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October 24, 2011
A timeless feast for the senses, saw it twice in college with friends. We ate ramen before watching it, but still left in the middle of the movie to go get more. It will taunt your appetite and twist your salivating imagination around its chopsticks until your craving can't hold out any longer. Hilarious and very Asian vignettes about the cultural importance of food in a Japan that's trying to westernize without losing its Nippon identity. (The beggar foodies especially reminded me of the Chinese wuxia stories.) And it's a delight to watch the sweet, understated chivalry between Goro and Tampopo.
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½ March 18, 2009
Juzo Itami creates one piece of work in Tampopo, a film that centers around ramen. This movie will make you hungry for noodles. I don't care if you are sick or you just ate. You will be hungry for noodles.When it comes down to it, this film is about a group of people that help turn a middle aged woman's cheap ramen shop into the best one in town. However, there is much more in this movie than just that. Why? I do not know. The beginning starts off with a man talking to the audience (you) about manners while watching a movie. The opening credits is then in black and white and finally we are under way.The story is interesting and there is sort of a childish tone to it, which keeps things fun. Speaking of fun, throughout this film there are scenes that have just no meaning in here. There are a few love scenes, an old woman in a grocery store, a man rushing home to his dying wife, etc. The ONLY thing these scenes have in common is food. The love scenes involve food as an aphrodisiac. There is nudity and all. The old woman in the grocery store is smashing food with her fingers. The man rushes home to his dying wife so she can cook her last meal. Why are these scenes there? To make the movie longer? To make the story more entertaining? No matter the reason, they are there and they will get people laughing.Nobuko Miyamoto and Tsutomu Yamazaki both carry this movie nicely and the supporting cast follow their leaders.Tampopo is one film that is hard to pass up. Also, what is up with the end credits?
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January 1, 2007
Dandelion You cannot watch this movie and not want to eat noodles. I couldn't wait until after it was over; I had to pause it half way through this time and cook up a bowl for myself. It's the same problem I have watching a good cook on the Food Network. Nothing like ushering out the old and welcoming in the new year with great homemade ramen. Very fulfilling fare.
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March 9, 2013
Tampopo is a Japanese comedy about the art of noodles. It has plenty of funny scenes, especially the silent noodle scene. That brought some good laughs. But the movie loses all focus and has no concentration. This makes the film ultimately pointless. Also WTF was with the erotic scenes, this director would have a bright future in fetish porn.
Over the Rising Sun
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½ August 27, 2010
A two hour comedy about a widow and a trucker trying to make the perfect noodle. I'm still asking myself how this managed to be so entertaining. It's indescribable; don't try to describe it to your friends. Just say it's Monty Python meets The Good the Bad and the Ugly in Japanese. Random and hilarious, and with some expected misfires, this is a funny satire on Japanese culture that's worth the watch because of some memorable movie scenes and good acting. 95/100
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June 1, 2009
This movie will make you HUNGRY for NOODLES and all sorts of crazy food fantasies. XD The film has so many comical surprises and side stories. It will make you HUNGRY and HUNGRIER. It will make you burst out laughter while your stomach is praying this movie is over. THAT'S HOW GOOD THIS MOVIE IS! The shots were great and the actors were excellent as Ken Wakanabe performed one of his proudest. GOSH. I bet those people who watched it in the theatre couldn't wait the movie is over and RUSH to a noodle shop and EAT. The point of this movie is about what's the best food and how to eat them. The ending was profoundly deep.
½ June 30, 2007
a disjointed semi-ridiculous movie on food, and mostly, perfecting the art of noodle-making. The main storyline would've been adequate as a commendable, moral, short (~1hr) movie, but the director chose to insert unrelated snippets of dubious value, peppered at random timings, throughout the show, to stir up feelings of distaste, arousal, disgust, and ickiness.Nonetheless, I have to admit I enjoyed the well-groomed gangster's 5-min long Bollywood-style dying scene in which he describes his ultimate meal to his lady love (after 10 gunshot wounds or so).... fire-roasted yam sausages... That sequence alone probably bumped it up by 1.5 stars for me. :)
March 20, 2010
Hilarious cooking movie for the far east.
There is one major story, a woman who is trying to get her restaurant back into shape, and a lone truck driver teaches her the secret of cooking.
Otherwise you see different snippets of other people and their life of food.
Give it a chance to watch, and you might find the humor within it!
February 3, 2009
An odd movie with a bizarre love scene involving food. Best described as a comedic Japanese Western centered on food. FOOD!
January 5, 2009
With odd characters and multiple sub-plots connected only by the single common thread of Japanese food culture, Tampopo will keep you entertained and hungry.

Aw, what a cute turtle! Wait, what's he doing... oh, Hell no.
November 4, 2008
Structured like an American western movie, Tampopo follows a ramen shop owner's quest for the perfect ramen recipe.

I love this move because I love food. This is all about food. It appeals to me on so many levels and I highly recommend it to foodies.

Aside from the main story line, the movie takes detours to adorable little side story vignettes.

There are some scenes that are highly visceral and one that's sexual and may be inappropriate for younger viewers or watching with your grandma.

I read a lot of other reviews and there's a lot of mention on the sex scene. There was only one sexy scene, really. I think it gets so much mention, because it seems out of place and startling.

According to Wikipedia, this is one of Bjork's favorite movies.
September 25, 2008
This is a strange one. It's not all about a woman who opens a noodle shop. Worth at least one viewing.
March 10, 2008
The quest to make the ultimate ramen noodle soup.

This film is quite hard to describe as it falls outside of traditional genres and lands within (and perhaps defines) a genre I shall call "the food movie".

The title character, Tampopo, is a widow struggling to make ends meet. She enlists a cast of unlikely characters (including John Wayne reincarnated as a Japanese trucker) to help her create the perfect bowl of ramen noodles.

The movie meanders through a series of short pieces, some more connected than others, but always connected by the theme of food.

An odd but joyous experience; highly recommended to anyone that likes cooking, eating, or movies that are out of the ordinary.
April 9, 2007
The joy of cooking and eating! Just be prepared to make a trip to your local noodle shop after watching this movie; you'll be hungry.
½ March 6, 2007
Very interesting film. Great acting makes for great comedy in this flick. A few scenes tend to drag jokes out sometimes and that's the only thing that hurts it.
May 7, 2006
A truck driver rides into town and rescues a dying noodle restaurant. We learn there is an art to the preperation AND the eating of noodles, a code of honor, if you will. The comedic timing is perfect and had me in an uproar over the simplist things. Enjoy!
July 10, 2006
This movie came out of nowhere and captured my tastebuds. I wish a Japanese ramen shop open up and give all these joints selling pho a run for their money.
½ October 8, 2015
Tampopo is a light-hearted feel-good comedy with a heavy focus on making a winning bowl of ramen and setting up a great shop. There were quite a few bits I found to be random which were probably cultural references but if you are amused by randomness then you'll find they flow in with the rest of the general wackiness. While I don't rate it quite on the level of Cantonese comedies such as the God of Cookery, Tampopo is still a fun view.
October 19, 2014
This passable comedy, punctuated with vignettes of food-centered skits, is about the titular heroine learning to make the best noodles from an unlikely posse of food critics, a truck driver, a gangster, a vagabond and a chauffeur.
½ August 29, 2014
While offering deliciously quirky humor and eclectic side stories as side dish, Tampopo apparently still stucks with old age Japanese sexism. Although subtly presented, Tampopo ends up as a one-dimensional woman who can't survive by herself. Her son also ends up as a stereotypical Japanese victim of bully.
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