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June 21, 2010
Very underrated cartoon.
March 22, 2015
It's not a great film, neither a high point in Rodney Dangerfield's career, it is still good for kids, but that's all it is! C-
½ July 9, 2012
"Rover Dangerfield" is a pretty standard animated children's movie, with ok to sub-par animation, mostly average jokes (I found about 3 to 4 good laughs) and songs that range from pretty terrible to "so bad it's good". The story isn't particularly creative and there's not much that's memorable about it really. It's harmless but nothing to rush out and get, unless you're a fan of Rodney Dangerfield and for some reason you want to see him play a cartoon dog. (VHS, July 7, 2012)
September 5, 2014
Quality animation, funny moments, quirky story, but who the hell is it made for? The meandering story is too simplistic for older audiences and most of the jokes are crude and would fly over the heads of little ones. Still, there's an undeniable charm about this picture.
½ September 5, 2014
It's nothing we haven't seen 1,000 times before, most recently in superior 1989's All Dogs Go to Heaven. The only difference is this film features a protagonist who you won't mind seeing being brought out back to be put down.
July 14, 2014
Rodney Dangerfield plays a Vegas show dog stuck on a farm. I like Rodney Dangerfield, I think he is a funny man and it's sad to hear what happened to him. But this movie was freaking rubbish with lazy jokes and just unfunny film.
½ June 16, 2014
I guess there are one or two enjoyable RD quotes, but the movie is pretty bad
January 29, 2014
Substandard animated film with most of Rodney's funny jokes replaced with painfully unfunny dog puns. Seems to be intended for children, yet contains a scene where the main character kills a turkey. Do not see this film unless you are torturing yourself.
½ November 25, 2012
Rodney Dangerfield is a delightful comedian but 'Rover Dangerfield' is no good.
½ November 11, 2011
An okay family film that is one big stand-up act for Dangerfield.
February 12, 2012
i liked it as a kid but now i know how wrong it is
½ December 25, 2011
What I really like about this movie is the art, particularly the backgrounds. They are lush and dreamy and you wanna walk around in them. Also the character designs and motion are very good. Definite Ralph Bakshi vibe, but less 'anger' in the strokes, if that makes any sense. The real problem with this movie is that the storytelling is is too bare-bones. There isn't enough character development or conflict. His relationships with the other animals aren't fleshed out enough. This needed another 20-25 minutes. Which makes sense, since it's 78 minutes long. Check it out, though. It's clear Rodney's heart was in it. He produced it, wrote it, and stars in it.
July 7, 2010
Its a good children's movie with a loving story and good acting by Rodney Dangerfield. Its not a film meant for adults but kids should definitively find it enjoyable
May 22, 2010
Lame one-liners, cheesy voice acting, and what really pisses me off about this movie is that there is a scene that blatantly rips-off The Aristocats. Rover is thrown off the Hoover Dam because Rocky wants revenge on him. It's ripping off the scene where Edgar from The Aristocats throws the cats in the countryside.
September 25, 2010
Rover Dangerfield is both boring and not that funny. The thing's I liked was Rodney Dangerfield's acting in the movie and the animation is good, and it did have a couple funny scene's. Also, the film is about a dog who end's up being ditched by his owner's boyfreind, Rocky, due to rover messing up a deal between rocky and the mafia. Seriously, why would Rodney Dangerfield write a movie about this? Kid's will probably like it, but adult's or Rodney Dangerfield fans won't find anything good in this movie.

½ August 2, 2010
Man, this movie, I don't know how to comprehend what I just watched. First of all, the people who made this movie must have been the biggest Rodney Dangerfields there is a little drum and cymbal after his jokes early on, and not only that all the characters laugh, a ton, when he makes a joke. Which is really awkward in animation.
So the animation was average, no big deal but more importantly, this movie has songs in it.... sung by the characters...... especially the main character..... yea...... RODNEY DANGERFIELD SINGS! And none of that Rodney Raps stuff he actually sings, it isn't THAT bad, but it sucks, and the songs also suck.
One thing that stuck out to me was the final line of the film, I won't say it hear but it's something truly perplexing.
Yea I'm not talking about this one for long. If your a super fan of Dangerfield, check the first half of this movie out. Besides that I would suggest not seeing this one. However it is something interesting to know it's out there
½ July 10, 2009
Though not directly funny, the plot, the romance, and the occasional laugh keep it on its feet.
August 11, 2007
Themes were tossed around uselessly in this movie, yet I was not completely bored, only thing keeping me awake being my icee and the scenes where something would catch on fire. Of course, I failed to understand what significance the dog had in the movie, and to understand relationships that were going on either. If you are looking for a great family film, or a movie with a point, don't look here, don't even think about viewing this. It was pretty much the boringest movie I have seen in my lifetime.
March 28, 2006
'Rover Dangerfield' is the animated story of dog who becomes lost from his master and from the city that he calls home, and on his journey back, he meets different characters and ends up working on a farm. The dog is unmistakenly voiced by Rodney Dangerfield, and it is an animation that both children and adults can enjoy. The humor is aimed more at adults than children in some cases, but it is perfectly acceptable for children. The story is not the best, but the sense of humor and the situations that Rover finds himself in make up for a pretty slow story in some cases. It's not the best animation, but overall, I rate it just about average.
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