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½ June 4, 2010
Terrible in so many ways. It's sad when you think about how many Stephen King books have been butchered and turned into made for TV movies. This isn't all that great to begin with and pretty dull so I don't feel that offended, but it's still a failure and makes the book look like nothing more than something by Dean Koontz. Terrible acting and production value also add to this.
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½ December 4, 2007
Although this film starts off relatively well, grabbing viewers' interest and setting up the situation nicely, it does not take long before the film becomes nothing more than mediocre filler for a prime-time spot; what could have--should have--been a terrifying and freaky story soon becomes an eye-roller of the most predictable sort. However, this should not have been the case. Ron Perlman's acting is superb, and he does, at first, enable the casual viewer to get slightly uncomfortable. Tom Skerrit is also excellent, although to see him play something other than "the bad guy" is something certain viewers may have difficulty getting used to.

"Desperation" is a film that is trying to be scary while simultaneously being conservative and mainstream and trying not to offend at the same time. Stephen King just does not belong on prime-time, not, that is, if the intention is to scare and disturb.
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October 10, 2006
Fine horror made-in-TV adapted by Stephen King about the town becomes hell with the demon-possessed in the human beings. I'm very impressived for Tom Skerritt, Annabeth Gish and a young boy made their own great encourage to fight their own lives against evil.
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August 13, 2007
Stephen King yarn about an evil sheriff locking travellers up in his jail. It's small town setting creates tension in this tight but long thriller.
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½ April 8, 2007
It's hard to lay all the blame for this one at Mick Garris' feet -- this is one of the worst King books in recent memory, written during his "out of order" cocaine and pain killers era. Which, again, is no excuse, because he can't even REMEMBER writing Cujo, he was so high, and that turned out okay, dinnit?
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February 11, 2007
When Stephen King's work started being turned into movies, they were always great, but the newer stuff, has really been hit or miss. For the first hour, Desperation was great and Ron Pearlman was hilarious as the twisted sheriff, abducting people on the highway. Unfortunately, about half way through this film, the movie changes focus to young David, played by the kid from the Stacy's Mom video, Shane Haboucha. David is some kind of prophet who is more aware of things than the other. That was cool, but his constant ramblings about God, and spouting of all this religious bull shit got really annoying. By the time things built up to the end, I was so annoyed with this little kid and his ramblings that I just didn't care about what was going to happen. I just wanted the film to be over. Desperation is just another case of a writer and an actor taking things too far, to a point where it taints the whole movie.
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March 29, 2012
God Awful adaptation from King's novel of the same name. The cheap looking ans the obnoxious acting destroyed the film entirely. It had a promising start that could have been well developed, but the lack of budget was soon revealed as the setting was the same. The film involved characters running around and chit chatting constantly, I almost fell asleep. zzzzzzzzz.....
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July 9, 2009
Not a bad movie however but totally weird. I've enjoyed Ron Perlman's presence on the screen ever since he was in Beauty And The Beast way back when and I wish he would do alot more. I have read the book that this film is adapted from and i think the director did it justice. I didnt at first ever picture Ron Perlman as the cop but he did it proud. Overall a good watch.
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½ August 12, 2007
I found it to be a silly let down. It's the worse King adaption since Dreamcatcher. Tom Skerritt was at least good. While Ron Perlman was creepy in the small scenes that he did have. Other than that it's just goofy and kind of stupid.
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½ December 20, 2008
I can't really remember this because I was pretty bored all the way through it. Obviously, because it was really lame. I liked some of it, but I don't remember what (so it probably wasn't that great). But I think people die and that's always a good reason to watch a movie.
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½ February 2, 2007
I really liked the novel, the movie, not so much. Thought Ron Perlman did a good job playing the possessed police officer, but I think no matter how they did the film, Desperation reads better than it's viewed.
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October 27, 2006
Loved it! Steven King is still doing his best work on film and off.
April 13, 2011
Stephen King was definitely smoking something when he inked this strange piece of work. His work just seems to get stranger as the years go on...The fact that someone made this into a SyFy "B" movie is ridiculous and they must have taken a few puffs of what Stephen was having..."
½ March 18, 2011
if you read the book...walk away now hehehe if you didnt and dont like blood guts and'll like this haha
February 8, 2009
A big disappointment. Some times the stars align and we get a good script, director, and actors that are able to bring the world of Stephen King to life perfectly......but the stars were not aligned this time.
It's one of my favorite King books, but the story is just a mess here and makes little if no sense to someone who hasen't read the book. What drives the characters to do what they do has been completely lost and made unbelievable. The spiritual stuff that I loved from the book just doesn't come across as realistic in the movie.
It is an impressive cast with one of my favorites, Perlman, leading the way and Gish, Thomas, Durning, Frewer and the kid from the "Stacy's Mom" music video. Anyway I was expecting better from this line up and other then Perlman and Thomas, most of them give mostly uninteresing and boring performances.
Maybe it's the movie's length (3 hours with commercials), maybe it was the directing, maybe it was the story losing it's substance, but whatever the reason this movie was mostly a disappointment. Started out strong and promised to be good, but went down hill from there.
Now I'm DESPERATELY hoping it will be remade sometime in the future. Hopefully with Ron Perlman again.
March 7, 2009
I don't usually even like scary movies. I actually thought this might be like Shawshank Redemption or the Green Mile. Nope - it's scary!

Not slasher scary or teenagers groping each other scary... scary in that Stephen King way that can make you scared of the most ordinary things and places that you really didn't think of as scary before seeing some of his work.

I can't stand to be in a dark theater alone now! Dark hotels... OMG! Cities and towns where all the power is out (like after the 2 major hurricanes in 3 years where I live). Ordinary things you don't think about until Stephen King gets into your mind and scares you sh*tless!

This is one that has a relatively high pucker factor. You want to get in there and hurry them along or tell them to go the other way or in some way keep them from going down that wrong road, making that wrong choice, that will lead to death and ruin.

Nope, I definitely don't like scary but I DO love Stephen King! Nobody does scary (for me) better!

One little aside... I loved the line in the movie where Stephen Weber is talking about the author he works for to the hitchhiker he's picked up and she calmly states that she doesn't know his bosses work. She says she'll stick to Dean Koontz. I had to laugh out loud at that ~
January 8, 2009
This is a movie for King fans, Tak, I watched it with a non King reader and they didnt' understand it
December 22, 2008
Excellently done, follows the book's storyline very well. Very good cast and left little to be desired
February 3, 2008
Love it Mick Garris Rocks... You should also check out Valerie on the stairs about a storyline that comes to life Tony Todd plays a demon. Valerie on the stairs is not on flixster for some weird reason.
November 12, 2007
The movie I like cause it is from the book by stephen king but if you watch the movie and read the book, you will like the book more, I promise you that
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