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½ March 11, 2013
Disappointing film, when I saw the trailers I thought it could've been one of those rare low budget gems......but it's just not very interesting and apart from Noel Clarke the acting is rather poor as well. Didn't think the alien creature design was the best either. It's a missed opportunity.
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July 2, 2012
The only difference between this low budget chiller and a SyFy channel production is that it features the old school technique of a stuntman in a rubber monster suit rather than a dodgy CG creation. I applaud the decision and it is a pretty impressive costume but otherwise this is just your standard spam in a cabin flick. The usual group dynamic cliches are on display. Clarke has been dumped by Campbell-Hughes who is conducting an affair with his best mate O'Donoghue. You won't need to be a genius to figure out how this plotline will resolve itself.
When a movie of this type has a formulaic script it relies on it's set-pieces. In Roberts' hands they fall flat, the kills are particularly dull and uninventive. Most characters meet their fate by being simply pulled off screen. A "family" movie like "Jurassic Park" is far more gruesome in this respect. In an attempt to liven up the dialogue scenes which make up most of the running time, he shakes his camera and shoves it in his actors faces. A master of suspense he's not.
The uninspired script is written by the film's leading man Clarke. In the past half decade he's become something of a young British Roger Corman, churning out movies as a writer, director and actor. They usually tend towards an urban London aesthetic and I've avoided them for this reason. Perhaps he should stick to gritty dramas set on council estates as horror movies set in storage facilities don't seem to be his thing.
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March 30, 2014
Storage 24 is a pretty slow horror/sci-fi thriller. I would never expect much from a movie like this, and I got about what I anticipated. They had a good young cast. The idea was good. The ending, after everything that went on, was good. But the story went too long without there becoming any sense of urgency. It was set up properly, but lost its way and couldn't keep an interesting pace. The FOUR writers (that's a lot and will lead to inconsistencies) worried too much about character development. The kills were all about the same, not a whole lot of suspense. If you're bored and want to kill an hour and 30 minutes, you could do worse than Storage 24. You could do a lot better also.
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½ October 7, 2012
The alien monster looks pretty effective (kind of like the '82 'The Thing') and the gory deaths are done well but I didn't find myself warming to ant of the characters (except for the old man who was living in the storage unit) and therefore didn't care about their fates. I applaud the fact that a low budget British movie has attempted to produce a horror/sci-fi film that is trying to compete with an American market but the charcters are sketched too thin, the plot is predictable (it's clear which characters are going to die and which survive) and the limited budget has meant that some obvious scene are missing (where is the scene with the alien taking Campbell-Hughes?). The set-up at the end suggests a sequel that will never be made with this budget and I can't say I'm bothered. Extra brownie points for the toy dog with fireworks strapped to it. I laughed at that scene!
½ September 16, 2013
Okay, I caught this via some preview thing on HDNet movies, so I may be more forgiving than I would had I saw it theatrically, but it's still a pretty middle of the road horror film at best. They do one thing right in that you don't see a lot of the creature and when you do it's an actual beast, not CGI, which is preferable.

½ April 11, 2013
A well-made and somewhat original horror film, Storage 24 just never quite gripped me with its tale of people taking refuge in a storage building facility during some kind of international crisis. The film never feels as claustrophobic as its setting should suggest, and the horror just never quite connects on a visceral level. Still, Storage 24 is a well-made and modestly entertaining horror film for those looking for something new to watch.
March 8, 2013
I saw it Bad movie . You know who and what the Alien is and it look sad. look like my kids did it.
not what I was look for but I pay to see it I like to get my money but .. LOL
½ September 18, 2015
Risible bug hunt that comes off like a cut-price Aliens, with fireworks for flame throwers.
March 27, 2015
A bottom of the pile cheapo monster flick that somehow, for reasons beyond all logic, got a pretty wide UK cinematic release. This truly belongs within a cinema screening as much as a loose fully grown tiger belongs in a busy shopping centre. The plot here is lame and unoriginal, the monster/alien is largely an actual practical effect, not a badly formed CGI creature, but it's on screen far too little, as way too much of the focus is on the dull characters and their TV soap likened side-plot. This isn't good enough to be worth a look for anyone, but the fact that this ever saw the inside of a multiplex is borderline criminal.
August 25, 2014
Better than I was expecting - dodgy looking alien, though!
½ August 22, 2014
"Storage 24" is a British sci-fi/horror flick that sees several urban lives converge in personal conflict and true terror from out of this world. The film is directed by Johannes Roberts who manages to create a creature feature that is intense and filled with non-stop adrenaline pumping action. The film stars Noel Clark, Colin O'Donoghue, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Laura Haddock and Jamie Thomas King who play young Londoners who deal with relationship complications while meeting at a local storage yard as one couple deals with a break-up as their best friends give support. During the moment of personal growth experience a very dark and volatile new issue arises as a mysterious object crashes from the sky above and an alien creature escapes from it's container. They soon find themselves fighting against this monstrous entity as they try to escape the storage facility that has become their death trap.

"Storage 24" is a classic sci-fi nightmare scenario in that unsuspecting people soon find they are easy prey for a creature far more terrifying than the struggles of urban life. The film starts with a casual approach that allows only a small emotional window to become emotionally connected to these characters before the action kicks in. It is enough though to actually realize just the intense dynamic of the group of friends that are trapped in the facility after the crash shuts down the security system locking them in the storage units. The characters are slightly stereotypical and there is nothing new or experimental with how they are scripted but in this film there really doesn't need to be and the actors portray the characters well enough to draw you into their plight. There is friction within them on personal levels which and to the intense drama of the story and the alien effects are above standard as well as the other effects used in this film. The action and atmosphere is standard Brit fashion in that the intensity brings casually then builds into a high speed thrill ride with only dark eerie moments to gather your breath before even bigger moments of intensity explode on screen.

The film doesn't add anything new to the creature feature equation that such films offer horror fans but it does show how well the system can be if executed properly. This is one of the better sci-fi/horror films that I have seen since "Alien Raiders". It doesn't try to explain the origin or over complicate the story by adding layers of subplots to the point the film becomes diluted with unnecessary dialogue. The film just exists as a really clean and thrilling story of survival from a truly vicious creature. I really enjoyed this film. It was worth the instant rental price and can't wait to add the DVD to my shelf in January 2013!
July 25, 2014
It's never a good sign when you start a movie and the first thing you notice is the TV feel/look, Storage 24 looks like a feature aired on the infamous Syfy channel. This "original screenplay" was thought up by Noel Clarke, whom also stars in the movie, his screenplay is as undercooked as his phoned in performance. Noel Clarke hasn't really showed any range or charisma in anything since his role as Mickey in Doctor Who, almost ten years ago, he moans and whines a lot in Storage 24, making him a rather dull central character that isn't worth investing in or following. The supporting cast fare a bit better, Laura Haddock and Ned Dennehy are stand outs, both playing characters with an interesting trait or past, instead of body bags of blood running around in flickering lights. Thing is, two strong performances cannot disguise the mind numbing repetition here, the amount of sequences and shots of people peeking around corners and wandering the warehouse feel like filler to hide the thin story. I enjoyed this once but time has taken over.
May 31, 2014
It wasn't Aliens, but it was enjoyable, although the twist at the end didn't surprise me.
May 11, 2014
Good cinematographer, decent script and casting- abit to shallow on the originality though.
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March 30, 2014
Storage 24 is a pretty slow horror/sci-fi thriller. I would never expect much from a movie like this, and I got about what I anticipated. They had a good young cast. The idea was good. The ending, after everything that went on, was good. But the story went too long without there becoming any sense of urgency. It was set up properly, but lost its way and couldn't keep an interesting pace. The FOUR writers (that's a lot and will lead to inconsistencies) worried too much about character development. The kills were all about the same, not a whole lot of suspense. If you're bored and want to kill an hour and 30 minutes, you could do worse than Storage 24. You could do a lot better also.
December 15, 2013
One line summary: Five Londoners get stuck in a storage facility with a monster.


A few people are at a storage facility when odd things start happening. One man looks out at his car to see that a large turbine engine has fallen on it. One theory is that a jet broke up in the sky and the pieces crashed.

Mark and Charley drive to the storage, and just barely get in. Charley is sad about the break up with Shelley. Shelley and her friend Nikki are at the storage. The maintenance engineer manages to screwup the circuitry of the gates on the storage just before the monster kills him. So no one can get out right away, or any time soon.

Shelley does not want to talk to Charley, and is having an affair with Mark. Charley and Nikki are both surprised, and not in a good way. Soon enough they know they are trapped, and that something murderous is in there with them. Also present are Chris, from earlier in the day, and David, who more or less lives in the storage facility.

When the monster breaks through the door that they counted on to protect them, Chris runs and gets killed by the monster. David shows them his setup for getting multiple newscasts. The military is all over the place in London.

The five (Charley, Mark, Shelley, Nikki, David) who remain send Charley and Mark to traverse the ventilation tubes to steal weapons ('acquire' I suppose) from storage lockers not rented by them. That goes well until the monster blocks Charley; he gets separated from Mark.

Will any of them get out alive? Will the authorities come to the rescue, what with tanks patrolling the streets of London?


Cinematography: 6/10 The monster was a classic main-in-the-rubber suit, but not all that well done. Camera work was fine.

Sound: 7/10 If one gets the volume for conversation to be correct, the bump in the night sounds are enormously too loud.

Acting: 4/10 Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Laura Haddock, and Noel Clarke were just terrible. Colin O'Donaghue was barely OK, while Ned Dennehy was the best.

Screenplay: 5/10 Short on plot as well as short on acting to implement the plot. The stupid man-in-rubber-suit monster just turned me off to the story almost as much as the acting. When the monster does not get killed by the fireworks, I'm not surprised, but why was the nearby Shelley OK?
½ March 4, 2013
Loaded with enough jump scares to make you fall off your seat, Storage 24 is a brilliant hidden gem British horror movie, and it certainly scared the living daylights out of me, no film has done this in quite a while. I'm sure everybody loves a good alien flick, and Storage 24 is a brilliant choice for anyone looking for one. The special effects are fantastic, the moment you see the Alien you're jaw will drop, it doesn't look fake and cheap, it looks like something you'd see in a expensive Hollywood sci-fi, and it adds to the riveting suspense and unbearable tension that hangs in the atmosphere of this exciting sci-fi. There's also a lot of gore which is definitely not for the faint hearted. It isn't without flaws though, the pace stalls in the middle where the story focuses on the guy living in his storage space, for some reason all aspects from acting and dialogue weakens here. Aside from that niggle the soundtrack is haunting, and the constant heartbeat effect makes this claustrophobic adventure teeth gritting. Recommended!
½ September 23, 2013
Apart from being one of the worst monster I've seen, this movie is boring and predictable. And did that woman wash her hands before touching her hair!
August 29, 2013
Director Johannes Roberts has a few genuinely good ideas about this film, but they just don't translate in this movie. The story between the characters was fairly enticing and the creature design inspires, but the rest was just lazy. The dramatic chase and fighting sequences were so dull that the most exciting parts of this film were the interactions between the main characters. With a setting as full of possibilities as a storage unit, I excepted much more from this film. Bottom line, this is a bad, bad movie, but it has a few bright spots other filmmakers can learn from.
June 8, 2013
A straight-up (and enjoyable) monster movie that doesn't pull any punches, but leaves wanting just a little bit more.
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