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½ November 26, 2009
This was on HBO one night so I stayed up late to watch it. The first thing I noticed was that the dialogue and story are very, very saccarine. It's just bland and unremarkable. A so-so cast. Donald Sutherland is an all-time great. Charlie Sheen can be a good actor and Linda Hamilton is talented to an extent. I wasn't impressed and ended up changing channels an hour into the film.
½ November 12, 2013
Terrible plot, and Sheen is unconvincing and very slow on the uptake for a wunderkind. Silly and funny in all the wrong places.
January 29, 2013
Certainly has cheesy, poorly-funded production characteristics, but is actually quite a good little thriller. Little lower-budget Terminator-envy shoot 'em up action sequences'll never hurt anybody...and it's a lot more enjoyable than many by-the-numbers "good" movies. Recommended, courtesy of yours truly.
½ December 31, 2012
This is an absolute disaster of a movie. Poor acting and a failure to create an atmosphere that anyone is in any danger (even those who are being directly targeted) sinks this movie, and then you still are left with another hour to watch.
February 23, 2012
So bad it's almost good, but not quite.
½ June 12, 2011
You're this is why Charlie Sheen went nuts?
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