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Sniper: Reloaded Reviews

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Super Reviewer

June 25, 2014
Mediocre final to the Sniper franchise, this fourth film is a bland, unimpressive to a series of films that never really stood out. The film's problem here is that, instead of developing on the third film, which was decent fun, Sniper reloaded just waters down the film's story, and in turn it becomes a tiresome, dull affair that never takes off. Add to that, poor performances and a sheer lack of wanting to make a good film by the filmmakers, and you have a final film that ends up being mediocre. There could have been many ways how they could have ended the series, and to be honest, I always felt that Sniper never needed three sequels. The film should have been a standalone feature because the material never had enough angles to really create an awesome series of films. Overall the films ranged from mediocre to decent, and as a whole the series is quite forgettable. Sniper Reloaded just lacks anything really entertaining, and it recycles the tiresome ideas and adds some bland performances that are highly forgettable. If you're going into this film expecting a great action film, you'll sadly be disappointed. The film is strictly for viewers who are diehard fans of the series, and even then, there are things that lack and won't satisfy genre fans. This film really could have been a fun end to a series of films that should have been something quite good. This is standard Straight to DVD stuff, a film that leaves a lot to be desired, and it shows in the final film, which just feels like a lazy, uninteresting action film.
Cynthia S

Super Reviewer

May 22, 2011
No more Tom Beringer. Now his son (not real life, but sure resembles him) takes over. I thought that this was pretty good. It was well done, and it appears they are starting a new series. I would be curious enough to check the next one out....

Super Reviewer

April 27, 2011
More than what I expected and I didn't expect much. The movie has a decent story and keeps a certain timeline and relation with the other Sniper movies with Tom Berenger. Not much acting though but some good old action you can't deny. Get to the Shoppa! Boom head shot!!!

While working with the UN Forces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Marine Sgt. Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins), son of renowned sniper Thomas Beckett, receives orders to rescue a European farmer trapped in the middle of hostile rebel territory. When he and his men arrive at the farm, a mysterious sniper ambushes them, wounding Beckett and killing everyone else. With the help of his fathers former protégé, sniper instructor Richard Miller (Billy Zane), Beckett must learn to think like a sniper to track down the assassin before the sniper returns to finish the job. On top of this he must also track down the one who is giving the orders and reveal a conspiracy.
Stuart B

Super Reviewer

May 10, 2011
Not very exciting or interesting, at best you can hope it just helps waste about 90mins of your life.
April 12, 2012
On my to see list...Best that I can say is that I've seen it. Billy Zane...Hair on or hair off you can't have it both ways. The action was good, but the movie dragged some...
November 14, 2011
The plot is basic, generic and predictable down to the last detail. But in the end I still found this movie to be somewhat enjoyable. Having Billy Zane back in the series felt good and hell just seeing him in a movie is great. Guy is one of the most underrated charismatic actors out there. Charming and handsome to boot. The action scenes are well directed and decent. Just the flow of the rest of the movie falls apart. In the end it's better then the other Sniper sequels but still falls flat. Glad to see you again Billy. Plus a shot of a sniper holding position while an ant crawls on his face. Pretty awesome that is.
August 18, 2014
I'm sorry. I only recognize Billy Zane, from "The Phantom" & "Going Overboard." & I'm watching this in Spanish.
October 5, 2013
An entertaining movie. It won't blow your mind, but this movie is different in the way that actors and dialogue aren't extremely glamourized, either due to clever setting or small budget. It's gritty and the kills carry impact, so it holds up.
June 22, 2013
stopped watching soon as i saw how jacked up they got the marine corps uniforms. Like they couldn't spend 2 seconds to look at pictures of marines and what they look like.
November 24, 2012
You guys got it wrong,Beckett taught Miller not the other way around.
Dave J
January 13, 2012
Friday, January 13, 2012

(2011) Sniper: Reloaded

Low budget, conventional and straight-to-rental flick has a small group of US soldiers ordered to safegaurd a resident through some of the lands of the African Congo, only to be ambushed by some snipers leaving only one soldier still alive who after a bond with these soldiers is succumbing to seek retribution. The good are the actual existing politics explained that is going on in Congo and in Africa in general which doesn't come out until much later meaning that the director had probably done his research making the first 40 minutes to be very routine, the production values which includes some of the acting is apparently very low and has potential to be better.

2.5 out of 4
May 9, 2011
I wanna see it coz my friends in it
December 9, 2011
better than expected
August 18, 2011
"You piss your pants and learn to love it" is probably the best line in the show. Not my favorite military covert flick but sitting through it isn't painful either. Billy Zane with the My-Name-is-Earl look kinda works for him
Jesper J.
August 12, 2011
Lose the girl and give some more Millertime!
June 19, 2011
Revenge is a dish best served bored is what this movie is talking about, after a guy looses his whole squad to just 1 enemy what does he do, he abandons the army to become the worst sniper ive ever seen.
June 7, 2011
i am a big fan of teen guna laagan dunga...
June 4, 2011
Absolutely incredible movie! I still enjoy watching the original sniper with a younger Billy Zane. This was well done and very entertaining. If you are a true sniper fan you will like this movie for sure.
May 26, 2011
Not spectacular, Not funny, not interesting. not different. A sex scene that had nothing to do with the plot. Copy of all sniper movies since Hollywood was invented. The story takes a long time to get set up.
What they say about war applies to this movie "it's extremely boring, with some brief flashes of total mayhem"
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