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½ May 7, 2014
Thrilling dramatic thriller, Runaway Jury is a worthwhile film to watch that boasts a great cast of talented actors and a well constructed story. I thought that this was a very entertaining film, one that was gripping from start to finish, and always kept you on the edge of your seat. The mix of thrills, mixed with the courtroom aspect of the story goes well hand in hand, and it makes for an even more compelling picture. Runaway Jury is not perfect, but for the most part, it's a well crafted dramatic thriller that is elevated by its cast, which makes you forget the film's shortcomings. Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman give the film's strongest performances, especially Hackman who is intense in his role, and he really nails the character he portrays. Overall, the film is well done, entertaining, and tells an engaging story that is sure to appeal to viewers that enjoy a good courtroom drama. Although it doesn't break ground in this genre of film, Runaway Jury is yet another perfect example of a well executed drama that has a story set in a courtroom. At times the film could have been refined, but overall, I was very much entertained, especially, like I said before, the performances here are magnetic, and make up for the weaker aspects of the movie. I've only seen one film by director Gary Fleder before this one, and here he delivers a terrific drama that manages to really be entertaining enough despite its flaws, and it's one of those cases where the performances save the film from being a total bore, as the story itself is nothing too elaborate. Runaway Jury has its weak parts, but it's a worthy viewing, and it's a bit underrated as well, it may not be the best courtroom drama, but it's not the worst either.
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½ December 14, 2013
A decent courtroom thriller based on John Grisham's 1996 novel. Sure the premise stretches plausibility but the overqualified cast (John Cusack, Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman) do a fantastic job giving the proceedings depth and intrigue. Nothing too life changing but enjoyable on a rainy day.
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April 29, 2013
Its another decent courtroom thriller, this one about jury tampering, that's about as formulaic and manipulative as they come. The cast saves it, almost acting as if it were all believable. Hackman serves up his enjoyable bad guy yet again (it hasn't got old yet, though Lex Luthor's my personal fav) while Hoffman shines as the knight in shining armor (as a knight should ... in the dreamtime).
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October 14, 2011
Runaway Jury is another exaggerated courtroom thriller by John Grisham. When I say exaggerated, I mean that in the best possible way. It's all done for excitement and entertainment. Here we find a court case concerning an office shooting. The widow attempts to sue the gun company for liability. Meanwhile the gun manufacturers has hired Gene Hackman, a man that investigates and scrutinises juries so that he can offer the best chance of success for his client. As the film unravels many plot twists are thrown in the path of an interesting story. I think a more dramatic turn could have been beneficial. The problem is that we have a very current case that everybody has an opinion on, but the film focuses on the buying of a jury. To me this doesn't quite work because the case is fascinating enough. Sure the gun companies aren't the nicest of people, but they aren't breaking the law. The fight between corporate liability and a persons own actions was more intriguing. Once the film get rolling, we find out that the players are being played. There are some nice anti-hero character moments, where even Hoffman's idealistic and truthful lawyer are tempted by easy wins or intimidated by realistic threats. Personally, the film made the mistake of using interesting and current issues to pad out a pretty formulaic thriller. By the time it ended I was almost cringing at the forced Hollywood ending that undid all the interesting character work. Tense and likeable, without ever making you feel truly scared, it's a simple thriller for a lazy evening.
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½ May 5, 2007
Loved the cast in this one, and the script per se is splendid as well. I've seen quite a few courtroom dramas in my days, and this definitely counts as one of the greatest. Sharp writing, delivered by top notch actors, puts it well above the standard. Because with talents like Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, Rachel Weiz and John Cusack, you know you're in for a good viewing experience. Check it out, you'll be happy that you did.
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November 29, 2010
Actually a decent film. There was a theme of coercion meets ethics, the acting was superb, and the plot was not only believably but impressively researched. Props go to Cusack especially, who took on a role outside his usual repetoire of romantic comedies, and into one that involved retribution and suffering. Hackman and Hoffman played off each other impressively, as they've known each other so long, and Weisz, always an amazing actress, was exceptional.
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November 19, 2009
This movie mainly fails because of the horrible source material. John Grisham either writes tremendously or terribly and sadly this is one of the terrible attempts. John Cusack and Gene Hackman were about the only decent aspects of this film and make it somehow watchable. It is by no means suspenseful like the story promises and has zero originality.
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½ September 24, 2009
Not a bad idea for a film, the plan goes a little too well to be taken seriously though! Great to see Hackman and Hoffman acting against each other for the first time!
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July 21, 2009
How the hell have I not seen this movie before? Finally watched it, and liked it a GREAT deal. What a great story and cast of characters, totally enthralling. [Review TBC].
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May 9, 2009
Pretty exciting but not terribly profound. The film doesn't get in too deep about law and responsibility; whenever someone starts to talk, they cut to the adversary in these flashy sequences that build cinematic suspense, but leaves me wanting a grittier drama. The ending is meant to be a big moving revelation but to me, blackmail motivated by a school shooting trivializes the school shooting.
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½ August 4, 2006
An enjoyable Thriller with enjoyable performances. A good storyline adapted to screen from the John Grisham novel.

Blackmail, corruption and manipulation are the key to this movie.

Not a wow factor film, but an enjoyable one and a recommended one.
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½ December 21, 2008
This was a film that wasn't over-hyped, filled with talented actors and kept you watching all the way through. My rating is maybe a little generous but at the time just after watching it was one of most enjoyable movies I have watched for a long time, and I watch a lot (perhaps too much ;) Hackman was flawless as usual as an actor and once again maintained his great screen presence. Hoffman really portrayed the idealistic lawyer character well. Weisz played the female lead with the right mix of the strong and vulnerable. And Cusack, well I consider him an intelligent actor. He looked once again intelligent, thoughtful in his acting. The plot twists were not overdone but did offer some slight surprises which were hinted at along the way if you payed attention. Overall I'd recommend this movie to anyone, especially those who take their movies seriously.
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November 20, 2008
"Trials are too important to be decided by juries."

Three people attempt to bend justice for their own purposes in this drama based on the best-selling novel by John Grisham. After a man dies in a shooting incident, his wife files a lawsuit against the company that manufactured the gun, with her lawyer, Wendell Rohr (Dustin Hoffman), arguing that the firm in question knew the shop which sold the weapon was not following federal regulations pertaining to the sale of firearms. As the case goes to trial, the firearm manufacturer is taking no chances on the outcome of a potentially devastating case, and they hire as part of their legal team Rankin Fitch (Gene Hackman), a "jury consultant" who makes it his business to see that he knows enough about the jurors to be able to guarantee the result of the trial. Fitch and his team have learned incriminating secrets about nearly everyone hearing the evidence, but Fitch discovers two factors he wasn't counting upon -- Nick Easter (John Cusack), the jury member who appears to have an agenda all his own, and Marlee (Rachel Weisz), a mysterious woman who has her own plans regarding bending the jury to her will.

This is a good movie, not an excellent movie. It is entertaining, fast moving, and the actors are very skillful. It is an adaptation of a John Grisham novel. If you have read the novel and come expecting to see it acted out verbatim on the screen, you will be disappointed. However, that is true of almost every adaptation of a novel to the screen. The screenwriters use the book as a starting point for the story you see acted out in the theaters. This one is done as well as or a little better than most. I found myself interested and focused during every moment. The ending was perfect, the acting was great, and "a good time was had by all". I will watch it again and advise all my friends to do so as well.
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July 14, 2007
Excellent thriller about jurors in a trial who are manipulated to get the gun manufacturer off the hook.
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½ October 18, 2007
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½ October 8, 2007
A gripping and pulse-pounding edge of your seat thriller. Plenty of shocking and breathtaking twist and turns that will keep you guessing right till the very end. A brilliant and mind-blowing plot. Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman have never been better. For their first time working together they both bring such brilliance and power to their strong performances.
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January 9, 2007
What begins as an intriguing premise (that a jury in a high profile legal action is infiltrated by a pair of hustlers looking for profit) soon decends into the usual irrelevant chases and hyperactive camera angles, culminating in the signposted "twist" and cornball happy ending. Watchable because of the experienced leads, but they can do this stuff in their sleep.
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May 1, 2007
A decent court room thriller with a good cast. Has some decent twists as well.
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½ February 21, 2007
Good thriller, really enjoyed it.
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