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June 10, 2012
I think this is the perfect example of an idea that worked better as an animated movie. Problem for this live action film is there are numerous animated sequences within the film which prove without a doubt that animated was definitely the way to go.

Credit where its due Lori Petty did a good job as the unhinged off the wall 'Tank Girl' with her ticks and facial madness. The film suffers from lack of originality and poor visuals throughout but Petty does manage to hold it together with her seductive emo like appearance and cute one liners.

This film suffers much like 'Johnny Mnemonic' (both 1995) in the fact they both show the usual unimaginative distopian future run by evil companies (or people) with the same types of ideas. 'Tank Girl' is much more obviously comicbook orientated with in your face flashy bizarre styles, fashions and attitude but the overused apocalyptic future thing lets them both down and always comes across as cheap n tacky looking if not done right.

Plot is basic and McDowell simply isn't much of a villain. There is never much of a threat going on, nothing to engage you and nothing to treat your eyes. The 'Rippers' (mutant kangaroos) also look pretty terrible and more like something from a bad 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' sequel but I did quite like the hologram idea for McDowells's villain towards the end, nice effect surprisingly.

As said before the animated sequences are far superior to the rest of the film, maybe a reboot is in order.
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½ October 1, 2011
God this movie is so 90s. Hell, depsite the fact that this is a kooky, ridiculous mess, the fact that it is so 90s is probably what makes it sorta charming and fun in its own way. I can definitely see why this is a cult favorite (for some).

Yeah, this adaptation of a comic is bad, but it's never boring. The performances are over the top, the movie's got a plot that's all over the place, and there's some really odd editing and a messy script, but, the film has some killer needle drops, it's got a fun charm to it, the actors look like they had a lot of fun making this, the costumes and sets are just kitschy as all hell, and pre-fame Naomi Watts is quite nice looking.

The plot has something to do with water shortages in a post apocalyptic world with rebels going against an evil megalomaniac, but none of that really seems to matter. The punk attiiude, crazy art direction and the camp value just seem to take priority, but in the end, you could find far less interesting films to watch than this one, even though I'm sure a far more focused and competant adaptation is probably what fans really want.
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½ April 23, 2010
A lot of people tend to dismiss this movie because of it's "comic book" feel and comic-book (really) transitions.

I enjoyed this movie a LOT, as it has the same "feel" as the original comic books I remember reading, and the same style of humor. It's very well done for 1995, the dialogue is well-scripted for the intent of the movie, and the funny stuff is actually funny. Some of the action scenes are a bit "campy" - but then again, they're *supposed* to be that way in this kind of movie. In addition, I thought the acting was excellent, and that Lori Petty (who played "Kit" in "A League of Our Own) Malcolm McDowell (practically legendary) and Naomi Watts were excellent choices for their characters, as were the rest of the supporting cast. Lori Petty hasn't been in anything "huge" since this movie, which is truly a pity as she is an excellent and versatile actress. Look for some interesting supporting actors, including Ice-T, Iggy Pop, and James Hong.

Listen to the comedic dialogue carefully - most of the punchlines are funny on several levels, which I found most refreshing, and you'll encounter a lot of funny double-entendre.

Don't look for a bunch of CGI computer effects in this movie. However, well-designed and imaginative props and sets give a good feeling of "authenticity" to the scenes, and the visual and special effects are excellent.

Don't bother critiquing little details and spurious claptrap like that with this movie - it sets out to be a comic-book-style fun action-adventure and accomplishes that goal magnificently. (The funniest thing is that the plot precept of a mega-corporation in control of the world's water supply is becoming more and more of a plausible idea and leads one to think of a possible metaphoric reference to the world oil situation) This movie might have been rated "R" at the time for adult situations & violence (and a little nudity), but I didn't notice a whole lot of "foul language", and I didn't really see much in the movie that wouldn't be put on broadcast TV today.

This movie has everything - good acting, evil villains, cute heroines, mutants, cool vehicles, explosions, big sets, a huge supporting cast, hilarious humor, great stunts, and even a classic musical number with a full chorus line! ("Let's Do It" by Cole Porter) It even pokes fun at beat poetry. All-in-all, well worth seeing.

If you like stuff like "The Wizard of Speed and Time", "Flash Gordon", "Johnny Mnemonic", "Space Truckers", "Ice Pirates", or "Yellowbeard" then you'll definitely love this movie. Even if you don't, see this movie anyway - it may change your mind about this genre.

From personal experience: "Chicks dig this flick."

Get the popcorn & enjoy.
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½ October 2, 2009
I?m not so sure how it all went so wrong? The comic is fantastic, a favourite of mine growing up in the late 80?s early 90?s. They don?t seem to have understood any of the characters and have cast it accordingly. I can?t think of any redeeming feature in this film apart from the little snippets of the comics but at the end of the day, they only highlight how badly the film has adapted. What a stinker!
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April 11, 2008
Dude, I can't believe I've not seen this flick till now.

It was freakin' awesome!

I miss reading comics. Hahahaha.

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January 31, 2008
cool film, starring Ice-T as a human kangeroo.
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½ July 9, 2007
Tank Girl has some fun scenes, but it's all so grungy and low-budget. She's a hilarious punky-chick with an attitude; I wish she was given a more spectacular setting to conduct her rebellion...
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½ July 2, 2007
Jeeeeesus Christ, shoot me in the vagina before making me watch this disaster of a film again. It is shrill, exhausting and wears out its welcome far before the run time is over.
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May 6, 2007
Sooooo wierd....sooooo wierd
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½ December 13, 2006
Jamie Hewlett's classic comic book creation is utterly butchered in a stupid, loud, unfunny, witless mess. Truly embarrassing.
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½ November 22, 2006
Words can't describe how bad this movie is.
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October 8, 2006
Lori Petty's a bit funny as the title role and this movie kicks major butt!
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March 7, 2013
One of the most bizarre comic book films ever made, Tank Girl boggles the mind. The story is incoherent, the acting's piss-poor, and the special effects are crap. While Lori Petty brings a lot of charisma to the role, the script fails her. The film is out of control and isn't able to deliver on the action or the comedy. Tank Girl has no focus and ends up a jumbled mess of craziness.
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October 7, 2011
Very unusual and unconventional movie! And that is the reason for you to see it! Funny and full with action most of the time. Some people love it - other hated it... and there is no lukewarm reception! Have fun watching it!
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½ July 3, 2007
It's a rocking movie. But only few will be fond of it.
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½ July 30, 2007
Unashamedly written for fans of the cult comic and them alone ... which seems like an odd strategy. As a result, the movie is a bit of a mess, but there's enough uniqueness and entertainment going on to give this a boost on the "So bad it's good" scale. Incredibly ... weird. Might satisfy your campy sci-fi fix.
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December 24, 2011
I can see why this is a cult classic, the make up is amazing, kinda wanna be a kangaroo mutant myself~~~ Rebecca is so awesome, one of my fav heroine!!!!!!
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½ April 23, 2009
This is pretty weird, even for me. Lori Petty seems just right as the sarcastic gung-ho heroine, but we don't find out much about what motivates Tank Girl and spend even less time with her driving her tank! Naomi Watts gets ample screen time in one of her earliest roles as the mousy sidekick Jet. The genetically engineered kangaroo men's faces & features are well animated by Stan Winston's crew (and interestingly give a near-exact blueprint of ideas for the second season of TV's 'Dark Angel.') Near-great soundtrack (Belly, Portishead, Veruca Salt, Bjork, DEVO) assembled by "executive music coordinator" Courtney Love! But even though there are significant positives, we are really let down by the screenplay. 'Disjointed' is a vast understatement in describing the story progression. The enemies are cardboard with no depth beyond the conflict over water. Malcolm McDowell as the baddie was a step in the right direction though. The comic panels suggest the graphic novels are at least as interesting as the movie and those gloriously demented drawings inspired me to go online and buy a collection of the earliest episodes, newly remastered in 2009 by Titan publishing. So, just as Tanky describes the need to bathe 20 people at a time to conserve water, "it ain't all bad."

'Tank Girl' the movie could have been a pioneering breakthrough for the female action hero, arriving 6 years before Lara Croft and the Diaz/Barrymore/Liu Angels, instead its shortcomings sealed its fate as a 1990s cult curio.
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July 9, 2008
Good fun, they plot is out there yes but, this movie is way underrated. The main reason I watched this though was the very cool Ripper design created by the late Stan Winston, the man was a genius.
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½ March 21, 2008
This is one of those "okay" films that was completely destroyed by critics and everyone followed suit. I saw it on a double bill with Buckaroo Banzai and it fit the bill perfectly. Not amazing, but not near as bad as everyone says. Maybe if Angelina Jolie had played the lead... no filmgoers aren't that bad.
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