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½ April 10, 2014
Although it is nothing special, this amusing sequel is deliciously colorful and deserves more praise for its relevant environmental message than any narrative merits, even if now there are considerably less clichés than in the first film and we get a handful of inspired moments.
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December 3, 2013
He's villainous, she's venomous.

Fairly decent animated movie! While it wasn't the best movie or even the best animation I have seen this year, this movie is definitely entertaining. The story is decent. There are quite a few songs and plenty of comedic moments as well. In essence this movie serves the purpose of being entertaining. Rio 2 is a beautifully made animated movie with a satisfactory plot. There is nothing wrong with Rio 2, but there's not much great about it either. Kids will love this movie, and adults will not feel like they wasted their time.

It's a jungle out there for Blu, Jewel and their three kids after they're hurtled Rio de Janeiro to the wilds of the Amazon. As Blu tries to fit in, he goes beak-to-beak with the vengeful Nigel, and meets the most fearsome adversary of all: his father-in-law.
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½ June 27, 2014
Another animated movie based on another species of animal, why? because they can and its another easy money maker. I'm waiting for an animated movie based on dung beetles and elephants...why? I dunno, they haven't milked them yet so game on, we're clearly gonna get an animated movie about every flippin creature on Earth eventually.

So the first film was set in Rio and I'm guessing this film will move into the rain forest? did you see that coming? So I'm guessing as the film is set deep within the Amazonian rain forest the plot will cover the destruction of the rain forest and 'Blu' and co becoming naturalised to jungle life...see that coming? Is any of this film even remotely original in any sense? does it even try?! the answer is no, this is merely the same formulaic albeit gorgeous looking CGI flick we've now seen about a thousand times.

So the film is a formulaic cookie cutter production and like other identical films there are a few positive things I can mention. Firstly the visuals are of course sumptuous, I mean really bright bold glossy colourful and extremely well animated. This is naturally no real surprise as these days CGI movies have reached a point where the skills and computer technology are in their prime, you expect them to look stunning, you know they will, its so routine that you could actually argue that people don't even notice the visuals anymore.

The other thing I like about these films is how they manage to highlight typical traits of the particular species in question, both behavioural and environmentally. This normally covers obvious things we all know about the specific species and their habitat, common knowledge, but also little winks or tit bits that maybe someone with that extra bit of animal knowledge might spot...which is cool. This normally also covers the various other creatures in the film too, for example the dart frog character being pointed out as not actually poisonous and spotting the various tropical birds hidden throughout the foliage.

In all honesty though apart from that most of this film is the same spiel all over again. You have all the same characters from the nerdy yet plucky hero who is utterly useless, the lively kids, the sidekicks voiced by various famous people, usually a rap star of some kind, to the stereotypically British voiced bad guy who sounds like Tim Curry and his own silly sidekick. Yeah sure there are some reasonable visual gags here and there but really the entire film hinges on the likable dastardly vocal performance of Jemaine Clement, everything else is dull. So cliche that 'Eduardo' the gruff father has a buzz cut style tuft on his head, is this Macaw from the 50's USA?

I must also be negative about the use of way too many song sequences, is it possible a new animated film can actually make it through its run time without one dreadful rap/hip-hop tune? no apparently not. It seems either Hollywood or kids these days love this stuff because every CGI animated flick seems to have some hip-hop or rap in it which instantly destroys any self respect or quality the film was aiming for in my opinion. Add to this the now statutory inclusion of rap/hip-hop/pop stars for voice work too, plenty of folk out there but yeah sure, lets use some bland untalented popstars just to lure in more kids.

I still don't get how this particular universe is suppose to even work, they are real birds and squawk or chirp when communicating with humans. They live like birds, eat like everything like real birds...yet Blu owns his own tiny GPS, electric toothbrush and various other tiny items that seem to have been made...for birds? Yeah I know I'm being extremely picky over a silly kids movie but I just couldn't help but think to myself...where would Blu possibly get this stuff from?? Quite liked how the word 'pet' is a dirty word for the birds though.

Business as usual then, wash rinse and repeat formula, safe but sorry, if it ain't broke?...or was it maybe broke from the start?? *raise eyebrow*. The finale is daft and kinda spoils what little the film had going for itself, its not like the film even mocks itself, it takes itself relatively seriously in terms of the adventure. Grandiose in the eye candy department, wetter than mackerels bumhole, friendlier than a very friendly fat handlebar moustached German in tight leather lederhosen, ecologically sound (and shoved down your throat) and with more cutesy critters than you can wave your gun at. Its the same as everything else but its about birds...and its a sequel.
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May 26, 2014
I thought the first "Rio" was fresh with some fantastic animation. The sequel however is very bland, and falls into the generic sequel rut. Blu and Jewel(Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway) are back with three kids, and the go on an adventure to the Amazon in sure of fellow blue macaws. From there it's Blu trying to win over Jewel's family while dodging the bad guys. Very generic. The music is good, but the comedy and story are just meh. Even Grant got bored it with. It's okay for a one time watch, but other than that it's pretty forgettable.
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April 11, 2014
Although it does suffer from a bit of unoriginality throughout it's villainous plots, "Rio 2" boasts from a great voice cast and stunning visuals (but that is nothing short of expected from Dreamworks at this point). I enjoyed this film a lot, as the same characters return and it's emotional peaks still remain. This sequel is definitely more child-oriented than the first film, due to it's dumbed down humour and by-the-numbers story arches. When it get's fun, it's really fun though and kids of all ages will enjoy it, and parents may even get a kick at some of the childish humour, because I know I did. "Rio 2" is nothing too special, and it is nothing compared to it's predecessor, but it is a fun kids adventure filled with lessons and heart. Not a must see in theatres, but a "must watch eventually" for kids.
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½ August 22, 2014
Uninspired and formulaic, Rio 2 has none of the charm or wit of the original. Setting off on a new adventure, Blu takes his new family to the Amazon where he meets his father-in-law and his flock; meanwhile an illegal logger tears down the forest. It's a hackneyed story that's full of bad cliches. And the eco-messages have been dialed up to 11, overshadowing the plot and the characters. The comedy also suffers, as all the in-your-face proselytizing kills the mood. Unfortunately, Rio 2 is a colossal mess that strays far from what made the first film such a success.
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September 2, 2013
Rio 2 may have been an unnecessary sequel that retreads old ground, but its a good and funny time at the cinema that kids and adults will love. Good voice acting, good laughs and an overall fun family flick.
Bradley T. Johnson
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½ April 11, 2014
Vibrant and bouncy, Rio 2 is nevertheless not quite as joyful as the original. The storyline gets tangled with the multiple plots. It doesn't feel as satisfying as some of the more recent animated films. The highlight of the film comes in the form of Kristin Chenoweth's bright performance as a poisonous frog in love with Nigel. Her song "Poisonous Love" is delightful. Unfortunately it happens a bit too early in the film when the plot has barely begun as to the point of the song being forgotten by the end. Blue Sky is still the runt of the animated studio lineup with Horton Hears A Who! and the original Rio being the best of the bunch. Rio 2 has it's moments but the overall product is one of uncertainty. Rating: 51
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May 8, 2014
I wasn't a fan of the first Rio film and I am not a fan of this one either. They needed a rewrite. There is too much going on. Also they are doing a lot of musical numbers in this sequel. That is more than what was in the original Rio. The film is unfocused. There is 3 stories going on: 1) Blu's story, 2) Linda's story, and 3) Nigel's revenge story. All 3 stories don't mix well together.

The film kind of reminded me of the movie, Meet the Parents. I thought they would cast Robert Deniro as Jewel's dad. Instead they casted Andy Garcia. The film also reminded me of the animated films Madagascar 2 and Open Season (especially the big finale of the animals fighting the humans).

Jermaine Clement steals the film as Nigel. He has some of the best lines in the film. They should give him, his own spin off film. Kristin Chenoweth is also very good here. The other voice actors were ok.

The film did have some funny and cute moments like when they were auditioning talent and the soccer style game that Blu gets to play in.
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½ April 14, 2014
Birds of a familiar feather flocking together for more of the same, the loud, colorful, but ultimately so-so sequel Rio 2 doesn't go south so much as stick to the same no-frills flight pattern. Stocked full of Brazilian nuts, the Amazon-set follow-up rightly tries upping the character count, "dramatic" ante, slapsticky gags, and adult-pleasing one-liners...but the end result still often feels like reheated leftovers. Of course, families with non-discerning children won't care much but this second helping is more of a deuce than the original, pushing in its chips on an Eco-themed Be Yourself theme that feels like it was culled from the deleted scenes from the cutting room floor of Happy Feet. Mind you, it's a visual feast for the eye and occasionally the ears but why not just re-watch the superior first go-round?

In this G-rated animated musical comedy, Blu (Eisenberg), Jewel (Hathaway) and their three kids get hurtled Rio de Janeiro to the wilds of the Amazon where they go beak-to-beak with the vengeful Nigel (Jemaine Clement) and meet the most fearsome adversary of all: Jewel's father (Andy Garcia).

There's not a bad note among the celebrity pipes hired to give lip service to the fuss and feathers. Director Carlos Saldanha (the Ice Age series) and Blue Sky Studios definitely possess a gift for bringing funtastic characters to life and Rio 2 definitely boasts its share even if some returning faces literally and ridiculously get airlifted into the action. When a ballad by a poison tree frog emerges as the flick's standout moment, however, it might be time to put the ixnay on chapter 3.

Bottom line: Way to Keep it Rio
½ July 31, 2015
*Sigh* Did we really need another one of these?

Aside from the dumb jokes, unforgivable stunt casting, constant pandering, and cliched "Let's go meet the in-laws" plot, Rio 2 is harmless. It's not memorable. It can't even begin to compete with the least of what Disney and Pixar have to offer. It may have one or two fun musical numbers, some pretty animation, and the wonderful Jemaine Clement, but at the end of the'll be forgotten.
January 20, 2015
This is not as good as the first, especially the soundtrack. There are a couple decent songs, but most of it is teh suck. In the special features they go on and on about how the soundtrack is so awesome and how much better it is than the first. Uhh...I guess I got a bad copy of the Blu-ray. What was just as good is the beautiful animation. I was saddened, however, to witness Claira the capybara being swallowed whole by a black panther right in the middle of her big chance, but the jungle can be a cruel bitch. The rapping sloth was a nice surprise, although I prefer that sloths stick to something a bit more melodic. One big extra half star for the capoeira turtles! Oh, and, thank the old gods and the new, ***SPOILER ALERT*** Claira survived!!!
August 26, 2014
About on par with the first, which isn't a huge compliment in itself, but a serviceable animated comedy. Nigel again is the most interesting and amusing character by far.
August 19, 2014
Obviously the first film was so forgettable that I didn't remember these films were musicals. I turned this one off pretty early on, so I guess I need to remember not to get the next one.
August 15, 2014
There are a few truly funny moments in this movie, but overall it's a huge disappointment compared to the first one. I expected a bit of a letdown since it's a sequel, but this just could have been so much better. More than anything, I was irritated by the incessant feeling of "Hey, Bruno Mars is in this movie!" If I wanted to hear Bruno Mars sing incessantly, I would go to a Bruno Mars concert. It was gimmicky and reeked of desperation, and with the material they had to work with from the first film, it was completely unnecessary.
½ August 12, 2014
First off, why this is called 'Rio' when it should be called 'Amazon' instead is beyond me but that's a small nitpick. It's pretty much on par with the first movie, with some new interesting characters(the anteater was the best of these). Probably a bit more singing in this one though which is eh.. offputting at times but it didn't bother me too much really. So in short, it gets a passing grade from me.
July 28, 2014
Rio 2 is beautiful, the songs are catchy, and it will make you chuckle a few times. Unfortunately the story is pretty bland and the additional characters don't really add anything. I like Blue Sky Studios but they just haven't found the right story to match Pixar and DreamWorks masterpieces. Maybe one day.
½ July 20, 2014
rio 2 is a great movie, colorfull, and have good music, but the original is better in the story and music.
½ July 19, 2014
I really wanted to LOVE this one but only liked it in the end. I think the same old music (over and over) took it down a notch and seem to lack a dynamic element that the 1st one had but still a good movie.
½ July 16, 2014
Great star filled cast for the voices. Our 4/7 yo. loved every minute of this movie. We purchased it the day it came out on DVD.
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