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½ April 22, 2008
A bit bumpy in execution but an interesting take on updating MacBeth.
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April 5, 2009
70s-tastic! Clever adaptation of Macbeth with modern kills, dynasties, and sexplay. Maura Tierney is hot.
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November 19, 2007
Terrible. This goes to show that Christopher Walken really will do anything he is offered. It also proves that Andy Dick must die. Only good part: McBeth shoves a hamburger in vegetarian Walkens mouth as he tries to kill him.
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½ February 25, 2008
To become king -- of the fast food industry. A wonderful transposition of the MacBeth tragedy. Yeah, it's true, a thousand years ago I guess killing MacDuff's family might have somehow helped expedite the plan, but we're talking the 1970s here, so it really strikes me as more efficient to get right to the root of the problem: Will the power driven James LeGros, spurred by his ruthless soulmate, kill big city cop Chris Walken before the wily veteran vegetarian detective discovers the truth about this twisted couple's grisly push to the top of all fast foodom? The biggest revelation for me in this one is the job Maura Tierney does of descending very believably into the depths of madness. As Lady MacBeth, she works that oil burn as the sign of blood on her hands to true perfection. If for nothing else -- although it is Shakespeare, after all, so even if it sucked, I'd still feel a need to give it a viewing -- you must see this for Tierney's performance. I'm pretty sure she's a TV veteran, although I don't know what show(s), but I really cannot remember ever seeing her in films before. I can't even guess how old she might be, but she is a comer. I'll be on the lookout for more good work from her. A late bloomer perhaps?
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½ January 23, 2007
Shakespeare's Macbeth plus the fast food industry = awesome comedy movie. Set in the mid-70s, this movie takes the classic tale of betrayal and guilt and deep-fries it to glorious golden perfection. This is an extremely well-thought out, clever and most importantly funny comedy. Any movie that can make Andy Dick tolerable MUST be worth watching.
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January 28, 2005
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkgreen]"Scotland, Pa" is a deliciously off-beat updating of Shakespeare's MacBeth moved forward in time to small town 70's Pennsylvania. James LeGros and Maura Tierney play Joe and Pat McBeth who work in a fast food restaurant. They are a poor but ambitious couple who aim for better things. And if that leads to robbery and murder, than so be it. Which brings us to Christopher Walken playing a vegetarian detective, named Lieutenant McDuff. I was very pleasantly surprised by how faithful this movie was to its original source material with a few original touches thrown in. For example, the witches are a trio of hippies haunting a disused carnival played by of all people - Andy Dick, Timothy Speed Levitch and Amy Smart.(I know that sounds strange but it works wonderfully.) Just as importantly, the 70's production design is spot on.[/color][/font]
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½ April 17, 2007
Greasy Spoon, Bloody Murder.

Writer/Director Billy Morrissette has made a really fantastic film here - an updating of Macbeth, changing the setting to a fast food joint in Scotland, Pennsylvania (see what they did there?) in the 1970's.

Rather than a tragedy, the film plays as a black comedy with tragic undertones, mostly played for laughs with an excellent cast. Maura Tierney is truly terrific as Pat McBeth, getting the character just the right shades of wisecracking, manipulative and sympathetic. James LeGros is solid as ever as 'Mac' McBeth, and Christopher Walken is very funny without resorting to his usual creepy shtick. There's also a nice cameo from Amy Smart.

There are some really great touches here - I particularly liked how the "washing of the blood" from Lady Macbeth's hands is updated, and how the ghostly visions Mac has are filmed. Great stuff, and I *love* the soundtrack.
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February 23, 2007
Andy Dick has never been better cast. I think in my heart of hearts I always knew he was a weird sister/stoner.
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½ December 25, 2007
A personal favorite. Love it!
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½ March 25, 2007
MacBeth in a hamburger joint. Do I really need to say anything more? One of my favorite Shakespear to film out there.
½ January 28, 2012
A fun take on the story of Macbeth with a lot of unexpected laughs in it. Maura Tierney in particular is good as the Lady Macbeth character, and Christopher Walken is extremely entertaining as Lieutenant McDuff. It's interesting to see the comedic angle on such a well-known play. The abrupt ending didn't quite work for me, but overall it was fun to watch.
January 18, 2010
I really don't know what to say about this one, but I guarantee you'll never look at the story of Macbeth in the same way again.
½ September 30, 2009
Anyone who has studied Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth in depth, will get a kick out of Scotland PA. Of course, it doesn't follow the story bit by bit, but it doesn't have to. Practically everything the movie omits, it refers to at some point. The film succeeds at morphing a classical tragedy into a contemporary dark comedy.
June 19, 2008
An interesting take on "Macbeth". There are plenty of movies that rework Shakespeare's plays for modern times and settings, but none manages it quite so uniquely as this film.
½ November 11, 2007
A 1970's version of Macbeth, tongue in cheek, black humor rendition of Shakespeare's Macbeth, replete with Rozenkranz and Guildenstern, and an oracle with an shakable 8-ball. Guilt takes over and the lady doth protest too much, me thinks. No salve could remove the guilt from her hands.

Set in a diner, this comedic murder mystery takes us on a fun ride.
September 23, 2007
This movie made me remember why I love Bad Company. The entire movie has songs from the band and it sends you on a cool little trip to the 70's in a small town filled with frustrated people stuck in dead end jobs. If you're a fan of Maura Tierny (ER, Oxygen) you will LOVE this movie.
August 14, 2007 a comedy...set in the 1970' the fast food industry. Unfortunately the film is too far from subtle and apart from some amusing 70's references, and Christopher Walken, has little to make it more than slightly amusing.
½ August 20, 2007
The Bridesmaid is a French drama that slides from a romance to a dark dark movie. The start of the movie is kind of cute and amusing as how the characters are introduced. There is something wrong with them but you don't know what. I was kind of wowed by how the two lovers allow each other to do the things they do to prove their love to each other. The ending is just nuts and one would expect. Definitely not a movie for everyone.
August 18, 2007
Absolutely fantastic and recommended for any Shakespeare fan who wants something a little different.
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July 29, 2007
Fun, vibrant & stylish! A refreshing spin on a timeless classic! The movie is loosely based on "Macbeth". The whole premise seems preposterous; yet, it really works. I loved the attention to detail. It made the film feel genuine. There were homosexual allusions and random adult jokes. (How very Shakespeare!) There was even a reference to the infamous "Out, damned spot!" scene. Great casting, too. The characters were most theatrical. This was a bizarre but thoroughly enjoyable adaptation!
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