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[font=Century Gothic][size=3]So, the other night, well when it was released, I went and saw Sweeny Todd. I had such mixed feelings about this piece. First off, I thought it dragged a little, especially during some of the songs. But, on the other hand I'm not a huge fan of musicals in the first place. Tim Burton always does great, and this movie fit him perfectly. I loved Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham Carter. I can't imagine better actors to play the lead roles. However, Sacha Baren Cohen was a little drab. His assistant, however, was a real highlight in the movie. The movie looked wonderful, but for some reason I just didn't leave the theatre blown away like I was hoping to be. Overall, though, I am really glad I drove the hour to go see it.[/size][/font]

Morgan Strouse

Who doesn't love a little canabalism and a little bit of romance in their entertainment? Who doesn't love a fresh barber shave and a hot meat pie? If you agree with me than you'll really love "Sweeney Todd." This is another film version of one of Steven Sondheim's msuical theatre productions. Now being a theatre production, seeing this play in movie form is definitely not the best way to take it in. Although, not hearing of any local theatre companies putting this play on, I figured this would be the best way to see it (Just like Sunday in the Park with George).

Well after seeing this movie, it's understandable that any small town theatre company would mostly likely pass on this dark comedy musical. Not really what most people expect in a musical. I, however, thought it was pretty good. Not great, but good. It probably loses something not watching it live, but I didn't think some of the songs were that good and the plot was a little on the thin side. It could have used a little more character development. Especially with the main character Sweeney Todd. I found myself not really caring what becomes of him, which made it lose some big entertainment points. The best thing about the movie: Angela Lansbery. Yes, the "Murder She Wrote" lady. I thought she would make the movie worse, but she was by far the best part of the show. I guess I shouldn't have judged her acting ability solely on a lame TV show, but she sure proved me wrong. Lansbery 1 -- Phil 0. I'd say see it if it's put on by a theatre company, but pass on the video (unless you're a Sondheim fan).

[color=orange]In the video game world, I played Tony Hawk's Underground 2 courtesy of a friend a couple weeks back. I don't own a game system, but if I did I would probably pick up this game. If you're familiar with the Tony Hawk games this one seems to include elements of them all. People criticize the Tony Hawk series as becoming more of the same and now starting to become a bit boring. I, on the other hand, still find their games to be fun and entertaining. They way I see it Tony Hawk is like a new generation Pac Man. You can make a Mrs. Pac Man, a Pac Man jr., cousin of Pac Man, Evil Pac Man, Pac Man Legends, or Hyper Pac Man, but it all still gonna be a yellow circle running around eating vitamins and avoiding ghosts. Same goes for Tony Hawk in my eyes. The most I expect is some new moves, new characters, new stages, and some new challenges and mini games. That's what I you get in Tony Hawk's Underground 2. To expect more is a bit foolish. [b]The thing I like best:[/b] Being able to create your own character and getting both a story mode and career mode. [b]Thing that I liked least:[/b] Now there are so many moves you can do in this game that my untrained fingers and brain can't keep up.[/color]
[color=#ffa500]Nothing like some simulated skateboarding and cannibalistic musical theatre to make your life more fulfilled.[/color]

Phil Svedt

Another great day yesterday. I had just finished watching Top Hat when my mother called asking me to run to St. Paul to deliver my sister's school ID to the driver's licence beureau so she could get her permit. I pulled myself off the couch for the trip, and on the way home, decided to make it worthwile by kidnapping Laurent. I rang the doorbell and scared Sebastion half to death, then turned around to see Laurent driving up the street (yes, Laurent was driving, with his mother in the passenger seat). So I kidnapped him and brought him home. We then decided to watch Sweeny Tood, which I have been trying to get Kehoe to see for forever, so I called him and he joined us for the movie. Afterwards, my sister and her friend Anna, came down and all of us played poker- Anna and I were neck in neck at the very end, then we just put it all in, picked up our last hand, and she won. ah well (we weren't playing with money anyway). Then Kehoe left and Laurent and I drove to Como Park and just walked around the lake talking (me in a french accent), then went to his house for some classy TV dinners and bread with jam. He then popped in The Student Prince, an operetta I learned about in my musical theatre class, which was quite enjoyable. We ended the night playing a fighting game on his x-box. The characters really did look like certain people we know- in the first match Laurent was the character he thought was me, and I was him. He didn't play me right though, so I (as Laurent's character) beat him. Second match, we set up Stu against Nikki. Stu went down (but I think that was because Laurent didn't want him to win). The final match, I played as my true self (the sexier character), and Laurent played himself. I ended up taking him down with a final move where I picked him up on my shoulders with his groin in my face. Nevertheless I won! Ha ha! I RULE!

Excited for tonight- Stu's Welcome Back Party (that he's throwing for himself te-he) is tonight, as is a party Alex is throwing! Yay for parties and exciting people at both!

Valerie Rigsbee

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