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18% Transcendence Apr 18
—— A Haunted House 2 Apr 18
47% Heaven Is for Real Apr 16
—— Bears Apr 18
64% Fading Gigolo Apr 18

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89% Captain America: The Winter Soldier $41.3M
49% Rio 2 $39.3M
71% Oculus $12.0M
62% Draft Day $9.8M
77% Noah $7.6M
40% Divergent $7.4M
14% God's Not Dead $5.5M
92% The Grand Budapest Hotel $4.1M
79% Muppets Most Wanted $2.3M
78% Mr. Peabody & Sherman $1.9M

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44% The Other Woman Apr 25
—— Brick Mansions Apr 25
75% The Amazing Spider-Man 2 May 02
100% Neighbors May 09
—— Godzilla May 16

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72% The 100: Season 1
97% The Americans: Season 2
100% Arrow: Season 2
—— Baby Daddy: Season 3
—— Hot in Cleveland: Season 5
100% Legit: Season 2
—— Melissa & Joey: Season 3
36% Mixology: Season 1
—— The Soul Man: Season 3
—— Workaholics: Season 4

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77% About a Boy: Season 1
—— Chicago Fire: Season 2
40% Glee: Season 5
36% Growing Up Fisher: Season 1
86% Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 1
80% The Mindy Project: Season 2
—— NCIS: Season 11
—— NCIS: Los Angeles: Season 5
93% New Girl: Season 3
56% The Originals: Season 1
100% Person Of Interest: Season 3
100% Supernatural: Season 9

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77% About a Boy: Season 1
97% The Americans: Season 2
82% The Blacklist: Season 1
88% Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 1
85% Enlisted: Season 1
98% Fargo: Season 1
98% Game of Thrones: Season 4
100% Hannibal: Season 2
96% Silicon Valley: Season 1

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Conner R

Super Reviewer

January 7, 2010
The only decent and good movie that Paul W.S. Anderson has ever made aside from Death Race, this just works really well and has a great backdrop and sense of style. Jude Law was the ultimate rebel with a love for good music, which is apparently hard to come by. It's an interesting plot that faintly reminded me of A Clockwork Orange, but didn't steal from it which was respectable. It's a very interesting take on the dystopian future that is very subtle and perfectly odd.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

September 25, 2009
Not great, loved it when it came out but saw it again a few weeks back and time has been a cruel master!
Lady D

Super Reviewer

June 9, 2007
I think this was a better film in it's day when ram-raiding was a real issue in the UK. Re-watched it not too long ago and although it's watchable with some good actors, it's now a little dated
Marcus W

Super Reviewer

November 13, 2011
Before he went to Hollywood and started directing crap, Paul WS Anderson proved he actually had some talent with this tale of disenchanted youth. There's still very much an ironic "video game" element here, and time hasn't been great to it...and yet you wonder what might have happened if Anderson hadn't been corrupted by the big Hollywood dollar signs.

Super Reviewer

January 27, 2011
Not very good at all. There were bits and pieces that I did like but in the end it all felt too contrived for me. Plus I'm pretty sure this was aiming at the raver/gamer subcultures (two cultures I've never had much interest in). Never was much of a Jude Law fan either. Anyways the deal is Billy likes to steal cars and shop lift. And he steals cars and shoplifts regardless of the consequences. The ultimate badass... except the film never went very deep into Billys psyche and made no attempt to explain, even vaugley, why he gets such thrills out of this lifestyle. Not that I have anything against stealing cars and shoplifting, but if a movie trys to take these two innocent enough past times on, I expect a point to be made by the end. There really isn't one to be found here other than the fact that Billy likes to steal cars and shoplift (since he's suppossdely the ulitmate bad ass... whatever.) A boring film that deserves to be forgotten. If it does have the cult following which it is apparently supposed to, then this is one of those cases that it is ill deserved. All it was really attempting to do was cater to a certain audience, who existed in a certain time and place. That culture has of course grown away from this embarassing footnote and so should have all of it's fans. Good enough for a watch I guess if you go for this sort of thing, but I was just bored.
May 1, 2007
I was surprised at this. Jude Law is always really good. Was he an undiscovered talent at this point?? This movie was VERY strange.
July 5, 2007
Amazingly, this is probably Paul W.S. Anderson's best film because it actually has a creative "spirit" to it, that Event Horizon also had in parts as well. This feels like a movie made by someone who's passionate about film, unlike the RE film, AvP, or most of Mortal Kombat. He really did some good stuff here.
January 26, 2007
Somewhat interesting debut from Paul W.S. Anderson, but the eventual inevitability of the story is a bit predictable. Two thieves try to one up each other in the word of crime, one loses, big surprise.
May 27, 2010
Despite the fast car chases, crashes, and carnage, I didn't think this was a very exciting movie. There wasn't anything new or original in the plot either.
jennifer's picks & pa
May 27, 2010
[size=2]I'm beginning the rather lengthy task of entering into the database every film I have seen, at least those I have a decent memory of. Some may have the briefest of reviews while many will just have a number. Those films that I consider personal favorites and/or those that have some historical signficance I will add later when I have time for more lengthy reviews.

[b]Shopping[/b], directed by Paul Anderson, is the story of an ex-con named Billy (Jude Law) and his girlfriend Jo (Sadie Frost). They lead a group of teens who like to ram store windows with cars and then "shop" before police arrive. Somewhat enertaining, but mostly notable for being Jude Law's first starring role.

[b]Dancer, Texas[/b] is a low budget indie flick about a group of four High School plas that debate their future in this small West Texas town of 81 residents. Not bad, but not particularly memorable either.

[b]The Rock[/b], directed by Michael Bay, is long on special effects and action, but short on substance. I've never liked any Michael Bay picture I've seen, and this is one no exception. Somehow Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage and Ed Harris are involved in this mess.

[b]G.I. Jane[/b], directed by Ridley Scott, stars Demi Moore as Jordan O'Neil, a woman who is chose to be a guinea pig to test women in combat situations. She is the first woman chosen to be a part of the elite Navy SEAL program, one that most men fail. She manages to get through training despite all the odds and the many men who try to bring her down. This sould have been a great film, instead it seems eerily familar to similar stories involving male characters.

[b]Dying Young[/b], directed by Joel Schumacher, stars Campbell Scott as a wealthy young man dying of leukemia. His family hires Julia Roberts to help him through his treatments and they soon fall in love. Decent performances from Scott, Roberts and Colleen Dewhurst, but it's way to predictable and sentimental. Not horrible though.

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