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Telmisseomding (Tell Me Something) Reviews

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Super Reviewer

May 16, 2007
Grisly Korean serial killer thriller. It's a little bit overlong, has a few plot holes and the twist ending isn't quite as surprising as it tried to be. Still a solid effort, it was certainly twisted and gruesome enough for me. If you enjoy disturbing thrillers like The Silence of the Lambs and Se7en then give this a look.
Lady D

Super Reviewer

April 20, 2007
This film heavily relies on shockability, blood and gore, without it the investigations would not have been as interesting and this film would not be popular, having said that, the blood and gore were at least something 'new' and is definitely not for the squeemish.
Luke B

Super Reviewer

April 3, 2008
An all round good attempt at a serial killer thriller. It just can't stand up against the heavyweights in the category and results in a a bit of a mess. There's too much dialogue being spoken and not a lot of it relates to the actual murders. The film then becomes more and more complex and feels as though it is trying to confuse its audience in an attempt to seem like something more. While watching it becomes such a chore piecing it all together your brain starts to hurt. It has moments of style and moments of suspense but with 5 different writers the pacing and overall story is a jumble.
Stephen M

Super Reviewer

February 23, 2008
With a multiple vehicle pile-up, a relish for grisly detail and a soundtrack reliant on cherry-picked, westernised popular music, this slick, South Korean serial-killer flick tries so hard to emulate similar Hollywood fare that it becomes every bit as tedious, flavourless and forgettable as that which it is copying. The only difference, really, is that an equivalent Hollywood thriller would condescendingly hammer home the explanations, whereas "Tell Me Something" makes very few concessions to being understood at all. Alternately smart and silly, there's nothing here that hasn't been done better elsewhere.

Super Reviewer

April 10, 2008
moody, a bit slow, nonetheless interesting whodunit..a bit gory..main problem I have with it is that the lead detective does not have much personality that shows....nice surprise ending!! if you can tolerate the pacing, its worth watching
Christopher B

Super Reviewer

February 2, 2007
Very good psychological thriller that was far gorier than I expected. Another film with good performances and a story that deserves repeat viewings (or surfing the net) to catch things you may have missed.
July 6, 2014
A stylish thriller that is not afraid to venture into gruesome territory. It does a good job building up suspense, but there are perhaps too many plot twists towards the end. I do like movies that end on ambiguous note, but this one seems to overdo it a bit, definitely achieving the goal of confusing the audience.
May 14, 2008
I was pretty impressed with this Korean horror crime/thriller. It mines much of the same ground as Se7en and other high profile thrillers, but it's decidedly more gory and grisly (which I certainly appreciate). There seems to be a slight "giallo" influence as well (especially one of the killings, which had an Argento-esque feel to it). The story involves a serial killer terrorizing Seoul and leaving his victims' body parts in garbage bags throughout various public locations in the city. The garbage bags contain different parts from different male victims; and the special investigators task force, led by Detective Cho must piece together the human puzzles to determine the victims' identities. Once the identities are discovered, the task force manages to link all the victims to a former lover, Su-Yeon Chae. Is she a suspect? Or is she the killer's next target? Watch and find out. It's a little slow in places but it does manage to build suspense; and the thriller aspect holds your attention to the end. The cinematography and look of the film is exceptional, and the soundtrack was also memorable. The acting is capable with no real stand-out performances. I only recognized one actor that I've seen in other films, Jung-ah Yum. She played the stepmother in A TALE OF TWO SISTERS, another exceptional Korean film. She also played a small part as the "vampire woman" in the opening scene of Park-Chan Wook's segment of THREE...EXTREMES.
October 25, 2007
This is one of the stragest most disturbing movies I have everseen(Korean). Excellent but, different.
June 12, 2007
A Korean thriller in the vein of "Se7en", this film features strikingly stylish direction from director Yoon-Hyun Chang, moments of chilling suspense, and a plot that is genuinely clever with manipulative red herrings and a few surprising twists. However, there is a major flaw: under-development and lack of cohesion within the said plot. The film's final revelation leaves the viewer in a state of confusion as multiple questions are raised but are left unanswered by the film. The lack of answers is not thought-provokingly ambiguous (which I would have welcomed) but rather it simply had not been adequately explained enough within the film for it to be cohesive with the rest of the plot (which I do not welcome)... it's as if the filmmakers had simply tacked on the ending for an added surprise element, or that certain scenes were simply deleted that would have more fully explained things (perhaps out of fear it would make the ending too predictable?). Regardless of this flaw, the film is still an effective piece of genre filmmaking that fans of serial killer-thrillers such as the aforementioned "Se7en" or its many knock-offs.
April 14, 2014
The Great Thriller film and Ending it so PEAK.
January 10, 2011
if your stomach is weak dont watch this film
Trevor C.
December 21, 2010
One thing I really hate is when a foreign film tries to become a cliche Hollywood mystery film and fails. One thing I hate even more is when it succeeds. This film is by far the worst Korean film I have ever seen. Cliche Hollywood films are bad on their own, why would one from another country, even one where some of my favorite films come from, make it any better? The acting is extremely mediocre, the relationships are unbelievably fake, and the story is super predictable. I jokingly guessed who the real killer was from the very beginning, literally as soon as he/she (don't want to spoil anything w/ gender) was introduced. Then as the story moved along, I began to realize that I was absolutely right. Literally anyone who has seen at least one movie like this at one point or another in their life will be able to tell who is good, who is evil, who will die and when, who will fall in love with who, and all that jazz. Honestly, I've never been so disappointed in a film that I had no expectations for (which, I guess, isn't really saying much, but I'm sure you get my point).
August 18, 2008
This is a movie for fans of Se7en, although this Corean movie wasn't nearly as good.
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