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January 21, 2014
There are worse movies you could watch than this but not many and certainly none with a cast as famous as this! What starts as a silly but not dreadful generation gap comedy devolves into an incoherent mess capped by the horrifying sight of Carol Channing in long platinum wig, admiral's hat and red hot pants singing the title tune. Just when you think it can't get any worse Frankie Avalon sings the credits! It's as dreadful as it sounds. For bad movie lovers this will be heaven for the rest of the world it's a psychedelic version of hell. A great many famous actors, some more talented then others, damage their reputations and embarrass themselves. A testament to a time when major studios, Paramount in this case, were trying to connect to an audience that it had no understanding of and entrusting it to a director who was equally clueless.
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December 7, 2011
Jackie Gleason plays a retired gangster sent to prison to assassinate a stool pigeon; gentle, freaky flower children help him get out of the mess he's gotten himself into in this notorious all-star train-wreck made by squares for the benefit of the counterculture. Watch it to see Carol Channing doing the frug in yellow pantyhose, Groucho Marx playing "God" and saying "groovy," and, best of all, Jackie Gleason freaking out on LSD. Not for the average moviegoer but if your looking for rare camp this is a gold mine.
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½ July 1, 2008
In 1968 Otto Priminger decided to take acid and shoot a film, Skidoo is the result. Gleason's a hippie hating ex-mobster and his boss is a Kingpin called GOD played by Groucho Marx. The cast is amazing with music by Harry Nillson. The film is very strange and campy, it's not very good but worth a watch just to see Groucho smoke dope.
½ July 24, 2014
When Bill Mulligan tells you a movie is terrible, you better believe him. I didn't listen, and I watched the horrendous misfire that is Skidoo (1968). That said, I'm glad I got a chance to experience its particular brand of awfulness myself. Some highlights/lowlights:
- Groucho in his final film role.
- Jackie Gleason on acid
- A psychedelic ballet featuring trashcans dancing to a Harry Nilsson song about trash
- Tons of cameos (mostly by folks over 40 in a film aimed at the youth of 1968)
- Unfunny gags that go on way, way, way too long
- Closing credits sung in their entirety(!) by Harry Nilsson
July 16, 2011
It's like Otto Preminger just wanted to see who the most ridiculous people were that he could put into a hippie drug movie. So why not Groucho Mark, Jackie Gleason, The Riddler, and the guy from the beach movies? There seems to be some loose plot about mobsters or hitmen, or something, but the reason to watch this is to see Ralph Kramden Go On An Acid Trip. Period. Ok, also worthwhile are a dance troupe of garbage cans and a mutiny by a group of hippie pirates, led by a badly lip synching and go go dancing Carol Channing. And Groucho Marx (as "God") sailing off into the sunset in Hari Krishna garb while smoking a joint. I've heard this was the last role of his film career, what a fantastic exit.
June 5, 2009
Oh, my. You need to see this one to believe it. It starts off as just a really mediocre gangster comedy in which Jackie Gleason gets into prison to bump off a snitch, but things go completely bonkers when he accidentally takes LSD. His hallucinations include Mickey Rooney dancing and Groucho Marx's head on a rotating screw. The rest of the people in the prison - including Burgess Meredith, Frank Gorshin ('I'm seeing an angel! I am an angel!'), Slim Pickens, Jaws from the James Bond movies, and Peter Lawford - follow Gleason's example and wind up inadvertently tripping balls themselves; dancing garbage cans, naked football players, and general mayhem ensue. Throw in a bunch of hippies, Carol Channing (in an old-timey general's uniform and a platinum-blond wig) singing the title song, and Groucho (in his final role, donning that greasepaint mustache once again) as the mob boss who ultimately sails off into bliss (the sails on the boat read 'Peace' and 'Love') smoking pot with Austin Pendleton while they wear hippie robes, and you've got this astonishingly odd mess of a movie. Harry Nilsson sings the end credits (and I mean that quite literally). I don't know how the hell Otto Preminger made this movie; I guess it had something to do with him dropping acid during production. (Groucho took LSD as well.) It's really something else to watch all these well-known figures trying to be hip and groovy. Wow. Those were the days.
July 6, 2014
All star cast...not joking not to be missed. I could go on and on.
April 22, 2014
You too can be beautiful and sexually desirable like me.

Mob boss, God, calls an old associate, Tony Banks, to execute a hit on mobster Blue Chips Packard. To execute this mission, Tony will have to go to jail and infiltrate Blue Chips maximum security cell. Tony recruits the aid of a hippie scientist to find a way into maximum security. Meanwhile, God uses the hippie lifestyle to lure Tony's daughter into a trap to ensure her dad executes the plan.

"I bet you're a good dancer."
"I'm a good everything."
"Prove it."

Otto Preminger, director of Laura, Anatomy of Murder, Exodus, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Angel Face, and A Royal Scandal, delivers Skidoo. The storyline for this picture is fairly terrible and reminded me of something Jerry Lewis would be in. The comedic content was disappointing and even the acting was below par despite having a solid cast. The cast includes Jackie Gleason, Carol Channing, Frankie Avalon, Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, Mickey Rooney, and George Raft.

"You're cute."
"I know."

Skidoo is a movie I DVR'd because it was directed by one of my all time favorite directors, Otto Preminger. This is a very eccentric movie that was obviously made to support smoking weed and living a free lifestyle, like the hippies; unfortunately, the film was disappointing, bland, and ridiculous. This is easily the worst Preminger movie I have ever seen.

"What does God want with him after all these years?"

Grade: F
January 19, 2014
I saw this movie for the first only recently on AMC, and I was horrified. If this was supposed to be a comedy, it missed the mark by 180... To see Jackie Gleason, Groucho Marx, Mickey Rooney, Carol Channing, Caesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, Frank Gorshen, Frankie Avalon and many others attempting to bluff their way through a totally misinformed 1960s "acid movie" wasn't funny to me at all. On the contrary, I found "Skidoo" a sad, heartbreaking and inappropriate use of talent. Strangely, only Mickey Rooney seemed to FIT this stupid flick, because Mickey Rooney is like the chameleon of the ages, he brings enthusiasm and vitality to any role he plays...So, I could almost BELIEVE Mickey Rooney as an LSD hallucination. But Otto Preminger "chose poorly" with Jackie Gleason as the star... Granted, in his acting career, Gleason turned out to be a really intense dramatic talent, but you can TELL that Jackie Gleason DID NOT LIKE playing in this movie. I mean, seriously, I think the casting call for "Skidoo" brought in all the Hollywood has-beens who needed a couple of bucks. That may be mean to say; but, damn, can you believe that Burgess Meredith, Caesar Romero and Frank Gorshen all appeared in "Skidoo"... These guys also played the three TOP arch-villains in the BatMan television series, The Penguin, The Joker and The Riddler. I was doing double-takes all through the film to see WHO ELSE Otto Preminger was trying to squeeze in... Strangely, Preminger DID NOT tap Jonathan Winters or Carey Grant, who WERE heavy LSD users in real life. Saddest of all was the animatronic appearance of Grouch Marx in this dreadful flick... I mean, in "Skidoo," Groucho looks totally dependent on cue-cards, as though he's never even seen (nor remembers) the script. That's the saddest bit, and the less said about it the better.
September 10, 2012
This is not a movie! This is real!
December 12, 2011
Just watched this today on Sho Hd . Kinda kazy mite be ripe for the remake. Classic actors tho..
November 22, 2010
Groucho Marx dropped LSD in order to research his role in this film. His experience was covered by High Times. True story.
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