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May 22, 2011
Despite all appearances to the contrary, this is actually quite good, but then I liked the book it's based on. A completely miscast Scarlett notwithstanding, it only fails in its ambition. I loved Colm Meaney as the tragic Irish cousin, Sean Bean playing an evil landlord love interest and a young Tina Kellegher (Niamh from Ballykissangel) who gets a particularly affecting story. Where it succeeds is in its portrayal of Ireland and the Irish, which is unusually subtle for once. However it needs more Rhett as Timothy Dalton is a suitable successor to Clark Gable, just shame about Scarlett herself.
June 15, 2014
It both succeeds epically and fails epically at the same time. As an adaptation of the incredibly weak novel Scarlett, it's a triumph. The mini-series manages to hold the audience's attention while the novel was a complete snoozefest. However, as a sequel to one of the greatest movies ever made, it can't help but pale in comparison. The costumes and dialogue are impeccable, as are the actors. Joanne-Walley is a good Scarlett, and Timothy Dalton is surprisingly badass as Rhett. But there's too little plot and way too much talking. This is like a 6 to 8 hour special that could have just been 2 hours at maximum, if the numerous conversations had been trimmed down. Very mixed feelings about this miniseries, but overall, if you're a hardcore fan of Gone With the Wind, and you'll take whatever you can get from the franchise, see this series. Everyone else will probably be bored by it.
½ December 25, 2011
In no way it could beat Gone with the Wind. But I kinda liked to see what happened to Scarlett and Rhett afterward, although none of the leads were close to the characters in their appearances. ( Dear Mr. Dalton, you'll always be the best actor who portrayed Mr.Rochester in Jane Eyre, but not Rhett Butler)
½ October 6, 2010
How in the world did they think that BROWN-EYED Joanne Whalley could pull off the roll of GREEN EYED Scarlett O'Hara? This movie sucked so bad, it's pathetic. What a waste of time!
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