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Simon Killer Reviews

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Super Reviewer

April 7, 2013
'Simon Killer'. A wonderful character study into a deeply-disturbed individual. Writing, acting, directing, soundtrack. Tick.

Super Reviewer

May 13, 2013
Following a rough break-up with his girlfriend, twenty-something New Yorker, Simon (Corbet) travels to Paris where an acquaintance, Carlo (Ronchi) has allowed him to make use of his apartment. Simon spends days walking the city, seemingly attracting negative attention from many locals. One night he wanders into a brothel where he meets prostitute Noura (Diop), who seems to show him more affection than is normal for such a situation. A few nights later, Simon is attacked by a group of youths (after possibly provoking them on purpose) and turns up at the brothel, telling Noura he has nowhere to stay. She invites him to stay with her and quickly falls for him romantically. It soon becomes apparent he's far from the innocent abroad she mistook him for.

Last year, Campos acted as producer for Sean Durkin's feature debut, 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'. Here, the roles are reversed, with Durkin producing Campos' follow-up to 2008's 'Afterschool'. Between the two of them, they seem to be forming a two-man American new-wave. While the rest of the American indie film community seems intent on boring us with dull "dramedies", Campos and Durkin ignore the restrictions of their budgets to give us low budget movies of a quality not seen since the Australian New Wave of the seventies. Like those Aussie flicks, their movies feel geographically unique; not quite American, not yet European, but borrowing the best elements of both schools.

Like 'MMMM', 'Simon Killer' is a "snippet" movie. Rather than a traditional three act structure consisting of a beginning, middle and end, we find ourselves thrown in at the deep end of the narrative. At first Simon appears to be a sympathetic victim of his own romantic nature, struggling to adapt to an intimidating alien city. It's a cinematic con-trick, deftly played by Campos and his committed, perfectly cast, leading man. Over the past decade we've grown accustomed to seeing Anglo-Saxons suffer at the hands of Europeans, be it physically ('Hostel'), psychologically ('Berberian Sound Studio'), or culturally ('Vicky, Christina, Barcelona'), but here Campos and Corbet flip things around. Early on, Simon appears to be suffering from mistreatment at the hands of Parisians, both aggressive males and apathetic females. As things progress, and Campos' constantly tracking camera begins to allow us to see his subject's face, rather than following him from behind to conceal his true nature, we realize Simon, not Paris, is the film's true antagonist.
Campos isn't a film-maker prone to spoon-feeding his audience, and his long takes (one unbroken static shot on a dance-floor is a stunning representation of Simon's coiled aggression) may well test the patience of less committed viewers. Those who appreciate a film which allows you to fill in the blanks will be richly rewarded. The American New-Wave has arrived!
September 3, 2012
Most people will hate this film. The lead character is nothing short of abhorrent. The trick lies in the sensory laden journey towards that realization. The slow boil reaches fruition and the results are rattling because, at one point, you cared. Beautiful cinematography and an intricate soundtrack (rarely are the two so closely intertwined) assist in the hypnotism.
February 18, 2013
70s vibe. pretty. long. patricia highsmith stripped of homosexuality. left with mommy issues and not much else. there's nothing wrong with it. it's just unimportant.
July 10, 2014
Just finished this movie that was very "Talented Mr. Ripley" set in Paris. Its an interesting study of a sociopath.
March 3, 2014
Sweeping camera angles set the scene for every (generally uncomfortable moment). Slower-paced and more awkward than the trailer suggests, your empathy for the main character soon turns to disdain.
February 16, 2014
A chilling character study of a psychopath which made me acutely aware of how lucky I am to be alive as we've all had experiences with these destructive forces coming into our lives over the course of our single and ready to mingle years! Frightening to think about it even after all of these years and what is even more chilling is they look and act normal it's only over time their true nature is revealed!

While the film is nothing to write home about it succeeded by touching on that very raw and exposed nerve of vulnerability! The film didn't reveal much about Simon, it was more successful revealing things about me!
January 31, 2014
I really enjoyed this. I wouldn't recommend watching it with the parents, but thought it was an interesting character study, if nothing else. Brady Corbet does an 'excellent' sociopath!
December 30, 2013
This movie is extremely bleak. It is so bleak that it took me two days to finish it. It is a good character study. It is slow and steady and is good at the end.
January 12, 2014
this movie truly can playing our emotional very great. make us can change side easily in the middle of story, smooth alteration between antagonist and protagonist. very clever in changing the flow of story. very mysterious and blur plot. the story is about one pathetic,miserable and desperate guy. more you hate this guy,more this movie success bring you to the idea. this all because good performances by Brady Corbet who playing as Simon, the sucks guy. my writing below contain all spoiler aspects,but make you more understand about a whole story. read it if you don`t get the idea of movie. the story is about one miserable guy who desperate after he be abandoned by his girlfriend after 5 years relationship. until this point you will hate the girlfriend because this guy is look so kind and plain. He travel to Paris and live at his cousin place until he met one prostitute at Metro(someplace in Paris). shortly he find chemistry between this prostitute and live in her place. one idea appear to squeeze every employer who using her service, with making video they making love, so SImon and this prostitute can squeeze them all, because this idea is some kind of thread. but the situation become complicated because one victim of this idea is murdered himself. and in this point we start to hate this Simon because he is having fair with other girl. now we start to confuse what personality he has. there is one twist to explain that all,we can know what kind of guy,Simon is and that`s make we more hate this guy. very clever to bring our emotional i think, but this is the movie which only some people love because the structure and approach this movie give are too unique and too strange to be enjoyed.
January 8, 2014
I don't think this is much more than an intriguing character very well played by Brady Corbet.
January 7, 2014
Surprisingly good... Almost did not watch this, not usually into foreign flicks. However, this had the right balance of foreign/American so subtitles are minimal... For me I want to relax and watch a movie not have to read subtitles through out. This had a good balance. The acting is what was the winner for me. I did not know of the stars especially the female lead, Mati Diop. Both Brady and Mati worked well in this movie... The plot is unusually realistic and the chemistry between these two is definitely there! I can see an add on to this or sequel film, not sure how well it did in the box office, and I usually donot comment on movies I just had to look these two actors up to see what else is out there that they star or co-star in. It's an R rated film, but the desperation and history of the two characters (explained in the film) and the way it plays out is very believable. Although I do not endorse the content personally, It was extremely well done and the actors made this happen. I am sure they were recognized by critics that do this rating stuff for a living. I am just the consumer and will highly recommend again where appropriate. I think this lady Mati (who has only a few major roles under her belt) and Brady (several lead roles) will accelerate their careers and face recognition based upon these unforgettable characters. Nice work folks.
January 5, 2014
Pretty sure the whole point of the movie was to show the audience that we cannot always trust the main character ... and I like that.
December 26, 2013
"Travis Bickle's European Vacation" is visually and sonically stylish with great songs. ("Dance Yrslf Clean" is used particularly well.) Brady Corbet is really good as always. Ultimately, it misses the mark but not by that much. Creepy and mysterious.
August 3, 2013
Tesko je kategorizirati ili jednostavno opisati ovako toksicnu studiju lika. Krvna slika filma granici sa hororom jer razina socipoatskog raspadanja nakon prvotne simpaticnosti u ovom cudovistu na momente zastrasuje, ali vise se radi o nelagodi izmedju redova nego eksplicitnom nasilju. Uvijek jako volim efektno koristenje glazbe u filmovima, a sarolika selekcija i igranje dinamikom ovdje je kao poseban kontraefekt paklu. Gluma, rezija, glazba i skrivena dubina, sve je tu, ali mozda da jednostavno ukradem omiljenu recenicu Simona kada "oci u oci" pregovara sa golim venerinim brezuljkom: "Can I just look at you?"
November 30, 2013
Dark, dirty, "sicko" story. Not for the church ladies or youth. Damn.
November 28, 2013
Takes a little while to find its feet, but if you're patient enough there's a good, solid thriller ahead. Mostly works because of Brady Corbet's chilling performance, but there's more to see here than that. Good ending too. Overall dug the film, 7/10
November 14, 2013
I couldn't help thinking of this movie as the long lost brother of blue valentine... Simon Killer is an overload of emotions and intimacy that has you more invested in the characters than any other film out these days, the cinematography is unique and persuasive as Antonio Campos pulls the viewer into an immersive world that holds a grip on them long
after the movie has ended
October 18, 2013
Its visually dark and its sexist theme doesnt help much to make this movie popular. Its still a good character study despite its flaws.
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