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½ August 26, 2007
David Arquette is a mailman who wants to go out with a hot girl in his block. He ends up looking after her son while she is on a business trip.
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½ October 18, 2006
A brief review as this was one that just happened to be on TV. David Arquette is one of those Actors (I feel) who is where he is because of his family name and not his talent, thus making him pretty annoying to watch.

One of those cute films, with boy, dog and the good looking Mum, well you can work out the rest of the story from that.
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½ March 10, 2010
I grew up on this movie, and I have to admit that this film sure is a fun film! All ages should enjoy this film. I know I do, and I will never stop. To me, this movie can't ever get old. It will always have those few funny moments that will have me laughing!
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September 14, 2009
In "See Spot Run," David Arquette stars as a bewildered mailman named Gordon who unwillingly runs into and starts keeping a dog named Spot, while also babysitting the son of the woman (Leslie Bibb) he has a crush on. Little does Gordon and the boy know that Spot just happens to be an FBI dog with a nose for mischievous people.
Ok, let me start by saying that the rumors you've probably heard by now are true. "See Spot Run" is TERRIBLE plot-wise, script wise, and so on. Parts, such as the story, are so terrible that some people might give up on it before they even finish watching it. Luckily for myself, I don't put most of the emphasis on a movie's script, story, etc., when I'm watching it and giving it my thoughts in a review. I mainly judge movies, especially comedies, by how entertaining they are.

"See Spot Run" has a bunch of parts that are simply hilarious. Whether Gordon is getting too familiar with a slop of dog feces or a zebra causes an explosion, "See Spot Run" is hilarious.

If you like comedy films just as long as they're funny, then I recommend getting "See Spot Run." NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year, this movie's THAT old!??
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February 4, 2007
Hilarious! Some great laughs with the mailman (David Arquette) and the FBI agent dog, but except Michael Duncan Clarke's character is a bit ridiculous.
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September 11, 2007
Stupid movie. FBI dog lands up with mailman and a kid. Dumb jokes throughout!
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½ May 14, 2010
The idea of this movie was good but what really bummed me out was the extreme sillyness of the movie, like in the pet store where the most extreme things happen to the main character (Arquette). Otherwise I liked the story and found it entertaining. This is a nice movie for family entertainment. The movie is about this single guy who babysits his neighbour's little boy, they meet this lost dog (Spot), who in reality is a drug-sniffing dog who has run away. The rightful owner search for the dog and the chase goes one.
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April 9, 2010
See Spot Run is a silly fun movie starring a fabulous breed of dog - the Bullmastiff who bites off one of the family jewels of a major mob guy. He vows that he will not rest until the dog is dead. The police send the dog to a protective service kennel in Alaska but unfortunately the dog ends up with a complete moron named Gordon and the little boy he's currently babysitting who just so happens be the son of a girl that Gordon is trying to impress.
Call me simple minded but I couldn't stop laughing.
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½ April 11, 2007
. It was downright stupid. It was downright vulgar.

Yet, would we let our kids watch this? Yes!

I enjoyed i to the fact, that for a kid to be entertained, just give us a dog, a child, and a stupid adult all rolled into one film with a dumb fat ass to roll in the only punch lines in the film

Not reccomended, unless you are bored and have nothing else to watch.
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April 14, 2009
Lightweight comedy that had me in stitches during the pet store scene.
August 16, 2007
My son and I watched this all alone in a theatre! The boy, played by Angus T. Jones, is a cool kid. He's now on the TV show, Two and a Half Men.
½ September 17, 2012
This came when I was a kid, and I loved it. When I watch it now, not as much. It's still alright, but not the movie I remember it being. Grade: C+
March 11, 2012
Very funny and has some sad moments. The characters are interesting and the story is good for a comedy.
½ August 29, 2007
kinda cute, the dog and kid were cute, not as good as expecting, it was like they were trying too hard with their jokes.
January 1, 2010
** (out of four)

Overly cute family film about a mailman (David Arquette) who has never met a dog that liked him. He ends up babysitting the cute neighbor's kid while the mother is out of town. Meanwhile a police dog has escaped and in the area. Too bad the mob has taken out a hit on the dog.

Meant only for young kids, the film isn't nearly as funny to anyone over seven as it should be.
August 10, 2009
Terrible film. The whole plot of the movie sucks. What's entertaining about people running after a dog, seriously?
½ July 28, 2009
See Spot Run: 6.8/10
Yeah, it's just a kids movie, the dog, the bad guys, dog saves the day, seen it before, but unlkie more recent kids films, this has some humor for adults too.
½ August 1, 2008
Parts of this were okay, but all in all, it's a dog and a kid. Not much else as far as story lines go.
½ June 25, 2008
its so cheesy and kinda bad. but i couln't stop laughing. maybe it just hit my funny bone at the time i saw it.
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½ November 3, 2007
It was puring rain out and I was on vacation with nothing to do. So I turned this on. It was interesting to see a very young Angus T. Jones in this pre "Two and a Half Men" movie. Unfortunately, this was so retarded I didn't finish watching it.
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