That Forsyte Woman Reviews

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January 1, 2013
That Forsyte Woman (1949) -- [6.0] -- Greer Garson stars in this Technicolor costume melodrama about a woman who marries for money instead of love, and later regrets it. I love Garson, and its especially great to see Errol Flynn playing against type as her repressive husband. Walter Pidgeon and Robert Young play two of Garson's illicit love interests -- one is her brother-in-law and the other is her niece's betrothed -- talk about scandal! The film could have used more moments of levity and humor. As it is, you get a little from the extended Forstye family, including three spinster sisters who excel at overhearing gossip while drinking their tea in unison. The final act ratchets up nicely as everyone's secrets are revealed, but serendipity plays too much a part in the aftermath. The wardrobe, score and fog-filled cobblestone streets make everything all the more palatable.
February 28, 2006
Not great, but still enjoyably drama. Errol Flynn does very well, he doesn't overact like he usually does. The rest of the cast do their job well, and the film works well for it.
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