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½ January 21, 2008
Spike Lee is aiming for too many things here, in some is a hit, in others are a miss. The first half builds up around the usual relationships stuff, then the second half forgets about the first and goes into a socio-political-commentary rampage. Also the movie depends on just way too many wishifull thinking and "happy coincidences" to work properly and be convincing. If only Spike cut it off the political stuff, his movies would be actually a lot better. John Turturo's character, and all his dialogues and scenes were like if Spike was doing a parody of Do the Right Thing.
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September 1, 2006
Aloha, Spike, what is up with this? No worry, shrimp curry, I've had some dry spells myself.
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½ October 21, 2005
[font=Century Gothic]In "She Hate Me", John Henry Armstrong(Anthony Mackie) is a 31-year old single vice-president at an up and coming biotech company. He is sad because he is not yet a father. He is even sadder when his friend, Dr. Shiller, jumps out of his 40th floor office to his death. A new wonder drug that the company has been promoting as a possible vaccine for AIDS has been denied approval by the FDA. There is a cover-up to prop up the stock price but Armstrong decides to blow the whistle. He is promptly fired, has his assets frozen and is under investigation by the SEC. Armstrong's ex-girlfriend, Fatima(Kerry Washington), who left him for another woman, just happens to pop back into his life with an offer he cannot refuse - father her child, her lover's child and any other lesbians within a 30-mile radius they can find in exchange for $10,000 for every pregnancy. Meanwhile, there is an unprecedented turkey baster shortage...[/font]

[font=Century Gothic]Spike Lee started off as a provocative young filmmaker with plenty to say on matters of race in America. Early on in his career, he made two great movies - "Do the Right Thing" and "Malcolm X." But the quality of his films have fallen as of late - "Summer of Sam" is an interesting mess; "Bamboozled" is much too heavy handed and could have used a lighter touch and "25th Hour" misses an easy shot to take on the draconian New York Rockefeller drug laws. [/font]

[font=Century Gothic]"She Hate Me" consists of a whole morass of ideas gone horribly awry:[/font]

[font=Century Gothic]One of the targets is capitalism but if that is so, then why focus on an executive instead of somebody of more proletarian status. Wouldn't a vice-president have some responsibility for his company's shenanigans?[/font]

[font=Century Gothic]Hints about personal responsibility abound. The movie certainly disapproves of the whole pregnancy scheme and refers to it as immoral but Armstrong is providing a valuable service for which he is amply compensated. [/font] And the Bible did say,"Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth." Genesis 9:1.

And then there is the asinine Mafia subplot...

Also, the sperm were funnier in "Everything You Always You Wanted to Know about Sex..."

In conclusion, the movie might have worked if it had been simpler, shorter, and much more realistic and down to earth. At the end of the day, I'm not even sure what Spike Lee was trying to say.

Note: Ossie Davis also appeared in a few episodes of "The L Word" which had a much more credible pregnant lesbian subplot. His roles in "She Hate Me" and "The L Word" were some of his last roles before he died.
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½ December 23, 2008
I will forgive thee Spike. Just don't give me a new version of ambitious-anti-yuppie-elements that includes rivers of tedious blockhead performances and wooden outcomes, oh...and judicial soliloquies. There has to be a slight knowledge in what you're trying to satirize dude, that is: corporate misconducts.
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July 21, 2006
The second star is for the sexyness and humour of SOME scenes. Nooo, it is for Kerry Washington. Any film with her gets a star just for including her. ;-) Apart from this, I am deeply offended by some of the content (as a queer woman) and miss the subversive, controversial and GOOD Spike Lee.
½ March 29, 2009
Absolutely and utterly horrible. I have never been a Spike Lee fan but this goes beyond his weak filmmaking abilities. Even though there is no such thing, this somehow feels like a bad Woody Allen movie. I love jazz, but it's misplaced use here almost makes me hate it. And then, to top it off, it rings in at almost 2 1/2 hours. Monica oh Monica, what were you thinking? You're so much better than this. Frankly I just can't believe this script ever got sold. Just terrible.
½ June 30, 2008
The worst film Spike Lee has ever made(at least that I've sat through), it was so pretentious at points(I normally never use the word, and I mean it here in the worst way possible), he tried to take on Enron, Bush, Gay relationships, Diabetis, the XF...(read more)L, and the Watergate Scandal, and as always racism, in one film, and he did it all in the worst most childish, ways, not to mention the unbelievable ending in which the guy gets both the girls( I see what he was going for with that, alternative families and all, but it comes out of nowhere and just ends up looking like every mans wet-dream). Include an awful and pointless Watergate flashback, Animated Sperm with heads of the main character entering eggs of whatever female character he just slept with(who also have the female characters face),and you have got one huge piece of unfocused scatterbrain mush, and normally I like or at least don't mind Spike Lee's films("Do The Right Thing" was a masterpiece), this was just awful.
March 2, 2008
I have been on a Spike Lee kick here lately. The main character goes from VP to fathering 19 babies to a group of lesbians. Cant get no better than that.
½ August 29, 2007
Really intense movie. Just goes to show you the hidden world inside corporations and the power they have over you. The lesbians are pretty funny too.
July 21, 2007
A respectable premise for a film, and I thought Mackie was really good, but it's too long and draggy in the dramatic scenes.
½ June 18, 2007
this movie was just to crazy for words it was interesting never seen a premise like this for a movie
½ May 11, 2007
slept on this one till my ex put me on it, 1st movie i ever bought without watching before hand, but i liked it. i mean, how can u not like 2 hot ass chick kissing each other??
½ April 19, 2007
Something different, But oddly enoughworth the veiwing.Its a quirky movie, Some humor and lots of off beat moments. The story is a little bit strange to follow , but it works well. The cast of chacaters are fun and different, each has its own moment..... This is something nice to check out.
½ January 21, 2007
I loved the first 30 minutes, and the things that upset the PC crowd. It *is* a mess, and ends rediculously.
August 14, 2006
Ah, reborn Spike Lee fan. Man gets fired for blowing the whistle on his job. Then he comes across a deal he cant refuse from his ex, making babies.
½ October 12, 2015
She Hate Me fait partie des films les plus expérimentaux de Spike Lee. Sorte de Bamboozled plus comique et moins en colère, She Hate Me passe par plein de genres, plein de styles sans jamais trouver réellement son identité (probablement son plus gros défaut) entre comédie, thriller, drame... Anthony Mackie y est excellent dans le rôle d'un type quasiment forcé à se prostituer pour garder son train de vie de yuppie, tandis que tous les seconds rôles sont bons, que ce soit John Turturro qui imite Marlon Brando, Kerry Washington en mère matrone malgré elle et même Jamel Debbouze en portier français hilarant. Malheureusement, le film manque d'une vraie cible et d'une vraie ligne directive et malgré toutes les bonnes idées de Spike Lee et le score fabuleux de Terence Blanchard, on ne peut que constater que She Hate Me essaie de traiter plus de sujets qu'il ne le peut. Mais un raté de Spike Lee reste immensément plus intéressant que 75% de la production actuelle. Du coup, dur de considérer She Hate Me comme un mauvais film, au contraire.
½ September 2, 2014
Insipid, misogynistic, crap. I had to watch it to the end because I could not believe how terrible this movie truly was. Ultimately, is seems the message is that after all is said and done, lesbians really need a man to make their lives complete Garbage..
½ December 22, 2013
No idea what the usually genius Spike Lee was thinking with this one; but, it's sooooooooooooooooooooo bad! The whole idea of the film is quite funny though and I got a couple chuckles out of it. 2 hours of my life that sadly won't be reimbursed.
October 15, 2013
Really sad that Kerry Washington is in this. I was offended on so many levels.
January 14, 2013
I actually love this movie. Spike Lee was ahead of his time when he produced this movie. I think the story line was great. Sexy and Funny!
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