool 10 speed delivery man in 1986
½ April 20, 2011
I saw it as a kid, and I thought it was so cool. I enjoyed the biking action through the streets more than anything else. I also got my first look at the "real" life of stock brokering.

I just saw it again today, and it's just terrible. I give it 1 1/2 stars because of the impact it had on me as a kid.

I grew up getting into bikes, never stocks (thank god!)
September 8, 2010
I haven't seen this movie since 86', but I remember I liked the movie back then when I was 14 years old.
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