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½ December 19, 2009
Riding the Bullet was Stephen Kings "depressed phase" work I assume. lol
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July 27, 2009
I liked this Stephen King adaptation of his short story taken from 'Everything's Eventual', the author's most recent collection. Mick Garris ('The Stand', 'The Shining (TV)') has not strayed too far from the path with this macabre tale of a hitchhiker who is offered rides from a handful of weird and wonderful characters one Halloween night.

The year is 1969 and Alan Parker (Jonathan Jackson) learns that his mother (Barbara Hershey) is dying of cancer, so instead of going to see Lennon and McCartney, the troubled teenager is forced to hitchhike back to his hometown. He is eventually offered a ride by a young man with a sinister secret. Parker is then forced to confront all the demons from his past if he is to survive what could be the last ride of his life.

Like the original story, the film has all the makings of a campfire tale. There are lonely stretches of highway flanked by tall pine trees - roads that are interspersed with graveyards and other dark places one shouldn't venture into after the sun sets. There are carnivals and rollercoasters. There are plenty of laughs as well as scenes that will chill your soul to the bone. Even Death himself makes an appearance.

Terrifyingly entertaining, 'Riding the Bullet' will also make you question what really is important in life.

Also stars David Arquette and Cliff Robertson.
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April 18, 2009
Adapting Stephen King's internet released novel shows that anything King will be adapted. Riding the Bullet is a bit like The Dead Zone, in that it has a very episodic narrative. Jackson goes hitchhikes from car to car, with each driver being weird and creepy. Each driver also makes Jackson confront a part of himself. It's a repetitive formula that gets tiresome. It also has the last driver being David Arquette who goes a bit too crazy and borders on comical. Robertson is the best, he's slightly peculiar and unsettling. It's the only real time that the enclosed space and lack of real escape becomes scary. Decent enough, but should have been shorter.
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½ February 3, 2007
Just watched it for the second time and remembered exactly how much I loved this movie. It's a kind of different take on death with a dark edge to it. Can't say I'm a King fan - book wise, but this movie definitely enticed me to pick up one of his books sometime.

It does a good job of reminding us of our own humanity and just how valuable our lives really are.

I recommend it to anyone, it's a rather interesting film!
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½ December 26, 2006
Somebody stop Mick Garris before he directs again! It doesn't help that this was a lame-ass story to begin with, but Garris' direction only serves to make it worse.
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December 9, 2010
I am so glad I did not pay to see this, however I'm still annoyed off that I wasted 2hrs of my night. There should be a law against making such crap

If you have a lot of time to spare (and i mean a lot!) and absolutely nothing better to do, then still don't watch this movie as you will regret it.
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½ October 4, 2008
The director obviously took a lot of liberties with the original King story. As a film on its own, I thought it was wandering, cheesy, and just generally mediocre, if not flat out bad.
½ October 25, 2014
It was all over the place but it was ok. I liked the scenes at the amusement park best. The story in the book is much better.
½ March 23, 2009
The little bit of Stephen King reading I have done has been of extreme quality and you can sense that captured here in the story, but it really took the whole movie to get to that point.
September 12, 2012
What a scattershot piece of shit. Mick Garris veers wildly from sentimentality to straight up horror and back in this one that tries to be both types of Stephen King stories, the schmaltzy nostalgic ones that look back on the past fondly as well as the ones that feature freakily violent shocks and it didn't really work at all for me.

Maybe you'll fare better than I did; rental, perhaps?
February 28, 2011
This movie is basicly a man's journey hitchhiking to see hi mom that is in the hospital. I liked the movie but it sure did take a while to get to the meat of things. Although it is a horror film i actually felt really sorry for Alan and how much sorrow was in his life. This wasn't King's best film but it was a good watch.
½ February 2, 2011
B.A.D. acting. Terrible plot (from what plot there is). The story is so slow that you wish that things would happen now verses 15 minutes later. The characters are so twisted and stoned it's hard to tell where any of them are going, besides talking death.
½ February 8, 2009
Defintly one of the trippier Stephen King movies, but I still enjoyed it. Jackson and Arquette were great in their roles, but I was mostly impressed with Jackson. Especially in the scenes when he's talking to "himself". I won't try to explain it, but it's some of the weirdest moments of the movie and pretty cool.
I've read the short story and it follows it pretty well, but of course adds some too it, so it can be movie length. I never found the story to be real scary and neither was the movie for me really, but it was weird and interesting enough to keep me watching.
It's not the best Stephen King story turned movie, but I can't say it's the worse. I can imagine it's even better without the commercials though, so if you want to see it I suggest looking for the DVD, because it's worth your time as a King fan.

"You wait in line, that's all. And when it's your turn to ride the bullet, maybe you ride, maybe you run."
½ December 3, 2007
this is a good movie kinda twisted
but its a good movie check it out
if you like the Stephen King Movies has an awesome car in it too so check it out !!!!
½ June 20, 2006
Hitchhiking on a foggy road so you can go visit your mother, who is in the hospital? Now that is creepy and everyone has a fear of being alone, in the dark, and in the middle of nowhere on some level. Enjoy the ride people!
July 18, 2007
Great story, the repeated thoughts of the main character imagining bad things got old after a while... but still a entertaining movie.
July 11, 2007
Oh yeah, plenty of "scary images" but seriously, the character development along with plot development are FAR too slow for this movie to go anywhere. I sat for at least an hour waiting for something to happen that moved the story along, but instead he just keep hallucinating.
½ July 7, 2007
It's a surprisingly entertaniing flick and pretty much captures the "vibe" of a Stephen King story better than most adaptations of his work. Some cool stuff for sure!
½ July 1, 2007
Not too shabby. Keeps you guessing whether the main character is either alive or dead riding in the car.
June 27, 2007
Another well crafted King short story, this time by master Garris. Starring the phenomenal Arquette in a role that shows off his talent greatly.
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