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April 21, 2014
Paul looks good in his toga but otherwise is absolutely dreadful in his screen bow. It shows the advantage of the studio contract system that this wasn't the end of his career. His two follow-ups studio assignments, Somebody Up There Likes Me and The Rack, did a great deal to restore his reputation and put him on the superstar track.
½ May 15, 2012
The Silver Chalice is a disappointing film. It is about a Greek artisan who is commissioned to cast the cup of Christ in silver and sculpt around its rim the faces of the disciples and Jesus. Paul Newman tried to give a believable performance despite an awful script. Victor Saville did a terrible job directing this movie. I am a fan of Paul Newman but was let down after seeing this motion picture.
April 8, 2010
Short and Sweet: If you like overblown epics mired in tedium, or like a movie so bad it's almost good, then watch this movie. If you don't like any of the above but want some sword and sandals action, go watch the far superior "The Robe".
½ April 4, 2010
I agree with Paul Newman, this film is pretty bad. The acting is terrible, the writing is terrible, the direction is bottom-drawer, and even the art direction is awful in an incredibly epic way.

All you need to know about the plot is that Paul Newman is the man who makes the Holy Grail the Holy Grail. That is all you need to know. The plot falls apart completely at the end, but in an almost awesomely bad way.

Now, I do give them points for trying(which it looks like they actually were), but the problem is everyone involved seems to have just been inept at what they were doing. Paul Newman was even bad, but since this was his feature film debut, he gets a big, BIG break. The reason he was bad was because he was still in stage/live televison mode. Typically, it is the director's job to shake it out of them, but again, with many things wrong with this film, its understandable why he didn't have the time.

In addition to giving points for trying, I give them points for doing a biblical epic in a sort of modern, experimental way, even though it turned out to be a spectacular failure.
½ February 16, 2010
Synopsis: The Silver Chalice is a biblical epic set after the crucifixion of Christ in Antioch & Rome. It features Paul Newman in his first lead role and Jack Palance as his foil. The story revolves around the attempt by a militant rebel sect trying to discredit Christianity so that the men converting to christianity will fight to remove the Roman Influence by enlisting the magician Simon to replicate and discredit the miracles and divinity of Christ.

? Good Solid Story
? A Younger Jack Palance as Simon the Magician
? Epic Story, spanning many years
? Paul Newman

? The Art and Set design was very dated
? The Score by Franz Waxman
? Some of the supporting cast were bad

Final Analysis: I mainly was intrigued by this film because of the Jack Palance character, Simon the Magician, though still obscure, more commonly known as Simon Magus. The performances, at times, delivered here are stilted and wooden. The set design arrestingly bad. The score also was your typical 1950s fare. The only reason to watch this film really is the Simon Magus story arc which is quite interesting and the interplay with Newman and the wife of his character.

Decent, maybe if you have a few hours free.
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