The Man Called Noon (Un Hombre llamado Noon) Reviews

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½ February 6, 2009
Based on a book written by Louis L"Amore, and it was formed into a outstanding spaghetti Western. One that I will add to my collection. Richard Crenna plays the Man Called Noon, who after jumping or getting shot out of a 2nd Story Motel Window can't remember his past, Someone is out to kill him, and little does he know its the man he was paid to kill, confusing not really. Now no spaghetti western would be without a beautiful lady and in this case the very pretty and most beautiful Rosanna Schiaffino plays our lady in somewhat distress. Why is it the cowboy never stays with the lady but rides off with his horse, Dam shoot the horse so he has to stay. Anyway this is the first western where I've seen two women drawing down on each other. 4 1/2 stars nothing less. Great Stunts I am sure the stuntmen got plenty of scrapes and bruises on the rocks filming this one. A must see for Spaghetti Western Fans.
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