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December 28, 2007
A very cheesy typical low budget 80's slasher film. It starts poorly, the acting is pretty terrible. However once we get to the creepy school reunion at night it becomes more interesting. It definitely has some aspects to it that slasher fans will appreciate. The run down deserted school does look spooky, bad lighting helps this. The kills are quite inventive for the time and gory to. The killers mask was also a good choice. One for slasher fans to seek out if you haven't seen it yet. Maybe if this got a better budget remake, or with a similar story it could do well!
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½ July 19, 2011
It's the revenge of the nerd in this British made, Americanised, comedy-slasher as a bullied geek puts his science and chemistry skills to sadistic use as he exacts his bloody revenge against those who tormented him and left him physically scarred from a prank gone wrong. Hilariously bad and fun all the same. The kills are good and some quite gory too which was pleasing to the eye. 'Marty' himself makes for a memorable killer complete with a cool jester mask. It may be silly but it has enough charm to make it stand out among the endless 80s slashers out there.
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December 9, 2010
In the mid to late eighties we had a series of cheesy tongue in cheek slasher flicks. Slaughter High is yet another cheesy horror film, but its not bad. Thats the thing. Of course these films are bad in context as these movies scrapes the bottom of the barrel with unused ideas and offer nothing new aside from bad dialogue, predictability and bad acting. However these films are pretty good considering how cheesy they are. Slaughter High is like a fine cut of cheese. It's iresistable and good. Thats what we have here with Slaughter High. This is a fun horror film with plenty of creative, gory deaths. Sure the film is derivative of other films, most notably Friday The 13th, but that doesn't stop Slaughter High from being an enjoyable slasher in its own right. The film stars Caroline Munro (Maniac) and she plays a popular teen who with her friends play a mean prank on the school oddball Marty. The prank turns almost fatal and Marty is disfigured and is committed to a psychiatric hospital. Five years later they're invited to a class reunion and only them show up, and they soon wonder why they're the only ones there. However they break into the school, and start having a party, but before they do they discover some bizarre things. Like they're old lockers filled with their missing stuff that they lost in high school. Soon they lighten up and start partying, and playing drinking games. Unfortunately for one of the gang, one of the beers has been tampered with, and his stomach inflates and his intestines explode out of his stomach. The gang are force to flee but they are locked in the school. They soon realize it was Marty who organized the whole thing, and he soon kills them off in very creative ways. Slaughter High is cheesy, and fun. But the thing with the film that actually surprised me is that the filmmakers layed off the bad dialogue a bit halfway through the film. Sure this film is a rehash of old ideas, but it's still an underrated gem. The acting and dialogue may not be excellent, but the strength of this film lies within it's creative and gory kills. In the end thats what a slasher film is about, the kills that the killer conjures for his victims. Slaughter High is severely underrated and a must see for cheesy horror fans.
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August 4, 2010
Uncomfortable and oddball school massacre horror flick. Like many of those flicks, adult actors are portraying teenagers, who play a sleazy and nasty prank on the class geek Marty. My favorite bits were the cheezy music playing during the gym workout scene, and the hilarious jump-scare when the girl grabs her boyfriend's shoulder and says "I gotta pee!" The setting looks more like an abandoned hospital than a school. C'mon, a bath tub and a bed inside a school?! The deaths around those was cool enough. But it's not the ultimate high school slaughter film as the cover portrays.
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½ May 5, 2010
A fun slasher that carries watchability from kill to kill, but has a script that is frustratingly formulaic. Better used for posting random screencaps on one's tumblog than for actual viewing.
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½ September 8, 2009
Producers Steve Minasian and Dick Randall certainly had an extreme flirtation with the slasher genre when it was finding its fortune in the peak years. Their credits include perhaps two of the most bizarre and blood-soaked movies of the early eighties, Mil Gritos Tiene La Noche a.k.a Pieces and Don't open ?til Christmas. This was their last joint venture into the kingdom of stalk and slash and it was probably their finest hour. Carolin Munro (that name always makes me giggle, I'm not trying to be Marilyn Monroe sir, Honest!) returns to what she does best? well, gets most work from! Yes, she was the buxom beauty queen stalked by Joe Spinnell in both Maniac and Fanatic and she also made a somewhat brief appearance in the aforementioned Christmas-set hacker. Having discovered a themed-calendar date that had not yet been knifed/slashed/pickaxed, the movie was initially going to be called April Fools Day. But Frank Manucuso Jnr, the producer most famous for his work with the later Friday the 13ths, must've just beat them to the copyright for his flick of the same title. On the cover this claims that it too was from the makers of the Voorhees series, only I'm not quite sure how much truth can be found in that statement. If Minasian did have any involvement at all, it wasn't credited ANYWHERE, which hardly makes him worthy to call himself the ?maker'.

The premise is even more archetypal than the category it so lovingly frequents. Marty Rantzen is the school nerd that suffers a constant barrage of bullying from a troupe of (middle-aged!) students, which includes the beautiful Carol (Munro) and the joker of the pack Skip (Carmine Lannacconne). He emphasis the fact by wearing a Jester's mask that we know from the off will reappear later for more sinister reasons! As if you hadn't already guessed, one April fools day they go too far and Marty ends up horrendously disfigured and transferred to a loony bin for lifelong imprisonment. You wanted by the book plotting? Well check this out: Five years later, the culprits are all invited to a reunion on their now abandoned campus, but no one knows who planned it (take a guess!). Almost as soon as they enter, the caretaker is nailed to the door by a nut-nut in the Jester's mask and soon they each find curious reasons to wander off and suffer gory deaths at the hands of the masked maniac?

Most of these ?actors' are as English as the Tower of London, but try to convince us that they're American, which would explain their humorous accents switching between UK and US more times in 85 minutes than British airways do in a year. Cars are given foreign number plates, but there's no disguising the location's obvious English heritage. Ex-Bond babe Munro hasn't improved her characterization since the last time she was stalked by a maniac killer and by 1985, she was looking a little too ?mature' to be a Hi-school teen. I'd love to know how she managed to wake up early in the morning with perfect hair and make-up too, but hey, I guess we're not supposed to ask questions like that and she did bring some much-needed beauty to the movie. Most of her support were outright first-timers, flat as a punctured tyre with no thread of speech pattern. But Simon Scuddamore and Carmine Lannaccone kept up the camp spirit - if little else. The really obscure thing about Slaughter High was undoubtedly Dick Randall's brief cameo appearance. Surrounded by posters from his previous ?hits' (hey, there's Pieces!), he proves that his flair for dramatics was even worse than his taste for production.

There's fun to be had in the inventive murders that involve disembowelment by a tractor engine, exploding intestines and death by drowning in a bog of mud! (?) Perhaps the dumbest of the bunch was when one girl decides to take a bath after the blood from her friend's bursting guts sprays all over her face (Well, isn't that exactly what you'd do?) She climbs in the tub and turns on the taps and suddenly the water rushes in to boiling acid. Does she simply step out of the basin to save herself from scalding or does she stay seated until she completely melts into a bloodied skeleton? Yep, you guessed it? Perhaps on this occasion the killer actually did her a favour! Director George Dugdale shows very little potential in his directorial debut. His biggest mistake was relinquishing the usually redeeming stalking set pieces for rushed murders that lack any suspense or tension. His efforts at jump-scares were too slowly framed and he lacks the skill shown in the early additions to the series that he so desperately emulates. The ghost-like apparitions that pop-up as the runtime draws to a close were indeed silly and pointless, but if you keep watching they at least give us an explanation for their needless appearance. Harry Manfredini hasn't so much mimicked his score from Friday the 13th as simply cut and pasted it, which is no real mean feat, but at times it felt as if we were watching a (less competent) sequel instead of a completely different movie.

The most macabre thing about Slaughter High, is the fact that actor Simon Scuddamore tragically took his own life soon after it was released. It's a real shame, because he was probably the most talented guy in the picture. The reason(s) for his suicide are unknown, but watching him play the role with his tongue stuck firmly in cheek and clearly disguising the problems that he may/may not have been suffering at the time, makes his performance look far more credible. It also gives the film a somewhat morbid air of mystery as to why he chose to end his life at a time when he should've been celebrating. What is questionable, is why no tribute was added to the closing credits in memory of the deceased star? Perhaps the reason being that it had already been transferred to video when news of his suicide was announced.

Although it lacks the polish of the flicks it obviously wants to be classed alongside, this is still a great deal of fun. The unrated versions give some visually amusing splatter, even if it's nowhere near as gory as the producer's previous bloodstained offerings. The overall campiness spoils any chance of fear and it's a little too under-written even for a slasher flick, but it does manage to keep interests raised without ever becoming boring and it doesn't take itself too seriously. The net result is a movie that succeeds in doing exactly what it set out to. Have some fun and kill a few deserving victims along the way! It's as routine as brushing your teeth, but it gains credibility for accepting with warm embrace the knowledge that it's nothing more than that.
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December 29, 2011
Oh my Gosh, who made this awful film that surprisingly featured male frontal nudity and Simon actually died in real life? Pretty much a typical B-movie really, only watch it if you've got more spare time
Lord Naseby
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December 5, 2010
Marty majored in
Cutting classmates

Another dumb tagline. A college major joke for a High School film.

I just can't stop can I? I don't know why I feel the need to keep watching these horrible slasher films!Maybe it's the challenge of finding a good slasher beyond the big 3 (Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream) slashers. By the time I'm done, I will be able to give you all a short list of the good ones I have found. But, until then, I have to deal with this nonsense. *shudder* I hate the synthesizer music that plays over and over again every few minutes. And when it isn't, you have sound effects and music that wouldn't be out of place in an old Scooby-Doo cartoon.

Acting/Characters: stereotypes. Overacted stereotypes. Every single syllable of every single line is over-enunciated. It gets annoying very fast. But you know something? I think I finally figured it out, we don't care that people in these movies die because they are all so stupid that they deserve to die. It is almost a kind of natural selection. So in a way, the killers in movies like this are the true heroes for riding the human population of retards like the teens in slasher films. I dunno, maybe I'm just being heartless. But the characters in the film are brainless so it all works out. Usually the killer has somewhat of a brain, which is what allows him to successfully kill people, but not in this movie. If any of the characters had a brain, the events of the film wouldn't have happened. Also, my biggest beef with the film has to be that all of the kills are impossible. well, almost all of them. there was one of them that could have easily happened. But the rest of them are impossible in one way or another. It was ridiculous. 0/10

Plot: so. many. plot. holes. I don't get it. How can a human being be so stupid? I mean, these kids have a lower IQ than any other group of kids in any other slasher film that I have ever seen. That is saying something. Every event in the film could have been avoided if the characters had just done one thing differently. And you will know full well what that is if you are ever forced at gunpoint to see this. I just don't get it. Then they tried to have a "twist" ending that completely failed. Basically, the filmmakers looked at the film and said to themselves, we have already thrown in every single possible thing to make this movie bad, what can we do to make it worse? there has to be something!" well, they found it. The ending...oh the ending hurt my head. A lot. I have now seen every dumb trick that they can throw at me. At least, I hope so. Again, once you are held at gunpoint and forced to watch this, you will understand. I know that some may argue that this film just didn't try to take itself seriously, that might be true but it hid it well if that was the case. i thought that this movie was trying very hard to be the next Halloween. Maybe I just don't get Cult Classics.

Screenplay: Like I said before, every single syllable of every single line was overacted and over-enunciated. EVERY LAST ONE!!! The directors told the actors "we know the screenplay is the worst ever, so make it worse. Come on we're going for the record here: all the Razzies". it shows. 0/10

Likableness: Maybe I'm just taking this movie too seriously or i don't understand films like this, but this is truly one of the worst films I have ever seen and I would gladly add it to any list saying so. I would pick Sleepaway Camp again over this (although, Sleepaway Camp had such a rocking ending that it is an incredibly easy choice). But I would do Sleepaway Camp without the ending. It was that bad. 0/10

Final Score: 0/40 0% (H)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. Simon Scuddamore, who plays the film's slasher, committed suicide shortly after production of the film.

2. The films working title was "April Fool's Day", however the title was changed to keep this film from being confused with the Paramount film April Fool's Day which was released the same year.

3. Star Caroline Munro was actually 36 years old during this film where she played a 'teenage' heroine.
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½ March 2, 2009
A watchable and average cheesy 80īs slasher with creative gore scenes,good twis ending, bad acting and directing.
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½ March 12, 2009
Class nerd Marty has fallen victim to a prank-gone-wrong played on him by his classmates during April Fool's Day, leaving him horribly disfigured. A few years later, the same people get invited to a class reunion, but little did they know that what was supposed to be a night of partying would turn out to be a nightmare.

While I expected that this was going to be a cheap slasher flick, I still felt I shouldn't have wasted my time on this. However, the saving grace of the movie was that Marty, in some way, got his revenge. It's one of those few horror/slasher movies that you root for the killer rather than his victims.
January 23, 2009
As predicted the acting was bad but the plot was actually pretty brilliant. The ending was a great twist setup for a sequel. I hope they remake this movie cause it has potential for a part 1 and 2 only but no more than that.
January 9, 2013
I can sit through a bad (and I mean BAD) horror flick or two but this one was not even worth watching! A few of the killing scenes were well done enough but the cheesy acting and poor story line ruined it. Would have possibly been better if it were set right after the time of the "prank gone wrong" instead of years later at a fake reunion....
½ October 18, 2012
It's fun and the special effects are pretty realistic, which was interesting, some of the parts may make you go "Eww!". All in all it seemed like pretty standard 80s horror. Reminded me of other movies.. the Scream series.. Popcorn.. and all the other slashers that involved a high school-ish setting.
May 26, 2011
It's a formulaic slasher with horrid acting but somewhat ambitious effects and direction. Though the writing is rather lazy in Slaughter High, the overall production is rather carefully crafted and lovingly put together. A Writing / directing team led by Georgre Dugdale put together a rather dark but clunky slasher with creative kills and the aforementioned plethora of jump scares. The killer wears a jester's mask and slaughters with an unique flair with a decent amount of blood, and the last reel of the film somewhat makes up for the slow and jumpy hour that preceded it.The final product is admirable from a indie filmmaker's perspective, but a bit rough and sluggish your average horror fan.
½ February 11, 2011
For what this movie is it's actually pretty good. It had a decent but corny story which most of these films had. It's setting in the old school was nice and creepy. I also thought the killers get up was pretty creepy too. decent gore and a few good scares. it was a pretty fun time.
October 11, 2010
Had this been even SLIGHTLY more plausible I might've given it a higher score, but this is filled with the stupidest characters I've encountered in a good long time. The bullies return for a high school reunion, only to find the school closed, and rather than just FUCKING LEAVE they decide to hang around until nightfall when it'll be easier for them to be killed, THEN they enter the empty school.

What the hell?

Worth a look to poke fun at, but not much more.
October 15, 2009
This low budget slasher cash-in from the 80's, while suffering from a poor cast and script, manages a certain thrift store charm, thanks to its excellent locations and satisfying kills. It's also a nice touch that the film is scored by Harry Manfredini, who composed the score for the original Friday the 13th. Still, there's nothing really special or noteworthy going on here, and I can only recommend this to slasher aficionados/completists.
April 8, 2009
Does full frontal dude-ity pique your interest? If you said yes or maybe, then this is the movie for you.
½ February 5, 2007
This movie suffers from the we want someone to die this way so lets make them do that when they never would. But otherwise its ok 80;s horror.
August 30, 2007
Great 80's horror flick, even though I wasn't fond of the ending Marty is one of my favorite slashers. His costume is awesome and his tricks are devious.
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