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March 18, 2010
This is a pretty wild film and at times it just stalls and goes no where, early asian special effects throughout. The fierce clan leader Lord Conquer determines to defeat the land?s most skilled fighter Sword Saint. The Mud Buddha prophesies that the fight will not take place for ten years. Lord Conquer sets about obtaining the ten swords of great power. According to the prophecy, adopts the sons Cloud and Wind of two of the slain sword-holders and raises them as his heirs. Cloud falls in love with Conquer?s daughter Charity but when Conquer announces her betrothal to Wind, Cloud steals her away. And when she is accidentally killed by Conquer as Cloud and Wind fight over her, Cloud swears vengeance on his adopted father. Its a long one. I can only give it 3 stars
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½ June 12, 2009
Bad, the type of movies that killed the HK industry in the late 90s. And now they're making a sequel, damn. This is in many ways the bastard child of many of those shaw bros wuxia/fantasy combos. As dated as some of those movies are, you could always count on seeing someone liek Ti Lung or Lo Lieh bring something to the whole thing. Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng on the other hand? Just pretty boys with zero charisma or any acting skill whatsoever.
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September 21, 2007
YEAH!!!! Way better than Dragonball Evolution!!! ^_^
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April 19, 2008
Wai-keung Lau takes a comic known as Fung Wan and creates a more than decent movie adaptation out of it. This is The Storm Riders.The plot for this movie has its highs and its lows, but as a whole it fits into the action/fantasy genre nicely. The very beginning of this film is a little sloppy and it is a little difficult to get the story straight, but it isn't long before everything starts to make sense. Unfortunately, about half of the way though, the plot sort of disappears and out comes this little love triangle sub story. During this period it is tough to pick out who to route for or even decide who the true villain is. Eventually, everything comes together for the ending and it pretty much redeems itself.The pace is fairly rapid even though the run time somehow ends up past 2 hours, which is a bit long. The film never drags on any one scene or setting too long and that helps to keep things fresh. It's just too bad that this applies to the fights. There are multiple action sequences, but they are all just too short. If you combine this with the 2+ hour run time, it feels like there isn't much of it at all.There is a ton of CG throughout this picture and it isn't surprising considering this comes from a comic. It isn't that great looking, especially in the beginning, but as the movie progresses, it becomes more effective and tolerable.As far as the acting goes, Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng pull off their roles of Cloud and Wind respectively. Sonny Chiba puts on quite a performance as Lord Conqueror and Kristy Yang is nothing more than a pretty face. Shu Qi, who doesn't even show up until the hour mark, is one of the over actors. This isn't a bad thing, since her overacting isn't annoying, but rather it comes across as some comic relief, which this films needs.The Storm Riders does have its flaws and it definitely isn't the greatest film of this genre, but it isn't a waste of time if you're in the mood for a action/fantasy flick.
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October 12, 2006
Incredible Hong Kong fantasy-action movie with state-of-the-art digital effects. Director Andrew Lau unleashes a colourful hyper-kinetic fantasy that stands blue-haired head and shoulders above Hollywood's attempts in the genre.
The story is adapted from a best-selling comic book.
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½ July 13, 2007
Based on a comic book, this is yet another story of an evil martial artist who want to take over the"world of martial arts" by following a prophecy and collecting a bunch of swords with ridiculous names. I watched Seven Swords recently and found it disappointing and lame, but compared to this, it's King Lear. Everything about this film is so unbelievably naive it almost beggars belief; the plot is like something out of a bad videogame. So are the effects for that matter! It's just a bunch of terrible actors flying around on wires in front of probably the worst CGI I have ever seen in a movie. The title sequence looks like something out of the intro screen to a Playstation one game! All the characters are ridiculous stereotypes, especially Sonny Chiba's cackling villain who is straight out of an end of the pier pantomime. The sets are awful, the plot an endless stream of melodramatic cliches and rarely rises above the standard of a children's cartoon, and the tacky, amateurish direction means even the action is a total mess. I'm a big fan of samurai films, but this is easily the worst example I've ever seen. Absolutely dismal.
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March 14, 2006
The whole experience felt like a videogame (apparently based on a Chinese comic book, I later found out). Everything about this screamed "bad movie", yet I have to admit I was thoroughly entertained. Tremendously fun to watch.
½ September 15, 2006
another wire fu manga adaptation from the same folks who made 'a man called hero', although apartently this one came first. like it's companion film, it's really fun to watch, and there it's interesting enough to see the early days of this particular HK film style, but don't expect the world to change over this movie or anything. don't get me wrong, it's worth watching, it's just that it's got it's share of problems too.
½ July 27, 2006
A wonderful feast of eye candy. Sonny Chiba is an absolute joy to watch here. Unfortunately, the CGI overwhelms some of the fight scenes, docking the film some points.
March 15, 2013
i had no idea what this movie was about nor did i care at all actually. but my friend came back from hong kong and he was like man you have to watch this. so we did and let me tell you it was great!! i found out later this was a popular comic in asia and they made it into a movie. i will say if you do watch this please bare in mind there special effects have not caught up to us yet here in the states.
½ January 20, 2013
Pretty stupid movie but it introduced me to the world of HK comics
½ November 25, 2012
The decline of Hong Kong's once distinct brand of shoe string budget filmmaking could be (and by some has been) tied to this hotly anticipated wuxia epic based on the popular comic book series Wind Cloud.

An inadvertent but nonetheless caustic allegory for post-handover Hong Kong cinema Andrew Lau's "The Storm Riders" is a film divided by contradictions: The bubble gum cast is peppered with cameos from solid, established, reliable actors. The episodic nature of Manfred Wong's script despite a healthy two plus hour runtime is a thoroughly unelaborated upon odyssey that might have lived up to its potential as a 10 part TV mini series though once the film sets in this mess is hard to give up on. Comfort Chan's score which sounds as if it was lifted from a popular video game is a downright insult a la the underwhelming aesthetic quality of the overwrought CGI. Director Andrew Lau, who pulls double duty as the film's cinematographer, makes the most of China's natural beauty.

"The Storm Riders: The International Version" is dubbed in English and exorcises nearly 40 minutes of footage rendering an already inchoate film officially unintelligible.
½ September 19, 2007
I remeber this movie when me and my cousin saw it back in the day, loved it! this brings back memories...
October 13, 2011
What a boring film. It is so sad, because I like Andrew Lau's films and the cast he works with, but this film suffered by so poor editing, a lot of plot holes (how did Cloud get his arm back?), and poor character development. Although it has a story, it doesn't get told very well.

Avoid this if you can.
December 20, 2010
An awesome fantasy from Hong Kong with some pretty incredible special effects about two brothers, Wind and Cloud, who must unite to defeat their evil step-father Lord Conquer!! Great movie that MUST be viewed in English subtitles only - the DVD doesn't give you any other options anyway!!
½ March 28, 2011
Enjoyed it as a kid but now I see that it's really lame.
February 16, 2011
(***): Thumbs Up

I'll admit that this film can be confusing at times, but I really enjoyed the action, and I found this to be very entertaining.
November 23, 2010
I saw this in 1999 after it first came out. One of the best stories would recomend to all. I still watch it every so often and never get tired of it.
August 12, 2010
Because of this movie I dye my hair blue and buy wuxia novels I cannot read.
June 28, 2010
For a martial arts film, "Storm Riders" is very entertaining. This film doesn't require any deep thought but is an interesting live action film with many anime touches.
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