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Teenagers From Outer Space Reviews

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Super Reviewer

September 5, 2010
I half liked this movie and half didn't like it. The story is interesting even though it's cheesy, but it gets less interesting as it goes on. Overall, it's just okay.
Luke B

Super Reviewer

May 22, 2006
Pure comedy/sci-fi genius. Cheap, tacky and pretty damn awful. But with lobsters for monsters, people turning into skeletons and of course Grandpa trying to cross the road, it's a forgotten classic.
September 14, 2008
It's so bad you cant stop watching it. You can even see it if you get bonuses on Destroy All Humans.
July 8, 2008
This just just one of those head-shaking late 50s scifi clasics, about teenagers from another planet, and they outwit adults. Ha, the worst fears of adult men come to pass!
June 7, 2008
Overall, this was a pretty standard B Grade sci fi movie. The thing I liked about it is that it made an effort not to be in spots. The storyline took a couple bytes from "The Day the Earth Stood Still", which would ordinarily kill a movie for me. With this one, though, they weren't blatant about it, and they did try to make it their own and gave it their own message. The fact that they didn't shove the message down your throat like some of these movies tried to do was what put it over the top for me.

Of course it was badly acted and over acted in spots, but not as bad as most I've seen. And they seemed to make an effort to keep the special effects to a minimum, concentrating more on the characters and actually having a story.

Lastly, this is the first movie I've ever seen to use a lobster as the Ginormous Man Eating Monster. Kudos from the Mainah on that one theya. Ayuh!
June 7, 2007
Wow. Worth watching for the awful acting, "bone-ray" gun and lobster (Gargon) silhouettes. Hilarious!
February 3, 2007
When it comes to bad old horror movies there are GOOD bad horror movies and BAD bad horror movies. A good bad horror movie is one that is so bad it is funny and entertaining. This is certainly a good bad horror movie! It was very fun to watch and hilarity ensued!
February 3, 2007
It is hard to watch. The acting is unbelievably horrible. But I promise you this: you WILL laugh when you see the gargon scenes... (I also found it interesting that the skeletons happened to have wire holding them together...)
November 16, 2012
Slow, boring plot, with dimwitted characters and cheesy effects. Pretty much a perfect 50's Sci-fi B-movie. It drags on for a bit, but the cheesiness is enough to make this film slightly enjoyable.
February 21, 2012
I kind of enjoyed this movie. It's a B-movie; that much is clear from the first scene, but the characters worked surprisingly well for such a film.
Monsieur Rick
December 5, 2010
This is so bad, its uh, good? Don't think so. Bad is bad and this one is ugly. Teenagers from outer space land to mix it up with teens from Earth. In black and white, this one should make today's audiences yearn for this type of filmmaking. Or should it?

In an attempt to make movies, this era's producers thought most anything would make money. It had a 20,000 dollar budget after all.

Suspensful, barely threatening, this one is for cult fans. Even given credit for the era this was made, it still suffers.

Directed, written and acted by Tom Graeff.

Directed by Tom Graeff
Written by Tom Graeff

David Love
Dawn Bender
Bryan Grant
Harvey B. Dunn
Tom Graeff (he also acted a part too)
King Moody

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s) June 1959
Running time 86 min
Jack Pearl
November 24, 2010
Oh dear. Where to begin? To say that the title is something of a red flag is a serious understatement. If the writers can't come up with something better than "Teenagers from Outer Space," then how good can the movie be? The answer is not very.
The movie starts promisingly enough, with a shaggy dog running along and barking. Everyone likes dogs, right? Well, apparently not everyone, because when Fido starts barking at a fake looking saucer, the hatch opens and a masked alien shoots him with a ray gun, instantly turning him into a skeleton. The alien then removes his mask to reveal- a human. Yes, what better way is there to save money on costumes than to have the aliens look like regular people in weird clothes?
It's soon revealed that these space teens have come to earth in hopes of using it as grazing land for their livestock, the grecken. A fight immediately breaks out. Derek, one of the aliens believes it's wrong to unleash the grecken on a planet with intelligent life, and is willing to hold the others at gunpoint to prevent that from happening. Through some incredibly wooden dialogue, we learn that on their home world, they have no families, and that the old and sick are killed off to preserve their "Supreme Race."
Well Derek makes a run for it into town, and one of his shipmates pursues him, while the others head back into space, and the grecken is left in a nearby cave. O and I forgot to mention, Derek's father is the Supreme Leader, an important tidbit that didn't come up until Derek had fled.
So Derek ends up boarding with a nice family through a series of highly unlikely misunderstandings, and his pursuer stays one step behind him, vaporizing anyone who seems to be getting in his way. There are poorly staged shootouts, dull car chases, and of course the hero finds a nice girl who repeatedly ignores his instructions to stay out of danger.
And even when the trigger happy villain is thwarted, there's still the grecken. By this point, you're probably wandering to yourself "just what is a grecken?" It's a lobster. And not just any lobster, it looks normal at first, but after a day on earth, it's as big as an elephant... and hungry for human flesh. The scenes in which the hero battles it are among the most ridiculous ever to appear on screen, because even a five year old can tell that someone's just projecting the silhouette of a crawfish onto the screen. It doesn't even look like it's walking, it just kind of floats around, wiggling its legs.
You've surely guessed by now that the acting is as abysmal as the effects. Every line is stilted. I'm not sure if the aliens ever use a contraction throughout the film. These guys have about as much personality as Microsoft Sam. And the townspeople. If you were approached by a man in a Starfleet uniform, ray gun at his side, who had never seen a car before, wouldn't you have a sneaking suspicion that something was up? But these folks don't seem to notice anything funny until the ray gun's pointed at them. I don't know, maybe they're relatives of whoever wrote this mess.
July 2, 2010
Great, bad movie! Producer, director, writer, editor, actor and prophet Tom Graeff crafted this exuberant, laughable spectacle as the '50s came to a close and a new era unfolded. Inspired by Roger Corman's work ethic, Graeff assembled cast and crew and twenty grand to complete his vision, originally conceived as The Boy from Out of This World. And this movie really is out of this world.

The bad acting, ridiculous dialogue and wacky premise regularly amounts to outright dismissal of Teenagers From Outer Space, but there is such a earnestness to the film that it cannot be denied or forgotten. From the opening philosophical scene of astronomers reflecting on the lonely, existential state of our place in the universe, Graeff takes us on a personal, subtextual, ludicrous journey.

Searching for a distant planet to raise their herd of Gargon (lobsters on steroids), alien scouts land on planet Earth. One sensitive soul, the alien Derek, tries to convince his fellow aliens that Earth would not be a good choice as the intelligent life would soon be overtaken by the growing Gargon. He flees the group and is hunted down by the agressive Thor as the others return to their planet to bring back the Gargons.

Derek meets a young woman and her grandpa and finds the love he lacks on his home planet. Extended chase finds Thor continually just missing Derek and taking his frustrations out by blasting the flesh off of the Earthlings who happen to cross his path. The final scene depicts a self-sacrificing Derek rising Christ-like above the ashes in a vision that brings smiles and awestruck wonder at what came before.

Reviews of Teenagers from Outer Space often make comparisons to the so-bad-it's-good movies of Ed Wood and they do have one thing in common -- Harvey B. Dunn. Harvey B. Dunn appeared in four Edward D. Wood, Jr. films: the TV pilot Crossroad Avenger, Bride of the Monster, Night of the Ghouls and The Sinister Urge. His character here is the loveable sap, Gramps Morgan, and he provides one of the better performances. Tom Graeff himself appears as the inept reporter who fails to register connections between the flying saucer sightings and the new arrivals in strange suits bearing ray guns. Being a gay man, Graeff also fails to register chemistry with his supposed girl friend.

Also like Ed Wood, Graeff's personal life went in a downward spiral after finishing his most widely known work. While he was able to sell the distribution rights to Warner Brothers, who renamed it to cash in on the teenage monster craze and paired it with Gigantis, the Fire Monster (Godzilla Raids Again) for the drive-in circuit, the soul-crushing reviews of his masterpiece resulted in a nervous break-down. He placed classified ads in the L.A. Times claiming he was officially changing his name to Jesus Christ II and sought peace talks with Kruschev. Six days before Christmas, 1970, he committed suicide at the young age of 41. A documentary film about his life is in the works.

Teenagers from Outer Space can be enjoyed on multiple levels. The photography is good; it's in focus; the library music tracks are well-chosen and spooky; it's surprisingly effective at times in its violence and quirky, unexpected twists; it's hilarious when seen with a group of friends and if you know of Tom Graeff's tragic story, it is also a rather heart-wrenching fable of a strange man trapped in a strange land.
peter h.
May 28, 2010
Yeah the tilte gives a way how tacky and bad this film is. TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE just hearing that title will make you laugh. After viewing this film i could not belive what i had just sat through. Aleins that look human and have names like Derick whant to raise a heard of monsters on earth called the Gargons which are just giant lobsters. However thier plan is folied by one of the alien crew named Derick rebbels and flees into a near by town were he meets Betty ( who feaken looks like Betty Page and is a compele idiot) and her Grandpa ( who is also thicker than two planks of wood guled together) take in the alien but hot on his heels is another alien called thor who is sent to kill derick. The plot from then on become predictible and typical of a SIC -FI B-moive. The acting is terrible and i mean terrible we get no sense of any decent preformance is just over acting. On a final note the films stock score would be re-used in other films like THE KILLER SHREWS , RED ZONE CUBA and belive it or not even in Geroge Romeros NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.
Its a down right funny and bad 1950's Z-grade Sci-Fi infact id recomened whacting it as a double feature with another bad film that was realsed in the same year and also has the tile FROM OUTER SPACE, Ed Woods PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE.
Florida C.
May 20, 2009
An award winning Alternative Classic which, unfortunately, is unjustifiably omitted from most Top 10 lists despite its ageless quality. The sappy teenage angst generated by several 20-something "teenagers" who appear to aspire to appear in a high school play. The gullible, alway helpful inhabitants of the town patiently guide the teenage aliens (and earthlings) through a poorly scripted train wreck. As can be expected of any award winning movie, there are hilarious gaffs (watch the "scientific set" at the beginning of TFOS carefully). And, Gargons --- alien creatures that are among the most terrifying monsters to ever [i]almost[/i] appear in an American Sci-Fi movie. Beware the Gargon Herd! Overall, this Alternative Classic, shot on a budget of $ 20,000, features such amazing talent that it is almost certain to entertain anyone who shares my belief that the master, Edward D. Wood, Jr., was an inspired genius (devine or otherwise).
December 31, 2006
4.5/10. Campy low budget sci-fi fun. A lot was accomplished on a 20,000 dollar budget though. Although the acting isn't good, I was expecting a lot worse. It kept me interested, the story isn't too bad.
Todd S
October 5, 2005
[font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]Uhm. Well, this one was kind of tough to decide whether to recommend it or not. One hand it?s a really bad movie. The acting and plot are awful. The music and effects are pretty average. On the other hand this movie (unintentionally) is full of some funny stuff. A giant, super-imposed, Lobster (oh, I mean ?Gargon?) attacking earthlings. Some really funny, wooden acting brings on a chuckle as well. Ultimately though, I can?t say this would worth viewing if it?s going to cost you any amount of money.[/color][/size][/font]
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