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September 18, 2008
Couple meet by chance, they talk, go to the park, visit friends, go to an art gallery and then a party. That's all there is to it, plenty of dialogue which keeps the interest as does the interaction of the leads though it still feels forced and not so natural. This may be down to the awkwardness of the characters themselves. Cheap and cheerful it's a very simple film that some would argue shouldn't even be classified as film. It's more like forced realism or an orchestrated documentary. This is what real reality TV would be like if you took away the stupid "plots", manipulative editing and dodgy soundtracks.
½ April 22, 2008
This movie will not be appreciated by everyone, and I'm not even sure that I appreciated it. Quiet City isn't really about anything, it's just a 78 minute look into a weekend in the lives of 2 twentysomethings in New York. They hang out, go to a friend's house, hang out, go to an art exhibit, go to a party, and then go their separate ways. That sounds ridiculously boring, and at times it is, but there is something endearing about a movie that is not about the fantastic and the amazing and the outstanding, but is just about the realistic nice little events and coincidences in life that never fail to put a smile on your face. Of course, there is a reason that the fantastic reigns supreme in movies: people don't want to see everyday monotony on screen, which is really what Quiet City boils down to.
½ March 14, 2008
follow any trendy hipster jerk around the city and this film could have been made 10 times over. no plot, no storyline, no character development. No recommendation.
March 1, 2008
Pretentious hipster crap. Nicely shot, but no real plot here. Just some transplanted Brooklyn hipsters being cool. Whatever dude. Get a job. And a haircut.
March 1, 2008
Engaging and quirky indie film about 24 hours in the life of a young lady looking for the friend she's supposed to be staying with and the stranger she asks directions from who ends up becoming her guide to the big city. Shot for just $2000, and using mostly non-actors, this movie surprised the hell out of me. Similar to Once in many ways, it's not going to be for everyone, but I think more people than not will quickly fall in love with this quirky film...
November 11, 2012
The second film from director Aaron Katz, Quiet City is an ode to genuine, loving human interaction. The story of two would be/could be lovers that incidentally cross paths in New York, the film is as quiet and modest as it's title suggests. The lead actors give competent partially improvised performances as their characters meander through the city getting to know each other and enjoying life in the patient and unpretentious way that many of us never find in another. The trust and ease that these characters give each other is infectious and illustrates the simple beauty that can be found in normal everyday life when we give it the chance. Nothing big or outrageous happens in this film and that's the point. Why spoil something so wonderful?
March 26, 2011
not unlike if the people in Before Sunrise didn't say a single interesting thing for 90 minutes.
½ August 7, 2009
This is a prime cut in the mumblecore genre. The portrayal of two people who roam NYC and talk about various things seems like a somewhat okay plot. However, what makes it great are the conversations themselves. It's a dialogue driven movie and at times it feels like it's driving it in the right direction. Where it can seem to fail is that it can seem like a bit of a bore to people who are anti-mumblecore or anti-indie film.

**Please Note: This movie will not be for everyone. This will probably fit only a few number of people, me being one of them.**
August 7, 2009
If the purpose of this movie was to reflect the rootlessness and irrelevance of a certain slice of an American generation, it succeeded spectacularly. The only thing that kept me watching to the end (although I did start to nod off a couple of times) was to ascertain that I really was traveling a cinematic road to nowhere. I was.
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