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Rising Sun Reviews

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Red L

Super Reviewer

December 11, 2011
Entertaining. A whodunit that keeps you on your toes by sending the viewer down wrong paths as you try to determine who the killer is. Sean Connery usually does a great job acting, and this movie is no exception.

Super Reviewer

April 2, 2008
A decent mystery film, but not perfect by any means.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

September 28, 2009
A pretty good thriller that?s satisfyingly unpredictable. One of the better, East meets West dramas of the time.

Super Reviewer

November 3, 2007
i love sean connery and thought this movie ws quite good to be honest!
Its a good action thriller with a few good twists and turns and its even funy as well in places!
its worth a watch but can get a little confusing!

Super Reviewer

November 28, 2007
its been some time since ive seen this film but i remember strangly liking the chemistry between snipes and connery. i wish snipes was still alive, he was good.

Super Reviewer

March 19, 2007
Director Phil Kaufman delivers an excellent somewhat confusing thriller based on Michael Crichton's novel that attempting to tone down the alleged Japan-bashing. Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes are terrific in what is best viewed as another in the long line of cop/buddy flicks.

Super Reviewer

January 7, 2007
The usual mix of culture clash/buddy movie/cheesy cop thriller based around Japanese businessmen operating in america. Simplistic and casually racist.
Jeffrey M

Super Reviewer

April 22, 2011
A film that could have been so much more. Uneven pacing, and a plot that at first appears interesting and intelligent, yet eventually becomes asinine and ambiguous. Still, Snipes and Connery have surprisingly good chemistry, and it features one of the most underrated character actors of all time, Harvey Keitel. Overall the film is a bit of a mess, sometimes appearing worthwhile, and other times too confused and meandering.
Jedd Y

Super Reviewer

January 9, 2011
An awful, misguided mess of a movie. Every actor seems out of place, every line of dialogue contrived, every shlock moment of gratuitous sex or violence obviously engineered to evoke a reaction, which it does not. It has been said that this adaptation removes the anti-Japanese bias of the book, but in trying to soften the blow the filmmakers have tripped themselves up and are left with something that is still wholly offensive and startlingly obtuse in its ignorance. It seems that director Philip Kaufman had a film camera in one hand and a checklist of stereotypes in the other. There are no genuine moments of action or thrills in this plodding, so-called "action-thriller", and the high-tech element of photography forensics now seems awfully dated. This was a time when Wesley Snipes was a viable action star, but he spends the whole movie in dazed disbelief. When even Sean Connery visibly gives up on the project, one knows he is in deep trouble.
Joseph E

Super Reviewer

June 11, 2009
A slow start, but it was definetly an above-average murder mystery, that was just as entertaining as the book.

Not a great score, but excess nudity was kind of distracting, not unsettleling. The ending was not perfect, but it was succificent.
Marcus W

Super Reviewer

November 14, 2007
Blah blah dead woman blah blah mismatched cops blah blah corporate wars blah blah photoshop blah blah corrupt senator blah blah bloke not really dead.

Super Reviewer

February 25, 2010
The Japanese are a rich, well cultured that believe in respect for there culture and themselves, so picture it February 1993 a brash police detective named Webster Smith called in the middle of the night to Nakamoto Towers to investigate a homicide. but he is not alone, semi-retired police Captain John Connor(And no it's not the guy from the Terminator movies.) an expert in Japanese affairs tags along with Smith to investigate and what they find is wrapped up in corruption, murder, Japanese culture and a twisted game of cat and mouse , the answers could be explosive.

Michael Crichton's "Rising Sun" while well crafted and has all its pieces in the right place but it lacks a labor of love, it feels almost rushed in some way that it does not want you to be interested in its story or characters so it almost puts the audience into a coma with its extraordinary slow pace. But what "Rising Sun? has going for it is that it's story and plot are interesting and enticing but lack a refined touch of a director who knows the genre and knows how to deliver a true, blue cultural punch to the face. The two lead characters Smith(Snipes) and Connor(Connery) are to very diverse but very equal characters which by thriller standards is very, very rare most of the time the partnered up characters have different personalities, different ways of doing things and only one of them usual has a higher IQ. However, here the characters are equals on every level and that itself is something amazing to see. Nevertheless, for a film with so much going on there is not much going on?

Sean Connery is a legend in the film industry he was the first Bond that launched him into super stardom for his time, now in 1993 Connery still proves that he may be old but he is never out. Connery is playing a character that he so often plays now that he is much older the calm, cool and collected type that thinks it through here he plays it just like that in that order except he has serious kung-fu moves and insight into Japanese culture which makes his character different but not by allot. Wesley Snipes has never been a favorite of mine but here he doesn't play a tough as nails cop who shoots first and ask questions later instead he ask questions first and shoots later which is a good role reversal for Snipes. Snipes plays his part by thinking it through and using his brain than his brawn but still he is playing a stock character cop that is just slightly different from other film cop. The rest of the cast including Ray Wise, Steve Buscemi and Harvey Keitel are fantastic and help elevate this film from poor to average and display some serious talent.

"Rising Sun" is not great or good for that matter but the story and plot, the characters involved and the serious star power that it has makes this a must see despite the slow pace and controversial topic. This film succeeds if only for a little while.

Super Reviewer

September 28, 2008
Rising Sun is dominating if not excruciatingly annoying.How does mister Crichton manage to solve the whole diplomatic propaganda,is beyond my eyes and ears,detective mystery shrouding the profane racism in the thin air.Connery's character (Sean is brilliant in one of his last great performances) begrudges every scene and the night is sinister as the film progresses.Kaufman misses a lot of points yet it's a charming police story with the...appropriate Japanese tackiness,we're in Hollywood now.
Christopher B

Super Reviewer

April 8, 2008
Mediocre pairing of two big Hollywood stars in a blah film. Granted, I'd probably like it more now since I know more about Japanese culture.
Sean S

Super Reviewer

January 6, 2007
Dull. Plus pretty much misses Japaanese culture by about 2-miles. I think Crichton got closer to his understanding of genetic cloning in Jurassic Park.
Watch Black Rain instead.
July 27, 2012
"Rising Sun" contains a story that could have gone either way. If it was done correctly, at best we could have had a mildly pleasing mystery. If done the wrong way, which it was, the audience would end up with a mostly silly film that reflects/conveys nothing important, and leaves you completely speechless, and not in the good way. There are elements in this film that if worked on, could have made this movie solid. But with some very bland performances, and sup-comical dialogue, this movie pretty much falls flat on its face.

Two detectives are assigned to uncover a murder in the Japanese crime world. One, is a slick, young no-it-all who is trying to learn the ropes, and the other is an expert on Japanese culture. The expert has to teach the hothead how to behave in his new environment, while they both simultaneously try to stop their investigation from being intervened by people trying to kill them. It's a potentially engaging story, but the film is plagued with too much ridiculousness for you to appreciate it.

Wesley Snipes and Sean Connery give basic performances. The acting ends up being more bad than good, mainly because of the corny one-liners that are delivered throughout the movie's duration. If they had a better script to work with, than maybe this movie would have been a little bit better. It seems as if both actors struggle with their deliveries throughout the movie, mainly because of the poor lines that they were given.

The fight scenes are entertaining but too few and far between for you to enjoy yourself. When they occur, they stay on the screen for a brief period of time, and then return to the same boring repetitive dialogue that you were dreading fifteen minutes earlier.

When all is said and done, "Rising Sun" doesn't meet any of the requirements it sets out to accomplish. It wasn't a compete mess, but it certainly doesn't have many positive aspects to it whatsoever. With a premise that certainly had potential, this movie ends up being one to skip over.
January 27, 2009
A film that tries for the dramatic thriller, but falls short with its tedious, Japanese culture oriented, gap filled plot. It was funny to have Connery as the fighting master and Snipes as the cop. But the Snipes dominated the fighting scene. This is probably a great example of the book being much better than the movie. Oh and Buscemi made a small random appearance.
March 24, 2012
A real good crime flick that keeps you entertained mostly. I will agree with one critic, who states "Just runs out of breath....literally." The film does drag itself to the finish line but What really makes this film work is the chemistry of Connery and Snipes, The film itself is very predictable with each "twist" predicated a mile away. I think a tighter edit and a better reworking of the script could of really helped this film tremendously. Still great performances from Sean Connery, Wesley Snipes and Harvey Keitel makes this a nice watch from the early 90's - Recommended
April 14, 2011
Rising Sun (1993)

There was a big fear back in the 80s and 90s about Japan taking over American businesses and basically, our way of life. You saw that fear in movies like Blade Runner, Die Hard, and others. Now it seems like China is the next new boogyman.

This movie, Based on the Michael Crichton novel, just took advantage of that fear and played with it inside of a buddy-cop/murder mystery. It also tried to explain a little bit about Japanese culture while also throwing in a bunch of the standard cliches and stereotypes.

Police Lieutenant, Webster Smith (Wesley Snipes) is a cop who has been taking Japanese language lessons and has been eyeing the special liaison position to Japanese nationals in L.A. He's called in to investigate a murder at a Japanese business where they have been negotiating a U.S. defense contract and a girl has wound up dead.

On his way he is told by his commanding officer, Tom Graham (Harvey Keitel) to pick up a John Connor (Sean Connery), an expert on Japanese affairs. To Webster's disgust, John sort of takes over as the senior liaison of the investigation.

On top of that, some of the suspects are people that John has had a past with, including the number one suspect, Eddie Sakamura (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) who has ties to the Yakuza. What looks like a simple, cut and dry murder, turns out to be an elaborate investigation involving big businesses, politics, and the Yakuza.

We follow along with Lt. Smith and learn the little nuances and polite protocols, as well as the cover-ups that are going on behind the facade. John also has a friend who Webster is eyeing, Jingo Asakuma (Tia Carrera) who is helping with some of the more high tech stuff.

There isn't a lot of action, but some nice suspense, and who can deny seeing a movie with Snipes and Connery together.
January 12, 2011
Having read the novel I remember being particularly excited to see this film and that I thought it was very good on my initial viewing. Re-watching it though allows me to step outside of being a fan and to see this film in a much harsher light. The story is decent enough, though the implied importance has failed to materialize as the Japanese business threat never became what many feared it would become. The narrative moves at a nice pace, though there are too many leaps made, effectively undercutting any authenticity to the story. The casting is very good, and having Connery as Connor is great, a reminiscent nod to You Only Live Twice. The acting is okay, rather over the top at times, especially Keitel. There is not much in the way of groundbreaking production value as this film really just follows through on it's packaging. Highly successful novel, two bankable stars, controversial subject. Nice time filler but not much else. One last thing, it never rains that much in LA. What was the deal with that? Maddening...
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