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½ January 7, 2013
Hoo-boy! The boys are on their last legs in this effort to kick the mule to get another mile out of it, only the poor animal is just about dead. Game and spirited kicking almost give the illusion that animal is moving ... but its not. The only reason to take this trip (as Paramount well understood) was the charisma of its leads, but there's really nothing here for you.
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December 20, 2007
The hapless duo go diving for sunken treasure in the South Pacific, which leaves ample scope for jokes about amorous gorillas, rubber giant squids and a wealth of glamorous island maidens. By this time, the Road movies had settled into a production line comfort zone, and the flat direction which lacks the necessary pizazz of the great musicals combined with the deeply unconvincing sound stage bound locations means that Bali relies entirely on the amiability of its stars. But let's face it, these old pros were never going to disappoint. The stream of Vaudevillian skits and songs are very familiar to anyone who knows the series and Hope and Crosby's usual backstabbing and bickering is just as fun as always. It's a bit like watching an extended sketch from a Morecambe And Wise Christmas Special in that the knockabout charm of its stars outweighs the quality of the gags to the point where you can't help laughing at even the weakest of jokes; the groans are just as amusing as the chuckles! Very old school, but still fun.
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September 5, 2010
This should have been the last "Road" movie, it's a lot better than road to hong kong. I really liked this movie it's very funny and the story is good.
January 8, 2013
The first and only "Road" picture in color emphasizes the exotic South-Sea location, which increases the humorousness of Hope and Crosby's famed international havoc. While it does not slam-dunk in the comic-absurdity department as "Road to Morocco," and while the actors' aging definitely shows, this is still a funny little film with enough good songs, pretty girls, and slack-stick humor to satisfy followers of the "Road" series.
October 3, 2010
at this point in the franchise, the only real enjoyment factor is watching Bing and Bob exchange zingy one-liners. the problem there is, even they seem a bit tired of it. sharp in-jokes, amusing cameos, some cool moments of special effects and slapstick, but overall a pretty lame and uninspired movie. funny absolutely, but the story's the same old shtick.
½ January 15, 2010
Not one of the best road shows, still the duo Hope Crosby team mow down one liners rapid fire. Lame cinema entertainment by today's standards, the team of Hope and Crosby set us up for comedy team Martin and Lewis later on.

This film is built on quick sand, but still, Hope and Crosby ARE the movie, not the plot, which is of course ridiculous in the extreme.

The road shows for me were in a class to themselves, not ever intending to be serious cinema. Much like Stooge mania today, who rates the Stooges as anything but classic fun?

And nostalgic fun Road to Bali is. Full of all the slapstick, pratfalls, and one liners known at the time, this Road To Bali is worth watching once, if nothing else for the stars. Its so corny it hurts, but in a sentimental way.

Any of the Road series are about pretty much the same. They will open up to you a whole other lifestyle and era than the one we know today. Again, not to be taken as serious cinema, just guilty pleasure.
August 17, 2010
so, i haven't seen all of the "Road To" movies, but of the ones that I have seen, this one is undeniably my favorite. the jokes are better then ever and the quick wordplay between Hope and Crosby is at its strongest here. there are so many memorable scenes in"The Road to Bali" that i'm not sure which is my favorite. as for the movie being in color, it was kind of interesting. i did notice that they incorporated some techniques used in black and white movies, though (the shiny ring, in particular). i guess i'm just biased and prefer the old black and whites. anyways, great movie. very funny.
½ September 11, 2009
Some funny moments between Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. But for the most part the crappy sets and the song and dance numbers ruin the momentum. Not for me.
½ May 3, 2009
Silly fun. Vaudeville lives... or tries to hang on. It does get outrageous towards the middle/end... but it's light, frothy fare to be sure.
½ December 16, 2008
I really thought this movie was quite hysterical and I can't remember enjoying a great comedy like this for a while. Bing and Bob were comedic dynamite together... the one liners, jabs, and social references were perfect. I couldn't get enough of the fun flute or the fact that Bob Hope's pants stayed ripped open throughout the jungle sequences. Too bad poor old Bob didn't win the girl... but this was a great film, and part of the great series of "Road" films.
June 17, 2007
i have loved this movie since i was a little kid and i watched it with my aunt. it made me laugh. everyone in it was amazing. i just love it.
May 18, 2007
I'm a sucker for these movies... it's pathetic... but I love both Crosby and Hope. Not much substance, but it is amusing... the Bogart cameo was so random--it lasts for a split second but I still cracked up.
½ March 17, 2007
It was funny, I laughed my butt off, especially the part with the gorilla. I just like how Bob Hope and Bing Crosby play off each other. Bob Hope is hilarious by himself, but Bing really adds to it.
October 15, 2006
Another Road movie with Hope and Croby and Dorthy Lamour. These two guys were great together, had good chemestry and great timing. Loved the gags and the corney jokes.
April 30, 2006
[b]SYNOPSIS:[/b] Having to leave Melbourne in a hurry to avoid various marriage proposals, two song-and-dance men sign on for work as divers. This takes them to an idyllic island on the way to Bali where they vie with each other for the favours of Princess Lala. The hazardous dive produces a chest of priceless jewels which arouses the less romantic interest of some shady locals.

[b]REVIEW: [/b]A moajority of this movie is slapstick comedy followed by more slapstick. But there's actually a story there. It'd be interesting to see how badly this movie would get butchered if it were remade today. My favorite bit is the bent gun barrel and the bullet that keeps circling around the duo's tent. Hilarious!

[/b][/u][b]- STORY: [color=Red]7[/color]
- ACTING: [color=Red]7[/color]
- VISUALS: [color=Red]5[/color]
- DIRECTION: [color=Red]5[/color]
- ENTERTAINMENT FACTOR: [color=Red]8[/color]
[color=Red]OVERALL AVERAGE RATING: 6.4[/color]
April 22, 2005
½ July 16, 2013
Enjoyable and entertaining classic movie with an all-star cast
½ December 26, 2014
It has it's funny moments.
February 22, 2014
Fun with Hope & Crosby--Bob, Bing and Dottie in Technicolor!!
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