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September 8, 2009
Yeah I didnt really like the movie. It looked good when I what the movie was about but then I watched it. It wasnt that good at all. When I saw the beginning I thought it was going to be good because in the beginning it made me feel sick. After that however it just got weird and pretty stupid.
½ August 28, 2012
mishmash of unresolved elements, confusing storytelling, and a convoluted plot. I think it involved two siblings, one who left the house, one who stayed. The one who stayed lost his way and figuratively got stuck in their childhood imaginations. This would have been better if they hadn't taken it so seriously and tried to build on the camp a bit (it was there, trust me). They could have ended with a very solid "B" horror film (and for true horror buffs, we don't mind spending time there!), instead of going for a serious thriller and falling so, so short. Utterly misses the mark.
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