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½ August 14, 2013
First of all, this movie starts out too slow, and with awkward editing. But, later it catches up nicely and is enjoyable to watch. Shawn's character's interacting with Danza's is especially entertaining. This was really funny, but also a really heartwarming film. It's pretty good.
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January 19, 2008
Cute 80's film. Rated it half a star higher than it actually deserves because the 80's were my era and I always enjoy a flashback! Tony Danza is a bit over the top as the protective father, but the girls are both good and there's even a small role for Matthew Perry here. Just a nice little movie with a few laughs. May be a bit dated for today's teens, though.
June 4, 2008
Another 80's teen comedy that deals with the usual cliches involving confrontations between teenage daughters and their fathers. The cast and a few funny jokes aimed at teenage life make this a fun film to watch. However, the entire movie as a whole is a one joke story that tends to drag in some spots. Mostly for fans of the cast and it's genre!!!!!!!
May 3, 2008
June 17, 2007
saw it a couple of years ago and thot it was good....Tony Danza did a good job and it was funny and simple!
½ April 17, 2007
I loved this movie, just the sense, of what meets the eye isnt what you expect, and beauty comes inside first then blooms out, and the people you find out who you need is the ones that seen you before your beauty was shown on the outside,
½ March 25, 2007
This movie was not too bad...about 6-8 years too late. It might of had the potential to be lumped into some serious 80's movie classics.
February 14, 2015
Catherine Hicks is in this movie, and she is a talented actress adept at both comedy and drama. She's made MANY bad movies, unfortunately, but her talents shine through in all of them. Unfortunately, that grunting, mugging talentless half-man/half-gorilla that we call Tony Danza stars in this thing. All the Catherine Hickses in the world can't mask what a gaping black hole this man is, was and always will be. He takes an already obnoxious movie and cranks it up to such high levels, your eardrums will bleed and your teeth will shatter. Don't watch this film unless you LOVE (I mean am hopelessly DEVOTED to) Catherine Hicks.
June 30, 2014
I watched this when I was 16, was a date movie . I just watched it again for the first time and was better than I remembered it being . A nice reminder of the 80's and the strange movies we watched .
April 9, 2012
I don't care what serious film critics say (or indeed, said) about this film, it's awesome. Seriously, it's one of my all-time favourite films. I grew up with this film in my home, orginally on VHS and now as an adult I own it DVD. Not many people know this film, but, in my opinion they should. It's not a serious film, by any means, but serious doesn't always mean good. If you want a nice, thoroughly entertaining movie, then watch this. It's suitable for the whole family (especially by today's standards) and it's always a joy to watch.
½ October 28, 2010
A poor comedy about an over-protective father and her teenage daughter.
½ November 12, 2007
5.5/10. This film starts out very well, but gets a bit redundant about midway through and loses steam. Tony Danza is bland in his role, but Ami Dolenz is pretty good. Interesting to see Matthew Perry in a very early role.
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