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½ January 3, 2008
July 15, 2012
Loved it. expecilly when Carlos and Melissa are in his art studio and they put their hands in a clay model that Carlos did of their hands and then they talk and she says to Carlos that she remembers somenthing about the night that they wed and Carlos asked what does she remember she says she remember's how he madr her feel and then they kiss and make love. Part #2 was at the end when Melissa was to marry Bryan. Carlos stops it and says she can't wed Bryan beacuse she is still his wife and she can't legally wed for another 30 days. Melissa smiles and Carlos says they deserved to give their marriage a chance. Melissa ends up calling Carlos her husband and evently tells Carlos that she loves him and thne they jump into the pool and both of them lived happily ever after. both parts if this movie gave me chills and made me happy
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