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July 2, 2011
Incredible! The twist ending made this film great. But the only problem is that the antagonists are a little too weak. (a fat old lady, A disabled lady in a wheel chair, and a mentally retarded man.) But this film was still pretty good and had some good bloody scenes and scares to it.
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June 18, 2011
Set in 1969, four friends are hitchhiking their way to Washington D.C. for some sort of rally and accept a ride from a normal looking fellow named Quintin (Charlie Bodin) but then their truck breaks down. The group heads into the woods in search of help and come upon a creepy farm inhabited by a family that might be described as Leatherface's less attractive, retarded distant relatives, wheelchair-bound Geraldine, Bible-thumping Louise, and their lumbering man-child, Buddy and decide to stay for a spell.

~Spoiler Alert~

If you watch a lot of horror movies, even if you don't, you come to the realization that when unsuspecting young people accept a ride from a stranger, you know things will get bad and boy, they really do get bad here as our young friends fall victim to Buddy, the Leatherface-like killer that has neither the face of leather, nor any of the eccentric charm of the Sawyer family's favorite chainsaw-wielding son.

Staunton Hill contains some particularly gory scenes some of which include "ewww"-worthy skinning/scalping scenes, a few scenes that feature some nice runny/dripping gore sprinkled in with a few nice squirts of blood erupting from arteries now and then.

But what scared me more than all of the above was that these vibrant young adults can't fight their way away from an elderly woman in a wheelchair, an obese lumberiing woman who can't take 10 steps without running out of breath, and her half wit son.

Every cliché you associate with the Crazy Redneck Slasher genre is here in this movie. The sexed-up hitchhikers, the broken down truck, the mentally challenged son, the meat hooks and the dirt-poor family who just might be having you for dinner.
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June 26, 2010
When a group of hikers take off for a weekend they have no clue what is gonna be in store for them as they end up infront of a hold country farm run by the Staunton family for which the hill is named after now all these friends must fight to survive if they wanna get away from the family of Staunton Hill alive. as you can tell the plot is alittle thin on this movie directed by the son of famous horror director George Romero the film does have its moments but overall it isnt anything new when it comes to the backwoods crazy family films i would say its worth a quick look for anyone thats interested
October 29, 2009
This was never scary, and it's as predictable as all hell, from the first moment we meet the characters, to them walking up to the lonely farmhouse, to the family in the house turning on them like all remote living families do in cinema.

There's some oddball subplot that I honestly never understood about the family harvesting skin for something, an operating room sequence that they keep flashing to, but I never understood what it all meant, and didn;t care enough to look it up for the purposes of this capsule review.

Pass, unless you're just morbidly curious about Romero's son and his (lack of) directing ability.
May 31, 2012
Cameron has a great sense of style and scene (I guess it's in his genes although different than his father's style). I liked the characters and the actors did a good job with the material (Kathy Lamkin was awesome!). I didn't think the story was that compelling, a little to hard to believe in and while there wasn't a lot of gore, it was more grossly-intense than I like (scare me by what I CAN'T see). Overall, I liked it, just wish there had been "more"
½ December 26, 2011
George A. Romero's son directed this crappily made Texas Chainsaw rip-off, but to be honest there is some things in this movie that I enjoy quite much.
February 24, 2011
Oh I am back. Staunton hill the bane of my exstistance. The movie I hate the most. I am no longer helpless to your wrath today I had a wrench of my own and it is time to suffer as you did to what felt like a lifetime ago. My memory continously tried to surpress you but you would always find a way to pop back in to what I was thinking.

Orginally I wrote the "JUST HATE THIS FRICKIN FILM. it does nothing new. the "movie" blames it on a retarted person so he is not to blame. like i havent seen that before." now as insensitive as I was this "movie" deserves it and now it has become apparent to me this would simply be a nice towards the movie. As I look over to the the lastest reviews of the movie I noticed someone with a similar view as me giving it a 10% and saying " this is one of the worst freakin movies i've ever seen. what a total piece of crap."

Oh yes that is what I like to see some reblion directed at this movie. Now if you click on this movie's page you will notice it has a 10% like rate. Now what confuses me is how there is such a demigraphic.

I like to say a story when I write review but today is not for fun it is about revenge for scaring me. I do not need any assistance regarding this movie it has left such images in my head of hate that I can't bear it and this seems to be the only way to repel the thoughts of Stauton Hill.

Now that I have come back to see this monster face to face I looked at it's soul and lack there of. The director of the movie one G. Cameron Romero I would like to rant oboot him for making such a movie and thinking he is doing good in the world. When I can't. Why you may ask well he is film maker that has only made one movie it is more diffecult to see through his eyes with only this project. What I disappointment. So only because I hate this movie so much I am going to tell you his like in vivid detail.

G. Cameron Romero's day "I wake in bed of needles and as I grip my blanky that I still carry with me at all times. I proceed to take a shouwer and this would include wipping off my feetly PJs and running out side in the buff of course to the nearest water supply. This is a public fountain now let's just say I am famnous I find money in my fountain of lust. You know a quarter a nickel and a s*** tone of pennies. After this act I return to my huble abood my card board box. It is a the love of my life we have adopted my children together. After killing them I use the blood from them to have a real feel for my movie Staunton Hill. Then with all of the movie I collect from the fountain of lust I finance my supurb movie. Hope to make more in the future."

Ok there you go, the life of the director he is one hell of a guy. To bad he is going to recieve the Transformers 3 experance from me. :) I can't wait.

Now on to the movie itself..... yea enough said it is better just not to know.

Final verdict: 1% out of 100% why am I being so nice you wonder well I the movie does end.....
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July 2, 2011
Incredible! The twist ending made this film great. But the only problem is that the antagonists are a little too weak. (a fat old lady, A disabled lady in a wheel chair, and a mentally retarded man.) But this film was still pretty good and had some good bloody scenes and scares to it.
½ October 23, 2010
this is one of the worst freakin movies i've ever seen. what a total piece of crap.
October 4, 2010
Great direction, but plot leaves much to be desired.
½ April 3, 2010
Awful, awful movie. This is absolutely the worst movie I have ever seen. This film is so bad in so many ways. These people are not actors. The script is not a real movie script. The supposed recreation of the period is so... so... Oh, I can't even begin to analyze it. I can see why no one has bothered to write anything here. Feels like some kids had some money and time to throw something together over a weekend and the audacity to try to trade it on the name of the extremely untalented director's father. I try not to give up on any film until the final reel has played out but I had such a hard time getting to the end of this one. Pitiful. Pitiful. Anyone who took part in the making of this should never work on another film.
October 1, 2009
It is slow getting started, but once it does get going it doesn't let up. Extremely gruesome, often very unpleasant. The acting is acceptable, but certainly not good. Spooky atmosphere, but all in all it lacks originality.
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