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October 27, 2008
do not be suckered in by Weller's glorious pornstache, as I was. This movie's plot is too convoluted for itself and the main character, Ryder Hart (Ride-her-hard, get it?) is not likable in the least and all the other characters are just tossed in for 'plot meat' and you don't get a chance to understand their purpose- you just take what the movie gives you with no precedent.

Now, granted, I love me some B-movie bottom of the barrell films, and it would have made an zesty cheesy B movie (there are some great one liners in there) but really all it is is a cheap movie with a message of illegal immigrants being abused, a poor script that runs too long and showcases Weller's mustache in some gratuitous softcore scenes. So, unless you like to watch Peter Weller boning mediocore looking chicks and shooting airsoft guns at Gimli's butt, I'd skip this.
½ April 8, 2015
just a mess of a thriller.
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