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½ February 11, 2014
A shoot-em-up with a tough talking Charles Bronson, a confusing plot (something about the mafia using Vietnam vets for a hit), an assortment of character actors (Norman Fell, a young John Ritter), and some '70s grit to keep things somewhat interesting. Decent amount of comic relief, some unintentional (look out for falling bodies!).
½ October 7, 2012
what a cool movie! 3,5/5
January 6, 2012
Friday, January 6, 2012

(1973) The Stone Killer

Based on a novel by John Gardner starring Charles Bronson as a Sergent going after the Italian syndicate figuring that theirs going to be a possible hit! The first hour is conventional with alot of blah blah blahing, but once the action starts, it doesn't stop and is quite unrelentless! This is one of few action films that involves several policeman, frequent shootings and an impressive car chasing a motorcyle scene which is real as one can get!

4 out of 4
½ February 29, 2012
I didn't know what the hell was going on, but I loved every second of it. This rare treat of a Charles Bronson gem is a hard one to find, hopefully it makes it's official DVD release soon. The soundtrack, pacing and action are top notch. It's one helluva ride.
½ August 27, 2011
Ok.. every now and then I pick a totally duff film this is one of the worst ! Only managed 45 minutes and had to turn it off can't believe Bronson agreed to "star" in this dross :-((
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