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½ March 4, 2009
A low budget thriller with a few recognizable faces in it, especially Patsy Kensit for UK audiences. The film poster makes the film look more interesting than it is. I was expecting more of a killer loose on a remote island, but it's not like that. Although not an erotic thriller it had quite a lot of nudity, by body doubles any how. Predictable but kind of ok for a watch once.
½ November 8, 2007
Rather boring for a thriller, but it does have some rewarding moments. Unfortunately they are not often enough. The cast is bland but fine.
July 26, 2004
So me and my sister decided to rent this B film Shelter Island. I really cant find much I liked about this film First I'll start with the things I didnt like because I may need some extra time thinking of the good parts if any this film had. Well lets get started. Stephen Baldwin is in this film and I despised him. It seems like he is trying to hard I just didnt like his character. There is this cop in the film who is just a peeping tom and a sicko but Im not sure why the cop couldnt just be a normal guy. Overall the acting was bad, the dialogue was bad, the overall movie was just plain bad. Ok, Im done with that.
Now on to the good things...hmmm what were some good things? Nope, none.
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