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October 6, 2013
Super Capers begins as a campy tribute to comic book heroes and their 1960s and '70s TV incarnations, but quickly descends into an ineptly paced, toothless lampoon of sci-fi and fantasy films. the trailer is better than the movie-what does that say?
January 22, 2013
This might be the most disappointing movie I've ever seen. I was very very very excited to see it. I love superheroes and I love the cast. But this film was simply terrible. It was beyond cheesy and just terribly written all around. How Ray Griggs got the people he did to agree to be in it, I'll never know.

I wish this film had had a heart... And a brain... And really a full body transplant altogether.
November 14, 2011
This might be the most disappointing movie I've ever seen. I was very very very excited to see it. I love superheroes and I love the cast. But this film was simply terrible. It was beyond cheesy and just terribly written all around. How Ray Griggs got the people he did to agree to be in it, I'll never know.

I wish this film had had a heart... And a brain... And really a full body transplant altogether.
November 12, 2011
There's a fine line between campy but fun & enjoyable and just plain stupid. This movie trips over that line far too often and ends up just plain asinine. I liked the super hero aspect. The characters with powers were cool enough. The remainder was just too silly to be enjoyed. Not worth your time.
March 13, 2010
While it did have its funny moments, the cast was extraordinarily weak, and some of the jokes made me shake my head. I understand that I'm not supposed to take this movie seriously, but it so shamelessly stole from other movies that almost every single scene was comprised of nothing but the most cliche jokes and parodies that have been used time and time again. There is nothing I hate worse than a comedy movie that just is flat-out not funny. I had to watch this movie in segments, it was far too painful to view in one sitting.
December 5, 2009
Well done Superhero parody staring the likes of Captain Awesome, Ted from Scrubs and Danielle Harris, the chick so hot it drove Jonathan Brandis to commit suicide. Ouch, sorry bro. That's funny.
½ July 15, 2009
This was one of those screwball camp B movie comedies (like airplane) . I did enjoy it and think it would be a great flick to rent and just have some good laughs . Also it was a clean comedy and you don't see that in movies much anymore . So watch with the kids if you want
January 15, 2015
If it were possible this "thing" would merit negative stars. I defy anyone to watch more than 30 minutes of this abomination.
November 18, 2012
Literally 0 in tomatometer... WOW
½ November 27, 2011
"Super Capers" is a made-for-video movie that somehow, inexplicably got a theatrical release playing to mostly empty houses where all of the jokes sound with a resounded thud made even worse by the emptiness. This cheap-looking, dull and lifeless spoof has the honor of being the worst film I've seen so far this year. The plot is convoluted, the cast is uninspired and even the alleged star cameos add little in the way of fun to the proceedings. In fact, anymore I get the feeling that there isn't anything Adam West wouldn't say to get his face out there.
The movie is full of obvious and dumb jokes, less-than-stellar special effects are amateurish directing. It's obviously aimed at fanboys and re-teen boys, but it didn't have to feel like it was written by pre-teen boys. There were more laughs in last year's similarly themed "Superhero Movie", and that was pretty forgettable and lazy as well. At least the earlier film carried a "PG-13" rating and had some edge, unlike this generic and kid-friendly outing. It simply has no bite, and there for a while I was left wondering if it was going to even have an ending.
The young cast is game enough, but they're not given anything to work with. It's the veterans, like Michael Rooker and Tom Sizemore that really should be embarrassed by their participation in this. There are plenty of laughs to be mined from the recent glut of superhero movies to be sure, and "Super Capers" manages to avoid every single one of them. This is a joyless film with a glaring lack of imagination.
½ September 21, 2010
I don't know what everyone here is talking about. Its cheap, its campy, and thats how it was supposed to be :) Watch it and enjoy it for what it is. For crying out loud ... they don't take themselves seriously in the movie ... why should you?! Just enjoy all the references and cameos.
May 21, 2010
This is not the worst film but I'm not sure it's worth the time. Rather silly (not in a good way) and mindless. I thought this film would at least be a little funny but it was not. The story was flat and the plot was very slow. The acting was simply bad. The best part of the film was the comic-book style credits at the beginning of the film. I would not recommend this film to anyone.
½ January 8, 2010
An hour and a half of my life I will never get back. The only thing lamer that the recycled humor in this film is the thinly veiled religious agenda that permeates it. The marketing of this film wisely fails to mention the hero's super power, The "Power of Prayer".
½ November 18, 2009
Super-Hero's in training should work well as a comedy. Get a good writing team (who are fans of comics and can throw in good inside jokes) and hire a good cast, and you should be raring for success. Super Capers doesn't follow this method whatsoever (though casting Michael Rooker and Tommy 'Tiny' Lister did help in minimalistic fashion for the good cast part).

Let's start with the humdrum plot. Ed Gruberman (Justin Whalin, who you may remember as Andy Barclay in Child's Play 3) dreams of being a superhero. Noticing a damsel-in-distress being mugged, he takes it upon himself to help her, by clocking the mugger (Clint Howard) with a 2 x 4 (Hacksaw Jim Duggan would be proud). After getting a thank you kiss, the damsel disappears into the night, as the cops show up and arrest Gruberman for assault (a videotape shows only him attacking the mugger, and not the mugger holding up the damsel).

Gruberman is sentenced to superhero court, where he is found guilty and must pay the mugger and his lawyer (Tom Sizemore) the sum of $1 (I wish I was making this up). That's not all though, as the judge (Michael Rooker) enlists Gruberman into Super Capers, an academy for super-heroes in training (much like Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters).

Here he meets Will Powers (Ryan McPartlin), a man with charming good looks and incredible strength; Felicia Freeze (Danielle Harris), a comely woman who has the power to freeze her enemies (bet you didn't see that coming); Herman Brainard (Sam Lloyd), a 50-year-old man who has the power of mind control and still lives with his mother; Puffer Boy (Ray Griggs), a man who, when in fear, blows up like a puffer fish (once again, I bet you didn't see that coming); Herbert Q (Oliver Muirhead) and his robot partner Robo (very original), who create gadgets and costumes for the clan of would-be super-heroes. And last but not least, Sarge (Tommy 'Tiny' Lister), the man in charge of Super Capers.

On his first mission, Gruberman saves the day from destruction by thwarting Captain Sludge's (Jon Polito) plan of stealing gold (I forget how much there was, and, quite frankly, don't care). He does this by enlisting the help of God, as he prays for help and gets in the form of a lightpost crumbling over and knocking out one of Sludge's henchman.

From here on out, we get terrible sight gags (more-so than we got before), bad jokes and pithy dialogue. Instead of referencing comics, we get references to movies such as Star Wars (though I guess that is close enough), as Herbert Q is a film buff and all of his gadgets are modeled after props he's seen in films. The only time there's anything remotely resembling comedy is when 'Tiny' Lister is on screen (he seems to be the only person here who's had experience with comedy sans Michael Rooker, whose screen time isn't devoted to comedy). Since he only gets about 10 minutes of screen time, this isn't enough to salvage the rest of the movie.

The only time I've encounter Justin Whalin was in Child's Play 3 (which I mentioned earlier) as Andy Barclay. I thought he did a decent job in Child's Play 3, but he's the farthest thing from tolerable in this movie. He becomes abhorrently annoying as Ed Gruberman, as his little quirks and facial expressions don't come off as funny or charming, but instead as smug and complacent. The rest of the cast doesn't lend a helping hand either, as they all seem bored. Even Michael Rooker seemed embarrassed.

The only true compliment I can give Capers is the decent special effects. For a film with a low budget, the effects looked pretty nifty. The costumes and sets were nice to look at as well, and complimented the film.

Other than that (and Michael Rooker and 'Tiny' Lister), this film is a waste. It felt as if Ray Griggs' (the director as well as Puffer Boy) knowledge of super-heroes doesn't go past the movies and television shows. He seems clueless as a director, and had no sense of handling the cast or plot. Super Capers could've been a tongue-in-cheek look at super-heroes. Instead, it's a humorless look from an outsider's perspective.
½ August 31, 2009
One word to describe this movie...crap. I understand this movie was meant to be "stupid funny", but it really abuses the stupid. This movie is full of D list celebrities that if there careers weren't already dead...they are now. I'd like to say they're are funny parts, but there just aren't. Not one laugh out loud moment in the entire movie. The scene with Adam West driving the Batmobile that he has converted to be a taxi and he is telling this kid how he use to be....get this...ManBat??? I almost turned the movie off at that exact moment. I rented this movie on my On Demand on Charter...I'm gonna try to get my money back because god knows I'll never get that hour and a half of my life back!
July 18, 2009
What a dumb and unfunny movie! An embarrassment to anyone involved. The humor is very juvenile, poor special effects. Just awful.
March 20, 2009
I do not know if it is possible to accurately describe to you how much I hated this movie. I work at a movie theater. Part of my job description is to preview movies to make sure there are no problems with the presentation. I got paid to watch this movie and I feel cheated. I want my two hours back.
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